Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (46 Photos)

  • Commando00

    #35 from one veteran and father to another…….thanks for your service and stay safe!

  • Sarahritchi3*

    #15 !! My friend carved that pumpkin, found it while chiveing at work this morning. Gave her great morning news ❤


  • Billa

    Im thinking the same thing. makes me hungry too

  • Skedaddle

    #46 you’d make the perfect midnight (or mid-day, midafternoon, mid-whenever) snack. Yum.

  • g-fresh

    as i've mentioned before, attention whore #43

  • Chris

    #19 I'm sure Mac is a cool guy, but he always looks a little bit rapey in photos.

  • FuckoffStan

    Pissing me off? Hardly dumbass, I just love pointing out time and time again what a hypocritical piece of shit you are 😉

  • Rob

    #38 Add a smile and I'm back in school! (If you tutor in NJ call me)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rjefferds Ryan

    #38 any good at Macroeconomics? I seriously need help haha

  • sac 916

    #18 is amazing and dont forget #24!!!!

  • Prangsta

    Thanks for the HD version, I wallpapered that shit.
    Erin, I would tweet you all day long if I were a single man. (that was code for sex) You're great!

  • Micks

    #42 is very very clever, great picture!

    #40 Good to see you're fine! #41 get well bro

  • JE268

    First a t-shirt, now I'm in the DAR. You guys rock! Thanks Chive!

  • vitobonespur

    #38 Tutor? Hell yeah. Teach me something. Warning: Slow learner. Will require much repetition.

    #43 & #44 You are darling. Thank you for sharing your whimsical sense of humor, beautiful face and lovely body. You make me wish I was a young man again.

  • Jawbone

    #33 No, you aren't.


    #38: HELL YEAH!!!! btw – what r u teaching?

  • T-$

    #2 I knew it.

  • rossy

    #13 godamn lucky dog hope it had a good lick as well cause i sure as hell would mmmmmmmm

  • rossy

    #46 i would make you my midnight snack an all you could eat pussy fest

  • ryan_henley

    #38 please go to Bowling Green.

  • Silky

    Good to see youre recovering well Hannah 🙂

  • rooster

    #46 can you be my midnight snack? 😀

  • Guest


    Can i have more of her please ?

    At least her name

  • phil

    #13 i wish i was a dog..

  • Jefffro

    Eliza, #13, is seriously hot!!! However, she does look like a girl who might have a smelly p**sy from time to time…

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