Caution: Hump Ahead (50 photos)

Thanks to everyone who sent in their humps! If you don’t see your photo today, check back next week as we get hundreds of humps per day. If you still don’t see your photo, it’s not because you don’t have a great rump, it’s because you used a crappy camera phone in your dark, dirty ass bedroom (pics with toilets in the background are deleted faster than Usain Bolt). If you want to be featured, please step up your game and use a decent camera and be mindful of the background. Thanks!

  • Geoff

    I liikkkeee

    • Smoke-n-Water

      LOVE being a butt man!!

    • Logic

      Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass… STOP, now make that motherf***er hammertime!

    • Tucker USA

      Im Tucker Max hows it going!!

  • Tucker


    • Geoff

      Try again, queer

    • Cruzer117

      Nice try loser!

    • JAFitC

      You'll want to stay home for the next ten days so you're there when the trophy is delivered.

    • osborne

      How big of a loser, to lose at losing! That's like trying to knock yourself out with a board, but swinging and missing your own head! HA! I'd tell him to go put a shotgun to his head, but he'd probably miss that too, and hit a fine Chiver….

    • guest

      second loser is first idiot.

  • Rabid

    It was here, then it wasn't.

    • Darkside


      ….By the beard of Zeus!!!!

  • togas

    #34 never gets old

    • maboze1x

      Buns of steel. I'd steal her buns if I could!

    • Chris

      0o0o0o0 yea

  • mmmhmmm

    #35 call me.

    • Kyle McClung

      … a lawyer, cause this chick looks 15

      • its_forge

        Not with those elbows she isn't

      • biggles

        YOU WIN. your the first fag to make an underage comment.


    • hMMMM

      yo…this is a flat ass. You couldn't figure that out while looking at all the other asses on this post?

      • its_forge

        Some dudes like booty that doesn't look like it needs a motorized wheeled cart to haul it around.

        • TheAndychrist

          Preach on brotha.

    • biggles

      YOU WIN. youre the first fag to make an underage comment. And it wasn't' even half a page.

      Yes…..we are asking you to fuck them with your eyes. Eye sex with minors! You cock grabber.

      i wish god would hit your balls and dick with lightning

  • Holy Hell

    I always miss the best parties.

    • NJ Dan


    • Lou

      I gotta get a boat.

    • Lou

      I gotta get a boat.

      • Chazz_B

        boats and hoes!

      • Dan

        Bitches love boats

    • pleascarter

      i agree. it was always "oh man you shoulda been here last wekend."

      • Hunter X

        Here's a hint: Those who say that, usually were bored out of their skulls, but wanted to make you think otherwise.

        • The Chivery

          We know. As Chivers, we're always "those" people.

          Chive on!

          • The Chivery

            Sorry I was away for a few weeks, had a penis enlargement go wrong and was hospitalized. Lot of cute male nurses these days….

            Chive on!

          • Guesty

            Hey, man…missed you. We should get together and make out again.

    • Do0zer

      If you put all those g-strings together, they spell chlamydia.

      • osborne

        doesn't matter. had sex. cure STD later.

        • sadman

          Pick up chicks at the VD clinic? It's like trading collector cards, but in this case you will want the other person to have what you have.

    • JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo

      Anybody remember that scene at the end of "The Last Samurai" where, as Katsumoto is dying on the field of battle, he glances at the cherry blossoms, quote:

      "Perfect. They are all…………perfect."


      • ROK247

        • ROK247

          its freaking hilarious when you imagine he is referring to lady humps.

          • KTz

            not really……

      • gerry

        uummmm….pic 17…..where is that????

    • Iatola

      ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, guy holding his dick, WTF!

      • its_forge

        There's a guy in that picture? I mean this sort of comment is always posted as a joke but really… there's a guy in that picture?

      • TheAndychrist

        Can you blame him?


    Gd. Dm.

  • Tucker


    • Lawndart

      Freakin asshat actually tried again…

  • Whiskyb

    #5 yes please, can I have some more

  • asdf

    #33 #44 — keep posting this as often as you'd like.

    • the dude

      looks like lauren g.

    • duke

      fenny from supertangas

    • Underbaker

      It was so nice he posted twice. :o)

    • nathanamarsh


    • SARmedic

      That is the perfect form, OMG. We need more of this worman!

      • Killinem

        Her name is Kira Augustina… ass on the web for sure

        • Killinem

          sorry its Kerya Augustina

    • Heathy

      fenny argentina

    • Kenneth

      absolutely worth a second fap. I mean look. While fapping.

  • HillBilly Bone

    #16, #19, #40….Yep.

    #33, #44…..So nice, it's worth posting twice.

    • MAX_POW

      #19 is the most impressive close up i have seen in a long time

      • Country Boy

        I agree.. #19 FTW!!!

    • DoomsDayDub

      #16 – Dat ass! Those legs!!

      • Yea Yea

        Dat be Dylan!

  • 80's Baby

    Question: How does everyone put the pictures inside there comment box??? Cant be copy and paste can it?

    • Leftballsack

      No .. use the " # " sign .. and then type in the number ..

      FUCKIN' N00B!

      • Smalls

        There was a time that you didn't know how to do it either. asshole.

        • aosux (nostalgia)

          Actually, everyone was already using the format #33 to acknowledge pics before thechive put that feature in. But hey, everyone is new at some point.

      • Truth!


        You couldn't just answer the question without being an ASSHOLE about it?

        Get the fuck off the Internet, there's too many of your type on it already!

