Beautiful girls with a gift of taking your breath away (42 photos)

  • Gab

    #12 Find her please!

  • chivaholic

    wish this gallery would never end! love beautiful pics of beautiful woman!!

  • lilian

    #12 Her facebook fanpage:

  • Pooper

    Who is #1????? Looks like Sasha Grey a lil bit. Sexy no doubt

  • John

    #1-40 and that last lady.

  • John

    #9 Me likey

  • Bdrizzle

    #26 OMG ! Those legs just scared up a ghost in my pants!

  • mina

    i would kill for # 21
    please tell me who is or she where is she at least

  • Anonymous

    Dasha Kalacheva

  • jesse

    wtf vanessa hudgens? really?

  • Canadian Chiver

    #41 definitely deserves a Chive T-shirt. Good writers have a way of describing lifes ironic nature.

  • Patrick Taylor

    #15 all the way

  • florist

    First time I have seen such huge flower carpet, I think you have shared really an unique post with us . Thanks for the nice sharing.

  • Kartal

    Congratulations Elsie on your wonderful day. You look beaftiuul and the pictures are great. Who ever is the person that took the pictures did a great job, outstanding job. I love the photobooth. Elsie, enjoy your wonderful life together!!!!

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