Mind the gap Monday (40 photos)

  • Bigrick

    5, 9, 12, 14… bonerific

  • Beeneverywhere

    Wooowwww! #3 is a most creative wedding outfit. Good gawd … she is so smokin hot we need a new word for hot; all of it revolving around a magnificent pudendum and a stunningly erotic navel. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. Nestled into a sure winner, #16 slams best pudendum. Down the page, #25 is a near tie in both categories, navel and pudendum, but in the end scores a solid second and #31 ushers home a third place, also for both categories. I'd have to award an honorable mention in Best Pudendum, Rear Presentation, to #5 along with a win for best "ready to ride" pose. In the final analysis, #3 is by far the best all-around, good old-fashioned, drop dead sexy everything; the sort of woman songs are made up about, swords clear sheaths and quests begun. 

  • rrll


  • absure2

    #31 #35 awesome

  • freezer boy

    I can almost smell #9. It's like scratch & sniff!!!

  • http://www.jve.biz Rug

    #7 got a little paint on you there … let me help you get it off … hold still

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