A mysterious Chivette (14 Photos)

Over the past couple weeks, I've received these photos from a fantastically fit Chivette. All I know about this mystery Chivette is that she's a small town girl currently in college (presumably Oregon). Hopefully she continues to submit, I'll be sure to post any new photos if she does.

  • Micks

    #10 great light

  • gross

    she's a slut with saggy tits. NEXT

  • laughapnea


  • Tool

    This is my future wife

  • Ben


  • brent

    breath taking, you just made my friday better

  • Matt

    she has the perfect body

  • zunebeatsipod

    Keep the photos coming in! Hubba, hubba!

  • deathscythe257

    i can only hope i meet a woman like this

  • Anonymous

    I’d eat the corn outta her shit

  • Anonymous

    Utah raped Oregon

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=671570206 Dan Miller


  • IronBound19

    This sexy chiver's body is SICK!!

  • vitobonespur

    #6 is a great shot. I think I know who you are. No? Then I guess you'll have to call me and introduce yourself. I'm in the book!

  • joel

    idk and i dont care. but who ever it is in in her late 20's

  • michael

    they are not the same girl. You notice a tattoo on one photo and none on the others. Plus moles dont match other photo either. You or mixing up girls…

  • theMess1ah10

    WOW. Phenomenal! Shes fit, yet still has all the necessary curves! I coun't pick a favorite picture if I had to!

  • kenny


  • VileThings

    #6 I very much hope she keeps them coming.

  • Always Last


  • Always Last

    Also, another Chivette run off by theChive trolls.

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