A Halloween Chivette: Asa Hope (32 HQ Photos)

We wanted to do something special for the Chivers for Halloween this year. We didn't exactly know what until Asa Hope called me last week. Asa's a huge horror genre film fan and she had an idea for a shot (the final shot in the gallery today), and we decided to build an entire shoot around it.

Thanks to Asa and theCHIVE crew who worked hard on this one. And Happy Halloween to all the Chivers out there.

You can say hi to Asa on her Facebook Page.

Thanks again to Asa and a special thanks to Ellen Monohan for her awesome appearance.

Asa’s Facebook here.

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  • p1babyarm

    #30 Found my new desktop background…CHIVE WIN!

  • Guy

    Why don't you guys hire a real photographer for this stuff?

  • Ely

    #28 so hot, GREAT Body nice smile,

  • https://www.facebook.com/donovan.colbert Donovan Colbert

    #16 #17 #18 Is it wrong that the *first* thing I noticed and thought of was that it sucks that I moved to a state where I can't be enjoying 2 Jack Tacos for $.99 for lunch, today?

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Loved all the shots asa Hope the best on being what ever you hope to be.. Oh and happy Late birthday…
    and #19 I died laughting guys….Chive on….

  • shldbworkin

    #20 enough said

  • rikirov

    #15 SOON!

  • paulhitchcock

    #27 Well played, Chive…well played.

  • gboo


  • SDC

    Looks like HQ had fun….question is, did we?

  • jimjim


  • wewantneweditors

    when am i supposed to be impresssed? when you stop submitting pictures of chive emplotyees? not interested as these girls are non epic but in reallity when you ask them all to sleep with the editors im sure some if not most say no so your stuck with man faced and baggy panties above.

    not impressed..

  • Guest :)

    #19 is hilarious!!

    #20 = Wow
    #28 = Love that smile (and everything else!)

  • Prangsta

    Get that half nude girl some baby oil.
    Half nude girls love baby oil.

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  • Nathan

    who puts nutella on french fries?????? that's just gross.. haha

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #20 great shot nice work

  • Gregb

    Ok she is smoking hot and hate to take anything from her but the best thing was Mac sliding down the stairs

  • Michael

    OK, love the set, and Asa is my favorite model to-date… but why can I only see up to picture #23 when everyone else is mentioning higher ones???

  • Ali

    I don’t get it, r the higher numbers a joke? I only got 23!

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