Dead sexy (41 photos)

  • Shawn Morgan

    First one ???

    • Bob

      no, there are no more first comments

  • Bmmw

    Dead sexy is right…. #12 #13 #28

    • Shawn Morgan

      #28 for sure

    • Troy1007

      #13 is Erica Henrickson according to Google's reverse image thingymebob

    • ChiTownCubs

      #28 is Porn Star Ashlynn Brooke

    • Aydork

      Does anyone else just keep seeing bloody TMNT faces on everyones noses after that damned post the other day!? It's funny, but whhhyyyy!!!

    • balls deep

      she gives a handjob on a boat in that video ashlynn brooke

  • Shawn Morgan

    And yes i can sense the down votes comming in…..paula would be proud

  • Ebiggz

    My fiance is pictured nowhere in this post. So the title was a lie.

    • 2pumpdump

      Your fiance is dead? That's a little gross

      • Ebiggz


        • JustKidding

          you should change your user name to BigFatNasty. I hope your future wife is good at making trpple decker hamburgers and pie

          • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

            Sounds like a damn good wife to me!

    • Adam Harahuc

      She must Chive and he needs a few browny points. I hear ya brother! Anything to keep us out of the doghouse!

    • ChelseaRules

      D'awww, that's so sweet I can feel the diabetes.

      • nate

        hahaha thats funny

    • christian

      then why are you looking at dead sexy girls when you have a fiance?

  • xDV8x

    #2 is smokin!!

    • caleb

      why the hell is she still using a chalkboard?

  • AssClown

    #2 Every horny, pimply teenage boy's school fantasy…

    • jdfish2279

      Shit! I'm an adult and and it's still my fantasy.

      • 2pumpdump

        HAHA Great minds think alike

    • 2pumpdump

      Hell I'm 40 and that's still my fantasy

    • ChelseaRules

      School boys like that are the ones who make me worry if I'd be able to keep a job as a teacher. Teachers aren't even allowed to be alone in the same room with their students anymore. Not even ones of the same gender.
      Parents need to realize that when a guy has a fantasy, that doesn't mean it's actually happening/going to happen.

      Anyway, that's my teacher rant of the day.

  • scott

    Better than gross overgrown nails!!!

  • sshuggi

    #41 I could watch that all day.

    • 2pumpdump

      I think I'm going to

    • a_schoenoprasum

      where's the rest of the video?

    • Michael Jones

      It's Melanie Inglesias. The whole video's on Youtube.

      • newscot

        Here you go:

  • Mikey

    Who is #28???? WOW!!!!

    • Do0zer

      Bree Olson I believe.

      • balls mcgee

        Ashlynn Brooke

        • Do0zer

          Hell they both look identical. Good call though.

      • Joey

        Nop not Bree, Ashlynn Brooke!

        • WD-40

          Bree Olsen and Ashlynn Brooke are the same person….Finkle and Einhorn

      • Do0zer

        Yes we all realize it is Ashlynn Brooke. My god, read thru the replies fully before opening your mouth.

        • dumb dumbs

          thank you

    • Anonymous

      Pornstar Ashlynn Brooke

    • Cali

      #28 Ashlynn Brooke
      #15 looks like an idiot ditch the nerd look, take notes from #14

      • newscot

        Who is #14?

        • Google Images

          Patrycja Farbis.

      • its_forge

        #15 at least it's a woman of color, there's way too darn few of those on here.

        • Always Last

          Do you guys think that #28 could be Ashlynn Brook??? Maybe?

          • its_forge

            Yes, possibly. It was hard to pick her out on Google Images from behind all those dicks. = )

    • The_Dood

      I believe that she's Ashlynn Brooke, judging by other people's comments. I could care less. I just wanted the rest of the picture that I found here>

      • OwnerOfYou

        Thank you Dood…. that made my day.

        • db420

          it's ashlynn brooke… porn star bro… hotdog down a hallway bro…

    • John

      ashlynn brooke

    • Hamster

      Ashlynn Brooke

  • jdfish2279

    #2 Definitely hot for teacher!

    • Dennis

      I'm pretty sure shes not a real teacher if thats what your implying…

    • Manuel

      If my teacher looked like that I would have paid more attention

  • BleedC&B

    amazing post

  • 2pumpdump

    #16 The eye's have it.

