• Nathvader

    I cringed so hard…

  • Thror

    As I've said above in replies, I got one of these last year and it's pretty damn sweet. The nicest (non-industrial) one is about the same price as a Delta Unisaw, and it would be great saw even without the safety feature. My brake has tripped when resawing 3/4" boards to 1/2", scared the shit out of me, not a mark on my hand. A new blade & brake will always be cheaper than a trip to the emergency room, and I'm happy I didn't have to pay a higher price for a 2 second mistake.

    And before you get on me for the price, I'm sure many of you have expensive Macs or photography equipment or already have the latest iPhone… (nearly) all hobbies cost money. If I could figure out a way to download Hump Day to the goddamn thing, I wouldn't need this computer.

  • chong

    very old news……

  • Short Bus All Stars

    well don't put your weiner on a saw table in the first place

  • SuperDanMan4290

    That man is going to make…well, billions. 🙂


  • Anonymous

    Fuck that

  • @Zordabo

    wow this video isn't about 10 fucken years old <- sarcasm city

  • Jesper Bech

    So, does it only work if you dip your finger in icecold water first? Or what's up with that cooler just before?

  • Rheiniel Del Rosario


  • mojo420jojo

    But, will it blend? That is the question.

  • Johan Bjorholm Mandrup


  • spike

    we have one of these at my highschool and ive seen how it works
    pretty amazing

    buuut my teacher wasnt to happy when he had to buy a new stop and blade
    the machine was out for a couple weeks ha

    that is all

  • joshua

    holy shit that is awesome!!! as a professional carpenter i can tell you that the tool that scares me the most is the table saw!!!! it is so easy to fuck yourself up on this eater of flesh. this man deserves the Nobel prize for science!!!!!!!!!

  • wvnoahites

    by far one of the coolest safety items i have seen in the small tools market

  • bkfrijoles

    thats freaking crazy

  • mike

    looks cool but every time you use it there's a pretty expensive part that has to be replaced. if i remember correctly its around $40-50 for the part. still cheaper than a finger i guess

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