• Elbie

    good lord… nice 😀

    • douche

      woohoo!! National Dress Like a Whore Day is almost here!!

  • Dan

    Pretty awesome!

  • sshuggi

    I would kill to be at that shoot during changes.

  • driz

    holy fuck, me

    • Nathvader

      you said it holy fuck man, hoooly fuck

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much perfect!

  • Luthman

    Please, start doing porn!

    • Malkintosh22

      That would alienate a whole lot of Chivers.

      • Chivemaster

        In the comments section maybe. Meanwhile, most would have a her video open in a second tab and be fapping away.

  • Chris

    ummm WOW, I needed that, slow day at the office just got a whole load better.

    Cheers Mac, Good man.

    • Ryan

      ummm WOW, I needed that, slow day at the office just got a whole "load" better.

      Cheers Mac, Good man.

      I see what you did there

  • Old Man

    Beautiful girl

  • ....

    you lady, owe me a new jaw
    mine won't close after watching this

    • Peacenes

      LOL….dios mio…all atheists should whatch this creation!!!

  • Martin Salas

    This made my day…

  • Stan_Dalone

    She is hot and cute

  • DaveK

    Great but I hated the part where she put more clothes on……haha
    So hot!!!

  • Black6dog

    That's one of the prettiest smiles I've ever seen. Oh yeah, and she's smoking hot too

  • denleendeko

    Instant boner!

  • Peacenes

    Please never ever wear this blonde wig,
    PS I love You

  • Ivoidwarranties

    She said that was her last flip-book, that's too bad because she is awesome!

  • Alex

    A chiver from europe has a serious question:
    I see a lot of girls like these on the pages like thechive when it comes to lets say "general college partys" May they be halloween related or just a get drunk partys.
    And I certainly dont mean any porn related stuff, just these "yeah, look at our great get drunk party in college" gallerys. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but there are always really hot girls in really hot outfits and I wouldnt be surprised if they would do porn.
    So I wondered if in 'merica its just a general thing, that girls dress like that (less natural, more plastic/porn (undoubtably hot though)) or if that are just filtered top-notch gallerys with the tiny percentage everyone wishes to have a the party and doesnt (besides biz nasty obviously)

    • walkingtheriver

      I'm not American but I would definitely think that it is the latter

    • Spencer Rome

      Girls here dress pretty similar to Europeans I would say.

    • Flow

      I've spent some time in the US, while I actually live in Germany. If you compare girls at college/university parties, I'd say the Americans win. I don't want to dig for reasons why exactly girls in the US seem to have less of a problem wearing.. well, less… but I'd gladly have some of it swap over.
      Also, while I was in California it occured to me that your general willingness to wear very little might rise if you have summer all year long…

    • Boner21

      I agree, most of it has to do with the weather. Hot weather = Hot girls

      I lived in Amsterdam for a long while and cloudy, rainy weather does not encourage female hotness.

      • Michael

        No hot women in Amsterdam? Where are you looking, bro? I've been there and I was stunned!

        Also, don't tell the Swedes how you feel. They are some of the sexiest women alive, by nationality.

        • Michael

          And I grew up in southern California, by the way, so I know hot-weather-hotness as well.

    • Nina

      Having lived in both Norway and the US, I'd say girls here wear less clothes, but Norwegian girls dress up more, and look way better on an everyday basis. No sweatpants and Uggs in public in Norway!:)

  • Katie Ashley

    She makes me a little wet 😀

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  • sirforsyth

    1. Find cool video on The Chive
    2. Go to Youtube
    3. Watch it in HD
    4. ???
    5. Profit

    • TBwaar

      Collect underpants

  • mmmhmmm

    would definately drink her bathwater.

    • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      that is just creepy.

    • fuu


  • cockmeatsandwich

    where is the costumes?

  • Spencer

    The Indian ones are just too hot.

  • Sergio

    Basically every one of my fantasies at once, all in one vidoeo. Gorgeous; I love you. Poor girl probably gets hit on wert where she goes, every sigle second of the day.

  • Thror

    A bikini isn't really a costume… That's not a complaint, mind you. Merely a happy observation.

    Thank you, Melanie!

  • NJ Dan

    This Melanie girl does it for me.

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