    • Laser


    • Ferret

      eye second that

    • BentWrenches

      She gets my vote every time.Who is she?

    • Stinky Cologne

      Denver? Gorgeous! The sunshine state….

    • Yo Mamma

      Probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! MUST FIND!!!

    • Gabe
  • rat

    i like # 16….WOW!

  • tom

    #39 I love her! ;p

    • lynch

      katy perry?

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #5 is dead sexy

  • AssClown

    #12 #16
    Gorgeous eyes and face…yeah. Not always about tits&ass people!

    • RAS

      I second that

      • Linus

        I third that. Need much more of #12


      I agree #16 is just gorgeous

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Dammit Ass Clown, you're making some sense!

  • Dick Salad

    None are dead, all are sexy!

    • Dick Stew

      Dick Pie

  • jdfish2279

    #19 Curious what the non-cropped version of this looks like.

    • da2conan

      Probably larger than the cropped version, hope this helps

    • The_Dood

      I would post the single picture but I think you'd rather see the whole set.
      It's the fifth pic.

      • BentWrenches

        Thanks Dood! What a woman!

        • nate

          the dood is a fucking all star in finding these pics…i never have this much luck on tineye….ur a great dood

          • The_Dood

            I use google reverse image search when tineye doesn't find it. It hardly ever fails, it's just a few more steps than just right clicking and clicking search with tineye.

            • nope

              theres actually a chrome extension that lets you right click and click to reverse image google search too

              • SDC

                There are also several add-ons for FF as well.

      • jdfish2279

        You are a gentleman and a scholar. I thank you.

      • cedarman24

        Great Link, it's like a russian chive

      • its_forge

        Holy Christ, what a keister! Everything else is fantastic too but wow, dataazz!

      • LukeTheTerrible

        My browser tells me that the link you provided is an "ATTACK PAGE" and blocked it. Watch Out!

      • Harry

        ON A SCALE OF 1-10 …. SHE IS A 30 !!! SHE IS PERFECT !!!

    • Ferdinand

      I believe there are more pictures here with some bonus other pleasant looking young women.

      I found this through the Google image search as well. Thanks for the tip on the Russian site. It led me to the other.

      Sigh, she is unbelievable…

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Watch out for the link from Dood – my browser says its an "ATTACK PAGE" and blocks it.

  • crash0520

    #16 and #28 ……………. PERFECT

  • powersticks

    #3 Because she's a redhead.

    • wtf

      and probably still in high school

      • biggles

        so what your saying is….she's good to go?

    • former pervert

      she looks about 13, way to go chive.

      • justaguy

        what's your point? I'd still bang her and so would most other chivers!

  • uga1

    #37 going up stairs, brb guys.

    • Guest

      tell me how it goes bro

    • its_forge

      I wouldn't brb, you'd have to send fire & rescue or I'd be up there with her 'til the glaciers come back.

  • Kyle White

    #39 I love me some Katy Perry. Especially when she's dressed like this. Homina homina homina.

    • BoyFromWales

      Katy Perry: So hot they had to put her in this 3 times!

  • Ferngully

    Good Lord! We need more of #28

    At least pan down!

  • Alex Clarke

    #7 my god she is fine.

    • a_schoenoprasum

      agreed. anyone know who she is?

    • The_Dood

      Yeah, its rare that a girl with short hair can pull it off. This girl probably looks better than she does with long hair here!

    • Dan

      The photographer is Olivia Graham. I haven't found the models name. If you search for Olivia, you'll find a whole bunch of other great photos.

      • Shorthairlover

        Cheers for that.

    • M.M.

      I agree you fvckin boozer

    • The Brazilian
  • Do0zer

    #15 Not usually a fan of Brown sugar but wow!
    #19 Anyone have the link for the uncropped picture?
    #21 huge forehead but her eyes are stunning!

    • The_Dood

      You want just that shot or the whole set?
      It's the fifth pic.

      • Rusty_Dreams

        Gorgeous! And possibly the Queen of Humpday! What an incredible ass!!!!!

    • @mikeydangerous

      Always a fan of brown sugar. Need more of this girl.

    • Kronosik
      • Do0zer

        Wow, after seeing those I'm not too sure that one was a good pick by me.

        • Kronosik

          Heh, plastic is not funtastic 🙂

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