Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • VanIsleScott


    Beautiful girl but dumb as a post….talking into the wrong end o' the banana!

  • VanIsleScott


    Thank God for gorgous women!

  • Prangsta

    Made up for all the repeats. I loled.
    why do you guys have such a hard time making large quantities of shirts?

  • Harry

    #1 When I awok today I had a ugly pimple growing on my face but it was numb ,feels like it's getting a
    little bigger though….better go home and check it out……but still very numb………

  • markovicious

    #18 You're fuckin great! Keep it up – you may be nervous but you're also hot as hell!

  • http://makesbabesquirt.tumblr.com makesbabesquirt

    #33… moar #33

  • Huh?

    #42 Ewww gross kill it!

  • S. P. F.

    Smoking Hot with Battle Scars.. Most women could only wish to accomplish what you have… Slam a shot of Jack and live well.. Retired Col. in E. TN….

  • Kelly

    To the smokin battle lady in #49. Be proud of your scars, if it didn't kill you it makes a good story. Big scars mark big adventures, and I love ladies who love adventure.

    You're lovely, <3's from a fellow Chivette.

  • Themjames

  • Mix

    Who is #37 (Pokebra girl) I am sure I have seen a photo of her kneeling, naked, over a bathroom sink, taking her own photo in the mirror. Yes/No?

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #49 hot! fuck the haters

  • pigggy

    #11 i had the same paper wristband i got from my cruize for 10 monthes

  • bill

    #49 scar or not your beautiful. sorry i missed the bikini pic.

  • MizpinkGloss


    IS HOT!!!!!!!

  • bdg

    Forget the scar and show us the gash #49!!!!!!! FAP FAP FAP!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/Megafayce Matt Crosbie

    Tara, I'd be all over that scar 🙂

  • Fish

    #20 That fox can light my fire any time.

  • Firearms for Dummies

    #35 Finger. Off. Trigger. PLEASE.

  • Phil

    scars just mean you have fun and arent scared.

  • Cougar

    Tara dont listen to them you are gorgeous and have a great bod!!! KCCO

  • dusty smith

    you extremly gourgous and your scars are just beatuty and as a marine i consinter the bagges of honor chive on i would like to see you post more pic from the nevada bandit 1batt 9th marines the walking dead

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