Yoga Pants’ sexy cousin, Volleyball Shorts (22 Photos)

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  • Sir Mix A Lot

    #5 It's an ass buffett!

  • NVP

    #5 I want to go to school there.

  • Anton Arnold

    #22 WANT!

  • Edward

    #19 WOW Just WOW

  • Anonymous

    Why did it have to end?

  • Mikey

    Got to find her!!! Amazing! They need a professinal volleyball league for women with these sweet ass lil short short pants

  • MNcold30

    #19 – I thought I died and was in heaven for a second there.

  • Dave

    #5 Those arent shorts!!!! #8 a little CT with those shorts. And am I feeling wierd that some of these might be high school girls, yes I do.

  • P90

    Sexiest post so far.

  • Bob

    #22 such cock teases those shorts and the girls who wear them 😉

  • Sw0rdF1sh

    #5 Are you serious bro??

  • Cavok

    I used to hate volleyball…… MOAR!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This post is full of win

  • Anonymous

    About damn time! Way better than yoga.

  • Tyler Durden

    #19 YES!!!!!!! Find??

  • Yeah buddy!!!

    I vote for a new tradition. Volleyball shorts sundays!

  • Shawn Chambers

    Umm….. I'd say "Sexier" cousin. Unlike yoga pants… These almost insure that the wearer is in good shape. 🙂

  • Smuggler

    #7 #21 Boner engaged.

  • Rocco!

    God I hope they're all over 18!

  • Bueller

    Doing it right

  • Chris

    This should be a weekly feature !!!!

  • kire

    Not one sweat spot ??

  • Dennis

    #13 never seen an asian girl with an butt like that

  • Matthew Soucy

    this is heave

  • The_Stif

    Dear Chive:
    We owe you one.
    P.S. My daughter will not play volleyball if #5 is for real. I don't want to get caught seeing her bare ass on the chive.

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