    • Sovem

      # + pic number

      • hahahha


        • hahhahahhah


          I did it

    • NebraskaGuy

      Just put a pound sign # and then the number, like this: #28

      Also, remember it's their, not 'there' … ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 80's Baby

        Thank you. I was concentrating on booty more than my typing I guess….

    • Orch

      Just put #12 or what ever number(s) and pic appears

  • wowza

    It's eating her shorts!

    • Dick Salad

      I'd like to contribute something else to it's diet…

      • Average Troll

        Ah, so this is what qualifies as funny! Good to know. Means even less effort on my part.

    • Fun with Numbers.

      nom nom nom.

    • Poontangler

      God Bless America!

    • Truth

      that is one gross fat ass…. mix in a salad once in a while

      • dan

        You're an idiot.

      • Guest

        must be gay

      • Dick Salad

        Thanks for the dietary advice ed cullen.

        • TheAndychrist

          I see what you did there…

      • Average Troll

        I too am one gross fat ass….although I will not be mixing in a salad. I will eat Cheetos and FAP until my unit turns orange. CHIVE ON!!

        • Dick Salad

          "average" troll seems pretty correct /yawn cool story bro

        • KTz

          You're so unfunny you completely skip being "annoying" to "downright depressing/embarrassing".

          • Paul.

            …..HAY!!!…..TRUTH!!!…. GO FUCK YR BROTHER!!!

  • Edward

    #43 Holy shit!!!

    • AssClown


      Don't bother TinEye'ing that shit!! You just get moar of those without any clothing on with a couple of sausages in the background…don't say I didn't warn you.

      • Links


    • JROC

      sent this in a while back heres the site.… get hunting first to find her wins

    • chiver


    • Guest

      her name is susanna, she's a porn star

    • KalEl24

      this was exactly what i said when I scrolled down to it… out loud… at work.

  • Fun with Numbers.

    CHIVETTES, you girls are AMAZING. Thx

    • ChelseaRules

      I have a dream that one day Hump Day will be filled with only Chivettes!

      Do it, Ladies!

  • beer

    Yes! Wednesday!

  • Skifacejimmy

    #16 is sexy as hell

    • BloodScrubber

      Reminiscent of Dylan. Not sure though.

      • Yea Yea

        It's her! Hot as always!

        • Woe is Me

          Where did her Tumblr go???

  • xwozztt

    would give anything for #9 ROSIE JONES!! and anything imaginable

    • MAX_POW

      she has the tramp tat and the tramp pose…….and i like it!

    • Poontangler

      Sex Stance – 10.0

      • Really?

        There is no where she's not a 10.0

    • Voice of Reason

      yep – would give her my full 2"

  • Hunter X

    #39 MMMMMMMMMMM. Mom & daughter…. My Fantasy # 16

  • jonesin86

    #4, #12, #16, #25, #48

    Just admiring those beautiful butts that I want to squeeze

  • soda pop

    #15….probably should of listened to her…..nice hump, but no where near as nice as the others.

    • NebraskaGuy

      I beg to differ!

      That is a sweet ass!

      • otto

        Very nice ass, I wish I had that at home

      • sac 916

        agreed, definately worthy, but hater gonna hate

      • its_forge

        Seconded, I'm an ass authority and that's a perfectly lovely derierre. Millions of guys and maybe even a few women would kill to touch that bum.

        • VanIsleScott

          touch that bum? That ass is edible! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Barry McKokkinner

      come on soda pop, Chivettes make this world a much better place and her butt is REALLY nice. Please be encouraging. #15 – keep being awesome. You look slim and fit – your BF is really lucky.

      • Leftballsack

        Yep! Agreed .. now lets see the front side! You can still make it in tomorrow .. for Burn your Bra Thurs!

        WOO HOO!

        • Michel Payette

          I agree….BURN YOUR BRA!!!

    • 314_nick

      she is definetly chive worthy. nice ass!

    • donafec

      your crazy soda pop.

      and #15 your crazy too you are a perfect fit for the chive

    • Billa

      Youre an idiot soda pop. Dont ever listen to any one named soda pop. probably a 12 year old kid. Would be nice to see that ass in some smaller undies though.

    • jhoratio

      Few things, buddy: 1) if you don't think you'd enjoy lots and lots of sex with Miss 15, then you are either ghey or 12 years old or otherwise new to the world of naked women; 2) you're an asshole; 3) your user-name sucks

      • Michael Alen Pugh

        I couldn't have said that better. lol.

    • Stewie

      Are you retarded?

    • Jeff Bolden

      Ignore Soda Poop and thank you #15!

      • Bruce LeeRoy

        Soda Pop is a Jive Turkey! Chive on #15, your boyfriend nailed it! Can you dig it??

    • badbad

      does she have what it takes to be chive worthy? Lets see, she has a fairly nice ass and is wiling to let a few million dudes take a look at it. sounds chive worthy to me!

    • VanIsleScott

      Disregard this dork's opinion….

      Soda pop you're an ass!

  • Fun with Numbers.

    You have a good eye. Now lets see you humpity hump! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dan

      Second that

  • Here's Johnny

    #49 Wow!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #13 YES – thank you for posting this one again! Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

    #15 You ARE Chive-worthy … please submit more of your lovely self ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • HillBilly Bone

      No kidding to #13. That's one of those shots you just can't get tired of.

    • BentWrenches

      Needs better exposure.

    • Grifster

      #13 again? not sure how ive missed it in the past. had to stop there a sec to zoom in a bit. So nice!….lol

  • Dick Salad

    #13 #33
    I'm a huge fan!

    • Yessirr

      I concur… also I laugh out loud every time I see your damn screen name. Dick salad… that shit is funny every time. Like a fart.

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