Bad knockoffs (23 Photos)

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Bought my momma a new car, spent the rest on pcp.

  • RicardoBaggins

    #7 seems leggit…

  • monty

    Wiwi… Probably about the same amount of fun as an actual Wii turned out to be.

  • Gordon

    #1 so THAT'S where Sony got their idea for the PS1 from then.

  • » Graupyrathages

    […] […]

  • dcolbert

    #12 I suppose it goes without saying that you can't do anything pirate themed without appearing to rip off the Pirates of the Caribbean because the Pirates of the Caribbean series has ripped off every pirate trope and cliche in the books. Disney – making Public Domain properties *not* since 1937.

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