Best Friends (4 Photos)

Lily was puppy when she was struck down by a condition that caused her eyelashes to grow into her eyeballs, damaging them beyond repair. At the time, she was living with seven-year-old Great Dane, Maddison. Maddison knew instantly that Lily was blind and took her under her wing.

Since then, the two have been inseparable:

‘Maddison is Lily’s guide dog. If they are out and about, for the majority of the time Maddison will lead and Lily will walk nearly touching her so she knows where to go. It’s lovely to watch. Maddison is always looking out for her. They curl up together to go to sleep as well.'

Sadly Lily and Maddison's owners were unable to look after the dogs and gave them to the Dogs Trust Re-Homing center in Shrewsbury, UK. The owner of the center wouldn't dare separate the best friends.

'The two Great Danes come as a package. There's no way they should ever be separated. I'm sure they will find a loving home soon.'

  • Brian J Heydanus

    What a great story, really touches the heart. I love dogs

  • BradBehavior

    This almost made me cry.



  • Hotdog Neck

    Danes are unbelievably gently giants. Ours had knee surgery today and is recovering overnight. Sweetest animal I have ever known.

    They just don't stay on this Earth long enough. 7yrs and anything beyond that is gravy.

  • apbtdog

    Finally something about dogs NOT cats WOW

  • MattKL

    Got a little paper dust in my eye just now.

  • DaBoSS

    Poor guy,glad he's full of life with a loving companion.Lost my own dog last week and the sense of loss is unimaginable :' (

    • DaBoSS

      Didn't read that he was a she..sorry.

  • Cherie Roachelle Denholm

    This is for Stephanie Reifsnyder, Diane Green, and all my other dog lovin friends!

  • SoopDoog

    I don’t get emotional for nothin…except handicapped dogs

  • Steph

    beautiful story

  • Todd S.

    OMG i would take them in a fart spert…..Shit i already have 4 from the Shelter what 2 more.And man i always wanted a Marmaduke…

  • Orlando Matt

    Same, we would love donate, fly them to America, whatever…CHIVE WHY YOU NO UPDATE!

  • Ben

    Someone needs to contact Cesar Milan.

    • Ben

      I just tweeted him. He's in the UK right now. Just got to get his attention on him. Help in getting his eyes on the situation would be most appreciated – c'mon moderator. I know you can throw some Chive weight behind this!

  • gdm426

    that is the saddest thing i've ever seen

  • jazzy

    i live right near shrewsbury i'll have them!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Poor dog! 😦 I wish I could have them both!

  • Gary

    holy fuck, i live in shrewsbury! i have too many dogs though as it is… balls.

  • raul

    Not much detail here, but it sounds like the dog had a condition called entropion which is entirely treatable with a surgical procedure in any competent veterinarian hospital. Too late for her, but maybe this can serve as a warning to all dog owners. This condition is very easy to diagnose. If your dog has chronic runny and/or inflamed eyes, don't ignore it. See a vet.

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