F-16 hot girl checkers in high-res (30 HQ Photos)

  • blankman

    They are all good but #3 Ooh la la

    • Matt

      Funny thing–this is taken from an Amazon.com product photo!

  • sshuggi

    #3 Can't pick out only one thing that I like most about her. She is wholly beautiful.

  • MidwestChiver

    #23 those eyes

  • jiggs26.2

    #27 MOAR and FIND HER!

    • fro

      It's Bully. She's an SG. I know her…cool girl.

      • jiggs26.2

        I go there once and awhile I will have to look her up.

  • billshakes626

    #3 I really like every other picture in this gallery.

    • Smoke-n-Water

      I didn't even see any planes in this post…

  • Robert

    Scrolled right past those F16s just past Mach 1. Because boobs.

  • idkalw0sld

    #3, wouldn't mind touching down on that landing strip

  • AAA

    Seriously who is #3?

    • BBB

      Teresa Moore

      • Grover

        Thank you BBB. Been trying to find her for ages.

    • Htisss

      She is seriously amazing.

  • Stan_Dalone

    #3 #5 #9 #15 Knock me out

    • Deltozzo

      #9 Anna Tatangelo I think, now someone find #15

  • Helmet4

    Because when you fly one of these #12 you get to have one of these #3

    • ...

      When you fly one of these, you got to die for someone else war

      • its_forge

        Nnnnnnnnnnnnnoooo, the object you see is not to die for your country but to make the other poor dumb bastard die for his.

  • Simo

    #25 has incredibly FREAKISH toes. BLAH!

    • vince

      um, I'm not seeing toes

  • NebraskaGuy

    #11 Jessica Alba – oh hell yeah!

    • its_forge

      That whole underneath there area makes my mind go terrible, terrible places.

  • http://twitter.com/rikooprate @rikooprate

    #15 #29 MEOW!

  • bull1123

    Seriously, find #3!!!

    • a_schoenoprasum


  • drewscriver

    #21 MOAR MOAR MOAR!!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #27 Baby you be fine…

    • fro

      Bully SG

  • jkl;

    #5 anyone know who?

  • a_schoenoprasum



  • Coldzilla

    Some nice looking birds here 😉

  • vince

    #19 has or had a dong. She's a man, baby!

  • whoop whoop

    #21 please, give her something to eat!

  • Buford_Justice

    #13 nice cell phone case, like you are ever gonna clip that on to your belt…

  • http://www.therankingblog.com the ranking blog

    sexy and hot

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #16 "do a barrel roll"
    #15 "do a barrel roll"

  • Been Thrusted

    #3 Be careful boys, in bars, she's known as the "Jump Jet".

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