Fingernails this long are like a sign on you that states, “Yes, I did go insane years ago” (27 Photos)

  • Nellimarie

    Who dropped these people on the head???? Thats not pretty, its flippen nasty. They all look SO proud too. SHUDDER

  • Edward

    Fucking Disgusting!

  • Jay

    The women must smell like piss and shit, unless someone wipe them…

  • clenis

    Get that freak away from my movie popcorn. #13

  • Shadowwight

    Seriously…what’s the point? Someone in *my* family behaves that stupidly, we’d hold them down and forcibly cut their nails….

  • a BiPolar Guy

    #14 (also 2 and 16) was considered the longest on earth. She broke them a couple years ago in a car accident. Haven's seen or heard any details or wether she's growing them our or just has normal ones now.

  • Ricardo Saracino


  • Leonel Libreyloko


  • SARmedic

    No, no, no, no, no…simply wrong. No.

  • Ralphie

    Never mind wiping their asses – how do the slam a tampon????

  • Ali

    A lot of people are wondering about how they wipe their asses and give hand jobs, which I wonder too, but my question is how unsanitary those are?? So freakin grosss, you know they dont scrub 'em everytime they wash their hands………do you know how much dirt and bacteria is under fingernails?? SICK!!

  • Megan Campbell

    AAAAND now i don't need breakfast.

  • Evan

    How do they poop?

  • Timmah

    #6 and #11 it would totally explain there driving or lack of. Whole takes care of these misfits?

  • Verbal_Kint

    Makea me wish I had a bottle of, chloroform and a stout pair of scissors…

  • SanDiego

    Seems to be popular among the blacks………..

  • Bumman

    I see lazy fucking people in these photos!

  • Kathy49601

    Those nails are so WRONG! Long nails like that harbor a vast amount of bacteria under them. And yeh…how can they give their boyfriend or husband a hand job? I'll keep mine short…

  • H Stowe

    How do they wipe their ass?

  • lentinant

    nice crew for some horror film casting

  • DWSmith

    Nasty…however, #7 can scratch my back anytime!

  • Da Sandman

    why..? these people can't do anything because their nails are in the way :s

  • Anonymous


  • DemonIAm

    I would not trust a handy from her, no way in hell. Her nickname should be The Penishredder

  • TheMoose03

    How does one set their mind to doing that? Like.. How?

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