Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes: plus size models (30 photos)

  • MKZ11

    Absolutly stunning, all of them!!!!!! I'm in LOVE. Their not plus size their PERFECT…

  • http://twetter amjad


  • Crow Seventhree

    Just not in black it seems…

  • E.P.S.T

    All d chiks ar looking fantabulos

  • brandon_the_great

    well id f%ck em all…i aint hatin im participatin…and besides it's all pink in the middle..i dont know whats up with these guys that say they wouldnt get with these women…

  • Jp


  • Pop

    Allmost all these girls look Hot to me. There might be 3 that i wouldnt date, and not because of their body. I love thick women!!! But someone please tell me who #4 is cuz i need to put a ring on her finger!

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