theCHIVE iPhone App is back!

available now theCHIVE iPhone App is back!
That’s right, theCHIVE iphone App is finally available for download! Thank you for your patience. They slapped every single adult-content warning in the book on us, but it finally made the cut.

We are offering a ‘Lite‘ advertisement-supported app with no video for free and a $.99 ‘Pro‘ version with zero adverts and video!

If you have the OLD Chive app, please delete this from your iphone and iTunes library as it has been disabled and will no longer work and download the new app. This is not an update, it’s a new app.

Click HERE to download the free Lite version. Click HERE to download the $.99 Pro version.

-the categories may seem a little unpopulated for now because we started feeding posts to the iphone just last Friday. As we post more on the live site, the iPhone’s posts will continue to grow.
-HQ galleries finally work! –
-Sorry, gifs are still static (not our fault, blame Apple)
-Both Lite and Pro apps double as iPad apps as well. They automatically adjust to larger, full size images and are not simply tiny iPhone apps running through an iPad.

theCHIVE Android app is being developed right now and will be available soon. -Chive on!

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  • nikitita


    • luis

      Cause android is yucky

      • Ken

        And IPhone smokes monkey pole!

    • Remy

      Agreed! NEED ANDROID!

  • Owen Smithers

    Remember that famous 1984 Apple commercial? Does anyone else feel that Apple has turned into IBM? Do it our way! And only our way!

  • Juoil

    iPad or gtfo

    • Owen Smithers

      Exactly. Reference comment above referring to 1984.

  • Anonymous

    Finally the app is back! Keep calm and chive on everyone !

  • Chris

    anyone else getting this problem? I just downloaded the pro version and i'm only getting some of theChive posts. like today, it skipped "don't play with your food" and "how to make a zombie". but it shows "an american badass".

    • Sly

      Yeah same here. Posts are showing up in a different order or not showing up at all. Lite version here.

  • Anonymous

    I bought your pro app long ago, now gotta buy it again? The fuck?

  • Philtur

    I still prefer the mobile site. You get every post and you can see the videos. Keep up the good work Chive!

  • Coldzilla

    ** sits and waits for the Android App **

  • Russell Petrucci

    I am so happy to have this!!!!

  • Geoff


  • chivingchiver

    Just downloaded it and very happy with it!

  • Caity

    I still prefer the desktop site on safari. I bought the pro app but was a big disappointed :/ I'm looking forward to some awesome future updates because I love chive! 😀 ❤

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the fit girls on the new app????

  • Brother Maynard

    Got it! Chive On!

  • Sly

    Galleries don't match the site even from today. Getting 'no galleries' message under latest now.

    I'll stick to the mobile site on my phone, even though it opens dozens of googleads tabs in the background, at least the GIFs work.


  • QcChiver

    Just bough the pro version.

    Chive on guys!

  • tralfaz

    Happy day, happy day!

  • Anonymous

    No android app???? Chive u Apple fanboy???

  • Anonymous

    I just use mobile site, gifs, videos, hq, everything works fine.

  • DollarBillUK

    Well I'm really disappointed. How comes Gifs work on the website but not the app? And having the comments made on iPhone and iPad separate from the sites comments basically makes commenting useless, and I can't seem to find where to log in, it wants my Facebook details which isn't what I use to sign in usually. Plus the layout isn't very good. Hate to moan Chive cause I'm sure you worked hard on it. But it's not for me. Think I'll stick to the site when I'm using my iPad.

  • james

    what happened to the mobile site??

  • Sean

    Great on the app. How about you guys now work on getting rid of the video advertisements on the site?

  • your holding the iphone wrong.

    IPhone no flash to play gifs, plus apple strict with content. So won’t post same stuff like web version.

  • don juan fatchicks

    IPhone sucks, Android has legs wide open.

  • hatchet_face

    And for those of us that wasted money on the first app?

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