Yoga Pants’ sexy cousin, Volleyball Shorts (22 Photos)

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  • @pezatsea

    #20 Pedobear approved. Probably why the name is blurred.

  • Anonymous

    Try googling central Connecticut volleyball images….god’s gift to spandex

  • Anonymous

    #2, mind the gap

  • Duke

    Oh my, my blood pressure!

  • NicBree

    Aahh.. Volleyball. What a lovely sport.

  • Asylum joe

    Fapity fapity fap fap fap and I'm done!

  • Anonymous

    #2 & #7, mindthegap much?

  • Dunny_

    I'm sorry Volleyball shorts take no back seat to Yoga Pants. Each are special in their own right (ex #19 #3)

  • Coldzilla

    #5 Makes ya wonder what they were doing to make em ride up like that 😀

  • det.junior

    Volleyball shorts are more like yoga pants hotter, younger sister.

  • jdfish2279

    #5 I'd like to buy whoever ordered these uniforms a beer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Riley

    Gawd dayum I love the Chive..

  • Anonymous

    Best CHIVE article EVER!!! Need more of this, CHIVE on!!! Good job guys

  • Guesty

    again, a real tuff guy would just go and start smacking ass instead of asking what, where and how.

  • German

    #5 this should be the official outfit for every female sport

    • uga1

      girls can't play sports

  • Boob Man

    #11 has all the makings of a great porn film!! where do i sign up?

  • chicago

    #2 …on her shirt, is it a Number 11 or a symbol for her Gap. I hope it's the later.

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    these girls are amazingly hot but some of these pics are on creeper status.

  • Anonymous

    Went to high school with #12 what an ass on that girl.

  • Ninja47

    This theme needs to happen weekly, if not daily.

  • guest


    Whitney Tremain

  • Rick Allen

    #3 Yes please.

  • isNegative

    THIS should be an on-going thing… girl volleyball players are SEXY. Tall and leggy or short with powerful legs and a juicy backside… CAN'T beat it!! (AND they spend half of the match bent over)
    I managed girls volleyball in high school and it was quite possibly THE BEST 3 years of my LIFE.
    #22 and #5 are a YES!

    • biggles

      uhhhh. I am glad you will be too old to be my future daughters volley ball coach

  • not working

    #19 rawr – I like! Gotta love where the ass meets the leg. favorite part of body!!

  • gabriel

    correction… Yoga pants 16 year old cousin

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