Caution: Hump Ahead (50 photos)

Thanks to everyone who sent in their humps! If you don’t see your photo today, check back next week as we get hundreds of humps per day. If you still don’t see your photo, it’s not because you don’t have a great rump, it’s because you used a crappy camera phone in your dark, dirty ass bedroom (pics with toilets in the background are deleted faster than Usain Bolt). If you want to be featured, please step up your game and use a decent camera and be mindful of the background. Thanks!

  • ChelseaRules

    You don't have to be an attention whore to have confidence. And I don't believe that every guy who comes into this album is a pervert just looking for hos.

    The female body is a very beautiful thing. It's curvacious and smooth, which is pleasing to the eye, so I don't blame anyone (man or woman) who likes to check out a nice rack or ass once in a while.

    Further, if someone spends time working out and making their body look nice, it's polite to acknowledge their achievements. It's usually hard to do so when it's a person's body you're trying to compliment, but that's why anonymity is encouraging here.

    So hey, stfu and thank the lovely Chivettes for helping you get off tonight when you're alone in your mother's basement.

    • Anonymous

      Cool story bro!

    • Nathan_Wind

      Preach on, Sister.

    • Anonymous

      ….i love you

    • hMMMM

      HHNF Part Deux

    • ChaseTheWalker

      Chelsea you always crack me up! Your point is very valid! What would half these people do if their mothers stopped paying the interent bill?

  • KalEl24

    #43 holy shit…

  • Mark McGinnis

    Dear god PLEASE MOAR!!!!!! #38

  • ComeAtMeBro

    #9 WIN!!! ❤

  • miscellaneous

    #1 , #16 …. perfection … #38 , D'oh!

  • Toby Ulery

    #34…. I cried a little

  • coyoteman33

    Im guessing number 43 is dmbsamericanbaby from

    • coyoteman33

      I mean.#44

    • its_forge

      Fenney Argentita, we're all fairly sure.

  • Fried Chicken

    #33 & #44 look a lot alike. I hope they are sisters.

  • Geoff

    15! you ROCK!!!!! Really nice Ass!

  • Nate

    #16 did Dylan just shut down her blog?

  • laurennsfw

    #4 where can i get these?!

  • Johnny Hardcore

    #19 – throw it in reverse and back her right on in…


    #19 i wanna lick her butthole =X

  • Drewski

    I would LOVE a GIF of #43

  • asdf

    #38: Nothin' Best about that Buy!

  • Ryman

    I'll take a #1 to go please.

  • Cory

    So in love.


  • Cory


  • L

    #43 should be a gif. Let it bounce.

  • Jared

    Please? More?


  • Tucker Max

    Chive on my fellow Chivers ………………Chive on!!

  • Leon

    more #34

    • Matty

      Her name is devin marie. google her and rejoice.

  • orangewhip

    #35, #46 wednesday's to the rescue.

  • Paul Baumeister

    Sexy Casual….. I like it

  • Duck face Charlie

    Me too!


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