Cat Saturday (27 Photos)

  • Eddie777

    So, Mr. Bond. We finally meet…oh no, wait…

  • Chuck

    You probably thought all these cats on todays Cat Saturday were alive. Nooope Chuck Testa with more realistic mounts.

    • Nooopppeee

      Nope, chuck testa.

  • some bloke

    Yay rescuing that little kitty! Well done humans!

  • Anonymous

    I fucking hate cats

  • Anonymous

    Fucking vermin, burn them all and turn their ashes into diamonds and the economy shall recover

  • um..yeah

    #12 O-o

  • Chuck Taylor

    #18 It's funny cause it's true. Cats hit shit under the fridge!!

  • The kid

    #27 nerd chivette…. Correction #27 nice rack nerd chivette!
    Ohh nd nice cat.

  • Mrme

    #22 – cats are jerks

  • Bryan

    How can some people believe animals don't have feelings or personalities? #10

  • Sea

    Chive – your mobile site is fucked up…. again…

    • ManUp

      working fine for me
      maybe your mobile sucks.

  • nananamatman

    #15 You no wanna watch this GIF while high! Started having a seizure

  • Trent

    #17 God dammit, people! Stop doing this. A cat, or any animal, should not be near a sleeping baby.

    • vlad

      when it comes to child abuse, cats are less likely to cause harm than humans….so…yeah…

      • Trent

        Kill yourself

        • ManUp

          Woah bit of over reaction, now go sit down and take a dose of calm the fuck down and chill out.

  • SellersBrent

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    • Cecil

      So you're telling me your classmates mother has replaced her street corner with forum trolling?

  • mitch

    #27 The sexy chivette from a couple weeks ago! I guess I should take a break from the internet for a while

  • Diana Santos

    #14 how? 😀

    •!/lawlessvictory LawlessVictory

      And, perhaps more importantly, why? All this and more when we return on Cat Talk in the Morning.

  • gels

    #22 how calzaghe won all his fights.

  • varlotto

    I only see a cat

  • MattKL

    #14 Cat keyboard. Catboard?

    • FACE!

      makes a change from cats walking all over the keyboard

  • acloudypanda

    Thanks Chive for making my day 🙂

  • Matty Rochelle

    #27 very cute 😉

  • lee

    #22 Dang you cat hit me again….hit me again…. hit me once more.. hit me……SHIT….

  • Kristen Weeks

    #1 – "Fat Cat does not care about your problems…so long as you don't occupy his litter box and his caviar is delivered on time."

  • drummer113

    #2 They see me rollin'…

  • WirelessCable

    #10 Vulcan mind-meld works when both parties have brains

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