Pig is going to satisfy his hunger, don’t you worry (5 Photos)

  • DrCola

    This are pigs from movie black cat white cat, its a great movie and its real, this shit happend in serbia a lot of times! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118843/

  • Qwixel

    And they say red meat has all the iron.

  • wagneriandandy

    It smells like Kusturica. Nice try Chive.

  • Matthias

    …HER hunger…
    That's a sow

  • Mike

    It's a female. They're called sows. She's probably iron deficient. That car probably tastes like chicken to her.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the arse of a chicken..

  • http://www.baratilla.com Jay

    This just ruined the food chain…

  • alan

    These cars (Trabant) are not made of metal but basically of processed cardboard

  • Mira

    Trabant ❤

  • Fapper

    Have you ever been so Mad that you ate a car?

  • Beluga

    Nothing new. This was quite common in my area. At least there were a lot of "urban" legends about it. Or should I say "rural" legends.

  • Underhill

    I have seen cows eat wiring and seat cushions off a tractor and I have seen horses eat wood fences and feed boxes and survive so a hog that size could pretty well eat anything it wants. Besides
    hogs are almost impossible to poison.

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