Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes: plus size models (30 photos)

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  • theend81

    Some are super sexy… I just don't like the HUGE thighs. In some cases it looks disproportionate. Still hot.

    @21 … I love Aria Giovanni! Sooooo HOT

  • Samantha Cayer

    #29 is not attractive at all, why on earth would any girl want to be sent down a runway oozing out of her panties? so gross, like at least give her ones that fit, she'd prolly look great then… sheesh.

  • alex

    Thank you Chive! More of these in the future please! (Only, lets call them, Woman sized Women, please)

  • Rissa

    #19 is sooo gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I’d hit that..

  • Molly

    Comments like ones made on this thread are the reason I could never submit a Chivette picture.

  • Huddo

    I went out with one of these girls for 3 months. It was amazing. She might look big in photos, but in real life she turned heads for all the right reasons whenever she walked into a room. *sigh*

  • SoopDoog

    In response to “no crisco for me” and “curvy_is_fat”… Wrong. You are wrong. Strait up wrong. Curvy girls are for out of shape guys? I am young, fit and in my prime and I find women like this irresistible! With that said ive also grown up. Long gone are the days when I was too cool to admit a curvy girl was hot. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had was with women like these! Don’t flatter yourself boys, they wouldn’t want you either.

  • Timmy2skulls

    I must know who 21 is…

    • Anonymous

      Aria Giovanni

  • FedUp

    Just because a woman isn't a toothpick, it doesn't mean that she sits around all day and eats cheesburgers…
    And i'm sure all you HATERS are perfect and have supermodel girlfriends… doubt it.
    Some people enjoy smaller women, some enjoy bigger. I find it sad that you just have to sit on here and put people down, probably because you need to make yourself feel better…
    And i bet you a million that the majority of girls that are considered "acceptable size" to your mister perfect shallow standards don't have to do any work to maintain that. Some people have to work their asses off just to be this size. I would not consider any of these women "fat" thats absurd.. if you want to see fat. Go look at your head in a mirror. Not everyone is the same size. Deal with it, Appreciate it, Like it.

  • Gregb

    Well this post ain’t for me but that’s why I’m a chiver y’all got a little bit for everyone thanks for that chive

  • bill

    fine,fine,super fine

  • thesauceboss

    – #19 and #23 >>>>

  • waltgator

    have you found #1 (the middle one btw) & #24 for me?!? cuz i need moar!!!!!

  • mikethemotormouth

    i can understand some of them but most of em like #2, #3, #5, #12, etc. i can't see how or why they're being called plus size

  • HeCookinOurGarbage

    25 is smoking hot it’s been a while CHIVE I love curvy butts , we need moar of these beautiful women

  • Rex Hondo

    A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, period. As a wise man once said, "Size matters not."

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  • Vive La Luxe

    I love you Chive! As a plus sized model, I commend you for supporting my field! I have never felt more beautiful 🙂

  • DuckieAnne

    LOVE THIS POST!!! I WANT MORE OF THESE!! I will take some of these girls in the Hump Day posts!!

  • Always Last


  • guest
    Anyone know where the original image was posted?
    (The site I found it on, losersbracket, is actually using it in an negative way.)

  • T-bone

    They are all beautiful! Don't lose the curves!!!!!

  • t,clark

    thick, big-boned chicks are HOT!!!! any fine ass plus size girls in the 85006 area??

  • Oscuh

    #13 #21 #26 Hurr Durr… I'll take it!

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