• http://www.sublimedirectory.com ChodeLauncher

    Good acting skills there…is Stephen Seagal doing stunt seminars now?

  • dvgw


  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    nailed it!!

  • thechevron


  • Smoores

    That will be a 25 cent band aid.

    • Obama

      with our health care system its more like a 47.84 band aid with 38.76 of ointment and keep your for a mandatory 2 hours at 500 dollars an hour.

  • Wtf?

    I'm going to start videotaping myself driving… seems like the cool thing to do nowadays..

  • MidwestChiver

    Really give him a fine for being a dumbass

  • feltsy05

    A single fuck was given that day. Props driver. Not a woman.

  • nana


    • MylesofStyles

      Made two tarts?

  • nitrox

    Now, roll on him!

  • blub_glub

    …….puts the hurrp in derrp

  • NOLG

    He looks like a Chiver.

    • herp

      In other words like you?

  • Noidios

    Seems legit.

  • kkk

    he should get money cuz he's retarded

    • The Chivery

      Of course he is. He's a Chiver.

      Chive on!

      • dirtysteve99

        But you're not? you're just someone who comments on websites they purport to dislike.

        • The Chivery

          Of course I am! I'm the biggest/truest Chiver/retard of them all!

          Chive on!

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  • Moustachos.

    why was there a camera in the car?

    • Tito

      so they could film their friend pretending to do a bad attempt at an insurance scam

    • Pete

      There's some sort of badge reflected in the windscreen. My guess is that this is a taxi and the camera is used to cover themselves in case of claims of poor or dangerous driving… or in cases like this.

    • Joe

      It's a black box for cars. It's really popular in south korea.

  • Stan_Dalone

    sad this is done all the time

    • JAFitC

      That's what the insurance industry wants you to think. In reality it is rare.

      • Lulz is an asshat

        variations of this has been done to me 7 times fortunately cops were around to see it develope

  • NicBree

    Anyone else think it would be a good idea for all cars to come equipped with cameras? Any collision/accident would automatically be recorded and hopefully cut back on good people getting screwed over. Like a black box for cars.

    • panama99

      That is unless you are at fault……..

      • Blake

        Still need a record.

      • soapish

        If you are at fault, then you should take responsibility!

    • McBeastie

      recording where you're going, where you've been….yeah, how could that be bad? Big Brother would never take advantage of that.

      • NicBree

        Not if the recorded information could only be accessed from your car, and wasn't transmitted to any external source. Besides, if you live in a city, you're almost always on camera already. Big Brother already knows where we go and where we've been.

        • Colin

          Already exists, some insurance companies overseas require cameras in trucks and cars they cover. Mostly for large company fleets

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503174755 Tj Huddleston

      A guy ran into the right front fender of my car with his bike as I was sitting still … and he got money from my insurance after i drove him home. (FML)…. So a camera would have been perfect for that situation

    • Dr. Science

      Yeah….Lets just put cameras everywhere so there is no privacy anywhere you go. Hey while we are at it we should put cameras in all eyeglasses, ya know so when people get killed we can just access the camera in their glasses.

      Arent there enough cameras everywhere you turn without putting them in the millions and millions of vechiles in this country? And you cant tell me that this camera wouldn't be hooked up to the same internal computer as GPS systems in cars that can be accessed by government and insurance company officials. Cameras in cars are a stepping stone to cameras in advertisements, TV's, dashboards, and everywhere else.

      And before you go off calling me paranoid just think for a second about a life where the only time you were not on camera is when you were taking a shit…and maybe even then…

      • NJF

        The optimist in me says that if in the right hands more cameras would reduce crime and terrorism. However, someone along the line will abuse it, whether it be an individual in power or the entire government.

        • j22

          This is a certainty.

      • NEGATRON!

        Frankly I'd be fine with cameras everywhere, if only to stop the real crimes that go on, if they would just stop trying to be so god damn PC in this country, as well as legalize pot. But I guess this is because I pay all my bills, obide by the rules, and generally don't cause any negative impact to society what-so-ever-> I just have a bad habbit of speaking my mind and enjoying weed. Frankly I don't see how either of those should be considered bad things.

  • DanielB

    Seems fake, he just happened to be driving around with a camera i dont give a f**k anyways

  • newscot

    This video was twice as long as it had to be. Last half of it nothing happened.

    Also, fake.

    • useyournoodle

      duh that's the point asshole

  • Mirrorshades

    So was that a cop car maybe? I know in a lot of ambulances now they have drive-cams that always run and when activated by a collision/bump or person saves the previous ten seconds as well as the following ten. Could explain what we’re seeing.

    • LuvsHorror

      But why would he jump out in front of a cop car?

      • panama99

        1. If it was a cop, he probably would have gotten out and started to kick the crap out of the idiot.

        2. Why would he jump out in front of a cop car…..simple….."Suicide by Cop". Dumbass just couldn't afford a gun or a toy gun.

    • Sherman

      Cop car cameras are constantly recording, but only save the recordings from 30-sec prior to the cop lights being turned on, and stop saving the recording a bit after the lights are off. This is why you don't see cops turn on their cop lights for a moment to drive through a red-light anymore – they just ride through with no lights. The cameras do take a photo every 30 – 60 seconds supposedly in a part of the system the officer does not have access to so the dept. can check to see if the cop was parked all day someplace or something.

    • Cody

      or its fake. mistery solved

  • dorkfish


  • BigPup


  • Muckrak3r

    Dear Chive, why the forced page load when clicking on a video? Oh I know why, I load the Chive (1 load), I click the video play button and it opens another page (2nd load), and after watching the video I go back to the home page again (3rd load) to get back to where I was.

    Inconvenient for us, page load stats for you guys. I see what you did there, now please stop.

    • Chode

      Dear Chive, the Battlefield ad's all over the sight are out of hand. The whole reason the Chive is so good is because it was never crammed full of eyesores like that. It starts with a few reposts, then come the ad's, then goes Chive to the graveyard for websites.

      Stop selling out! Just sell more shirts if you have to!

      • j22

        Do what you have to to keep the site free, Chive!

  • MylesofStyles

    Make him work for his money. Run him over.

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