An American Badass (26 Photos)

  • Ltrain

    Ditto the mail rant- why do peeps from the WI seem steeped in common sense?

    • WI Chiver

      Thanks for the compliment, when we're sober we can be quite logical!

  • Ivoidwarranties

    I hate working for a living. I missed another shirt.

  • Jammer18

    Ordered mine today!! the guy who plays ron swansons real name is nick offerman and he grew up in the town 10 minutes from mine

  • Confused

    YAY!!! The Chive making boat loads of money off of something (or in this case someone) they didn't create nor have rights for! I'm actually surprised this is legal. Figured the Park and Recreations people would own the "likeness" of this character.

  • Minooka

    Nick Freaking Offerman. Awesome.

  • MattKL

    Didn't get my badass shirt. Badass fail.

  • No Shirts For You!

    #27 be prepared to wait an eternity for it to arrive. I ordered Chive shirts 9/29 and they still haven't even shipped them! Nor do they feel the need to respond or update anyone on the orders…. I am a big Chive fan but this kind of tarnishes my Chive good vibes…. no good business fellas!

  • W4T

    i AM a PoOP mONsTEr

  • cableguy2011

    MOAR AB shirts please!

  • matt

    Are they going to print any more shirts?

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