Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Alex Clarke

    #39 Would the owner of that sweet tush please marry me..

  • TenaciousNeLs

    #14 I’m pretty sure it’s Taylor SwifT but hilarious observation none the less!

  • Capt06

    #5 PERFECT argument why the government should place regulations on breeding and license parenting. This is one should have been sterilized at an early age before she had the chance to do stupid shit like this.

    • kriswarwick

      While it looks real bad, i think there just posing like the dolls people lean on there cars at car shows. Its a long standing american tradition. Still weird though.

  • Cali

    #48 moar

  • LG_

    Colbert was right: photographic proof that bears are in fact plotting to take over the government. #28

    • Wesley Perry

      how did you not make top 50!? this is bogus!

  • RMD

    #25 outstanding. need moar

  • Chris Cole (@scudsoup)

    #22 no caption needed, you can tell by her face that’s what she’s thinking

    • MonkeyMadness

      That.. and she's thinking about how she just gave her last blowjob.

  • @thejoker122

    ok first all have a great weekend chive and fellow chivers next here are my favs
    #3 #5 #10 #11 #23 #25 #28 #30 #31 #33 #39 #41 #44 #50

  • Coldzilla

    #15 Who the hell is Taylor Swiff?

  • Keith_D

    #13 has never made sense to me. I've asked almost every one of my female friends and family members under 30 about it, and none of them were able to answer. Literally the only answer I got was "I don't know", and I would only get that after a very long, pondering silence.
    What's even stranger to me is when a girl wears a bikini where the biggest piece of cloth on it is the How To Wash tag and are fine with everyone in the world seeing them, but scream, cover themselves with a towel and yell at you when you accidentally see them in perfectly respectable, non-naughty yet still very cute underwear that covers up far more than the bikini. It just makes no sense to me

    • the guy.

      If they just removed all clothing, there would be no controversy.

  • Mike Bender Jr

    #13, scary how true this is…SCARY

  • SenorRaleigh

    #30 I just wanted to say that you had a breathtaking hiney.

  • SellersBrent

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  • markovicious


    • mike


  • DavesNotHere_15

    #44 makes me happy in pants

  • Skinner

    #3 Dear Santa……I've been very good for 5 years in a row. Now I want a number 3.

    • Santa

      Skinner you have been very good except for that one time, you know which one, you be good for 5 more and If you succeed I will see what I can do

  • Roger Sterling

    Why so diabetic?

  • Anonymous

    Man who is that ass connected to?? (48) that thing is jus like ‘bam’ I love it

  • Dennis

    #17 i see what you did there

  • bkfrijoles

    #48 beautiful firm volleyball ASS amazing

  • "Cardio"

    # 48 is awsome

  • Marvin Fernandez

    #49 Wikileaks!

  • northerner

    #11, Jabba, is that really you?! You old pudgy pile of slime…and here all this time I thought Leia strangled you!

  • Stevie Jay

    #44 So beautiful it is painful! Good Lord!

  • DaBoSS

    #44 #48 #30


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