Worst celebrity tattoos (30 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/novak.alexander Alex Mute Novak

    what are you talking about both the johnny depp tattoos are awesome

  • DWSmith

    Yeah, not all of these are bad tattoos, they’re just tattoos on celebrities…having said that, Tom Arnold’s is pretty bad and Fred Durst’s looks like Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley have just been caught making out!

  • Yelito

    #22 is still a douche…

  • luca Fabbri

    Hayden Panettiere tattoo says: "Vivere senza rimipianti".
    That's the italian for "To live without regrets" but it should be rimpianti, not rimipianti.

    Oh, and the Panettiere in italian is the baker.

  • https://www.facebook.com/babybluealliecat Allie Howard

    #14 Why is she still being considered a celebrity? Half of these tattoos are awesome, Chive!

  • Anonymous

    Wtf mac
    Got any tats

  • Kitty

    #16 What’s wrong with a little Pooh on your ankle? That’s cool

    • 1madhatter


  • B-Lust

    Where the heck is Gucci Mane?!

  • Anonymous

    Sellersbrent wtf?

  • the devil

    Where is Brock Lesnar and the penis sword tattoo?

  • JshWGrdn

    #12 You gotta respect Albanian pride…

  • HarringtonAlfredo

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  • Tantatam

    #12 It's not a worst tattoo if you put the Flag of your country where u come from. The eagle with two heads is the National flag of Albania, and Eliza Dushku is from Albania.. 🙂

  • Marcis

    #12 #20 would so get it

  • vitobonespur

    #11…Poor Melanie Griffith. With tattoos, without tattoos, it matters not. She looks awful!

  • Anon

    15 Jamie Foxx also has this weird tribal thing across his shoulders and upper arms, too http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-QXfjJF7vLwg/TeaxGdI-EVI

  • samuel

    #8 actually the best tattoo ever

  • natasha

    #5 peter doherty is amazing.. this album can get fucked

    • natasha

      oh yer and astile is his kid

  • Will

    Shadys tatts are pretty sweet

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  • Name

    Such an abitrary list, I mean for example what's honesrly wrong with #27 or #16. That's right just put 'Chive On' or any other website specific lingo up and we'll all lap it up without question

  • Anonymous

    Clearly this was titled wrong, there are plenty of bad ass tats here. Tats that fit the person, like Iron Mike Tyson’s tat, Slim Shady.and what ever #30 is his or her tat is bad ass too. By the way, what the hell is that anyway?

  • danny

    Hah! # 16 is the worst! Poo bear? For fuck's sake.

  • Always Last


  • kane303

    WTF? Keith Urban's looks awesome… totally original and artistic… I'd imagine it also has some specific, deeply personal meaning to him. The phrase "Be Present" in a cool font on Demi Moore's daughter's ribcage is also cool… clearly a phrase that is important to her and a nice, fairly understated presentation.. a couple of others in this gallery are also really nice. Why do people who make these "horrible tattoo" lists just randomly include a bunch of tattoos that are good, bad, and everything in-between?

    Plenty of people DO make awful choices with tattoos, but it seems like every time I look at one of these lists of "bad celebrity tattoos" it's a mix of truly horrible choices, stuff that's basically normal (maybe not super-attractive, but you can see how it meant something to somebody and why he/she had it done), and even some work that is VERY good. It's like some retarded self-loathing puritan was hired to just find a bunch of photos of stars with tattoos and then act like they were ALL horrible because OMG-tattoos-are-evil!-I'm-scared-of-body-art!-I'll-probably-never-get-laid-and-I-hate-anybody-who-is-more-successful-than-me-and-doesn't-conform-like-a-fucking-robot! What petty bullshit.

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