Jessica Burciaga is using the Twitter machine properly (28 Photos)

More over on Jessica's Twitter Page.

  • uquestionmyjudgement

    on a second ponder i would agree that i would enjoy this woman 😀

  • Jason


  • Anonymous

    I want.

  • Skedaddle

    She’s a good little attention whore.

  • Alex


  • Joseph

    fake attention whore

  • mrme

    what did women do for attention before the internet?

    • josh lindsey

      They had that equal right movement.
      They were all attention whores.

    • Travis

      We called them strippers. They are still around, but the Internet gives them a bigger audience.

  • Anonymous

    My god….where can I find this gorgeous angel????

  • its_forge

    #27 Every single one is just amazingly fine.

  • Mean Joe

    I hope she has a perfect personality to match her perfectly sculpted body. Seriously, God's workmanship at it's best

  • Shlomo

    I wish we had Hispanic girls in my country! 😦

  • Bustanut

    She’s such an over-hyped model. She needs 300cc implants, and a reputation as a lap-dancer that makes guys blow a load from bumping her ass into your crybaby … and then I’d masturbate compusively to her pictures.

    Until then, raincheck.

  • Bustanut

    On second thought, I just masturbated looking at her stupid over-hyped pics

    Oh well

  • 705-Dave Fiessell

    #28 Very impressive, totally sexy.

  • Maestro

    Will someone please, for the love of temporary happiness within the pants area, get this chick a HD camera?!

  • Frank Prill

    I wish I loved something as much as she loves attension… 😦

  • Michael

    She lives in my town… its hard to not stalk her when she posts a pic in a local joint I know well… this makes it harder. the not stalking that is.

  • gdm426

    she is the best, love her

  • good guys finish last

    Michael- Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • waltgator

    yep! she's hot!

  • Buckmarley

    She just got a new follower

  • RicardoBaggins

    Please please PLEASE tell me there is a HQ version of #27??? i would love you forever!!!

  • Ryan

    BOOORING!!! Fake bitch!

  • Ajz

    Yes def a fame whore, she appeared in the girls next door. Trying to become a playboy bunny at the Palms hotel. Wants badly her 15 min of fame. Sorry hunny, just keep showing that body because you won't make it in show business.

  • John Brown


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