Caution: Hump Ahead (50 photos)

Thanks to everyone who sent in their humps! If you don’t see your photo today, check back next week as we get hundreds of humps per day. If you still don’t see your photo, it’s not because you don’t have a great rump, it’s because you used a crappy camera phone in your dark, dirty ass bedroom (pics with toilets in the background are deleted faster than Usain Bolt). If you want to be featured, please step up your game and use a decent camera and be mindful of the background. Thanks!

  • Freddie

    #15 – definitely Chive-worthy! Nice work my friend!

  • giantsfan428

    Today is a great day. Hump day + finding out my Bill F*cking Murray shirt got shipped today? SO PUMPED. BRING ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY!! IT'S HALLOWEEN WEEKEND AT COLLEGE!!!!!

  • cpalms

    #43… takes the cake this week! Beautiful!!!

  • Jala Meladuro

    #26 it’s his loss.. nice booty!
    #36 too flat..and bony!
    #38 too much a$$! 😡

  • Anonymous

    #33 and #44 are doubles… But for some odd reason im very happy about this mistake… 😉

  • Ltrain

    #43… Nailed it.

  • Stan_Dalone

    #11 #14 gift wrapped no less

  • Daniel Wilder

    Thank You CHIVE for sharing the real meaning of HUMP DAY

  • addictedchiver

    #10 i like the TVPG in the back haha

  • Coldzilla

    #42 Is that a nip slip? o.0

    Not that Im complainin…

  • acumentis

    #33 #44 so good it came twice.

  • dano

    #46…I'll take a hummer in the Hummer while I run her oh so perfect buns!! MOAR please!

  • theloosesock

    #16 # 25 #27 MOAR!! Those are some great humps!

    #43 thats juicyyy give us some MOAR

  • Keith_D

    I fucking love Hump Day…

    P.S. That's a very lucky pair of hands in #43

  • Samuelb

    #31- More please.

  • Da Sandman

    #44 posted this one twice… which means you posted it about 4 times so far (that i know of) … keep going

    • its_forge

      google Fenney Argentita

  • ryan

    20 and 22 about tme chive posted something from the ijsba world finals that week was way too cool to not make it on chive

  • assman

    #48 Waah,who is this perfect creature?

  • Jim

    #1 for a reason. Simply the best.

    • its_forge

      It is. This ass is absolutely magnificent, a complete work of art. Brava, whoever she is.

  • None

    #12 I wish those were tassles…

  • MattyIce

    Best HD ever! #43 #41 #16 you are all doing it right!

  • Paul

    Dumped a guy for TALKING to other girls….

    • its_forge

      Elsewhere she says he was chatting them up enough for them to ask if he was seeing anyone and he said "no." That's yeah, I wouldn't stay with anyone like that either.

  • MrMav

    #47 for me. Id lick that ass clean

  • kjgibbs2

    we approve! Please submit again.

  • turd ferguson

    #43 who is holding the camera?

    • its_forge

      It's mounted on a mining helmet.

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