Johnny Depp’s yacht seems nice (8 Photos)

Johnny Depp's 156 foot Vajoliroja, with its squared, wood cabin… wood everything for that matter. It was fashioned with vintage wood, gold, and velvet 'Orient Express' style interior. The ship was made to transport Depp and his family to his private island in the Bahamas… so he's got that going for him.

"Money doesn’t buy you happiness but it buys you a big enough yacht to sail right up to it."

Johnn Depp

  • VedHead77

    #3 – "Hey guys, let's go to the upper deck and sit behind the exhaust stacks."

    • Prangsta

      I guess it's for when their not moving? Good point, not sure why your comment got you -13.

  • shep

    Those are fresh air inlets, not exhaust…

    • CaptainInsano

      oh oh yeah right, you totally beat me to pointing that out!

  • houtini

    #4 #5
    Uh. Didn't expect such a tacky taste from neither Vanessa nor Johnny.

    • ROK247

      do you think they call each other pompous jerkoffs and then laugh as they eat their uber-extravagant suppers?

      • Donovan Colbert

        Here is the easy answer…

        If it were YOU – would you do this?

        Of course you would. So most likely, so do they. Do you feel better now, or worse, knowing?

    • bobbo

      Agreed, looks like 70's Vegas.

    • Freddy Mercury

      have you SEEN Johnny Depp's sense of style? i'm surprised his boat doesn't look a hell of a lot worse……

  • mntbikersid

    clearly not a sailboat

  • René Adrián Cantú Montemayor

    Black Pearl my ass!!!

  • Jak

    I didn't know sails had exhaust pipes, hhmm

    • learn about boats.

      It is a sail boat, sail boats also have engines for when there is a storm or when there is no wind. the two large tubes that you see in the photo of the deck are not the exhaust they are for inducing fresh air to the lower levels, that is why they point stern, (sail boats keep the wind to their stern)

      • PeleMAN420

        But there is clearly no sails fixed to either of those masts, or any of the gear required to raise or lower them for that matter. Plus i just Googled that ship and there isn't one picture of it with sails up.

      • hitechsailor

        Sorry, but this is not a sailboat. Those masts are used for communicatons, navigation and safety gear. They are not nearly high enough, nor structurally strong enough to provide propulsion for a 156 foot yacht. Those masts are not even heavy enough or rigged for a stabilzer sail that are often used on motor yachts of this design.

        • Dolfan0925

          Ya a beefcake like that needs way more than the sails you could put on those masts.

      • R-Dub

        You should "learn about boats" before lecturing on them.

  • Sue Acide

    Too tacky and bizarre, but hes a strange dude so not surprising. Fuck the boat, I want to see the island.

  • bless1

    #3- those ducts are for air flow to the sleeping quarters dumb fucks.

  • B dub

    Depp's a pimpaholic! u know u wish u were him

  • cheynecg

    I've been on big boats before and none of them have that great of an interior…wow.

  • Spocker

    The meaning of "Vajoliroja" is the first two letters of the names of Johnny and his family (vanessa and the kids),in other words" VAnessa,JOhnny,LIli ROse,JAck"= VAJOLIROJA

    • Eh.

      Did he name his kids after characters on the Titanic movie?

      Is it gay that I know Jack and Rose are from Titanic?

      • atlantaBurning

        Yes. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • Eh.

    I'd like to listen to I'm On A Boat while on this boat. I think I'd really enjoy that.

  • Melkhiordarkblade

    It's nice,but does it have rum?

  • chicago

    #5 #4 #7 really look like a movie set; everything in its perfect place. Black Pearls other Captain's quarters?

  • tommy2X4

    He makes his films here. I hope he pays his share of taxes here

    • tom

      The Bahamas are a us territory I’m sure he pays taxes plus not all his movies are made in the us do you pay your taxes?

      • Nemesis

        British Overseas Territory.

  • NicBree

    Beautiful! Love the interior.. plush and and luxurious. What more could you ask for?

  • Coldzilla

    A yacht fit for a Captain…

  • BarryMCokiner

    Dear John- Nice skiff. I was wondering if you've read any good treatments lately? Something maybe where I can get some TA cred?

  • All methed up

    Why should i care how celebrities spend their money? I’d watch entertainment tonight of I wanted to know what celeb farted in the bathroom this morning. keep showing us funny pictures and half naked jailbait plz. dance with the girl who brought you here chive.

  • bbob

    One of my favorite actors. Spend that money Johnny. You spending = more jobs.

  • turd ferguson

    hahahahaha…what a dolt

    • Stan_Dalone

      so easy to get you guys going sorry turd but I was after paula ande her dick head trolls, they have nothing to do but complain lmao

      • Sleep_Salone

        Liar…and you're still a stupid cunt.

  • Rick

    #5 I dig his style but yeah "money doesn't buy happiness" I wonder if anyone broke ever said that?

  • Julie

    As a note: the Bahamas are British territory 🙂

    I’m looking at sailing there myself soon. Not on a boat that lush though.

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