Dresses so tight they’re constricting blood flow to my brain (30 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, number one is where she deserves to be.

  • gino

    #4 Olivia Wilde takes good pics and then she does WOW

  • crz27

    Moar of #20 please.

  • Anonymous

    More of 28 pls, and maybe a gap pic?

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  • Brenden

    # 3 and #11 are must finds. The world needs MOAR of both of them

  • http://www.facebook.com/giovanni.isaza Giovanni Isaza

    #20 OMG FIND HER !

    #13 sofia vergara

  • Guest :)

    #29 rocked my pants!

  • Anonymous

    #20, we need to see more of her, smoken!!!!!

  • Anonymoose

    21# F-f-f-f-f find her!

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  • Anonymous

    Wow #12

    Find her !

  • Swarley

    #2 #5 right #13 #21 #24

  • Danny

    I love this page 🙂 Chive On

  • Mylan L. Trivanovich

    I don't know where this the chive.com gets all these women– and all these photographs– from. I love it when women don't wear bras, and when they wear see through stuff. Of all these "too tight" pictures, my favorite is #17. She doesn't seem to have gotten any comments from anybody else. I wish I knew what her name was. A lot of the other girls look pretty fantastic, however. Although, the reason some of these personnel wear dresses that are too tight is because they are too fat.

  • chickenman

    Who is #2?!?!

  • ar tee

    now please FIND…

  • ar tee

    please FIND and tell us MOAR about…

  • ar tee

    saving the best, please FIND and give us MOAR information about…
    does anyone know her name and other interesting facts about her?

  • Bloo

    #29 reminds me of a song…”I’m horny and I know it!”…what do you mean, that’s not how it goes?

  • dylon

    ill take a #12 please

  • anon
  • dbo


  • gstar

    LOL @ 17, I have that dress and I'm pretty sure that's the picture that was on the front of the package.

  • Mykexl

    #20 in the words of the great MOS DEF "dat ass is sooo phat, you can see it from the front" (ms phat booty). I<3BOOTY!

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