Yoga Pants’ sexy cousin, Volleyball Shorts (22 Photos)

  • Wally

    #19 Pretty cheeky!

  • Martindu

    #22. Find her. Please. That is all.

  • stukesm4

    #5 Well now…

  • tt

    Best. Post. Ever. Moar.

  • bkfrijoles

    i learned how to play volleyball cuz of ass like #12

  • Thoridin58

    Today I promised no self gratification and then you put up this post. Why do I even try?

    So now my choice is:
    1. Give up TheChive
    2. Admit defeat and stay a Chiver.

    I gladly admit defeat.

    Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings on TheChive!

  • That guy

    Dear lord please tell me they are all 18, cause I’m thinking dirty thoughts

  • TravisHoop

    I love cousins of yoga pants. My new favorite sport. Nice Gaps and moar.

  • TravisHoop

    Best post ever!!!

  • mike

    i love this post..thank you volleyball gods

  • APBTFan

    Volley Ball shorts are the best. All the ass-hugging, cameltoe goodness of yoga pants topped off with deliciously exposed thighs and the definite potential for sublime cheekage. Case in point,


  • Happy Fappy

    #4 anyone? Looks like Brigham Young. Find her?

  • Hutch Strickland

    #3 #5
    Shit, how are we supposed to pick favorites? Yay volleyball.

  • yeenoghu

    #22 holy crap my higher thought processes just went straight out the window. theyre all hot but this one takes the cake! redheads ftw

  • lovinda chive84

    #5 what city do I have to travel to see that team play!

  • Chaka batice

    #10 Serbian girls!European champions!

  • Marcis

    #3 God bless her!

  • pooq

    #17 GO AGGIES!!!!!!!!!

  • Some_Name

    Chive, you forgot the women's hockey shorts ^^

  • chive_mind

    #5 wow
    im a volleyball fan now

  • Dapper_Dave

    #13 Alright that's enough of that……I'll never get any work done with pictures like this at my disposal

  • justaguy

    #4 #22 young, tight, and delicious

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  • Scrottdog

    I needs ta start going to volleyball games, DAMN!!!!!

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