theCHIVE iPhone App is back!

available now theCHIVE iPhone App is back!
That’s right, theCHIVE iphone App is finally available for download! Thank you for your patience. They slapped every single adult-content warning in the book on us, but it finally made the cut.

We are offering a ‘Lite‘ advertisement-supported app with no video for free and a $.99 ‘Pro‘ version with zero adverts and video!

If you have the OLD Chive app, please delete this from your iphone and iTunes library as it has been disabled and will no longer work and download the new app. This is not an update, it’s a new app.

Click HERE to download the free Lite version. Click HERE to download the $.99 Pro version.

-the categories may seem a little unpopulated for now because we started feeding posts to the iphone just last Friday. As we post more on the live site, the iPhone’s posts will continue to grow.
-HQ galleries finally work! –
-Sorry, gifs are still static (not our fault, blame Apple)
-Both Lite and Pro apps double as iPad apps as well. They automatically adjust to larger, full size images and are not simply tiny iPhone apps running through an iPad.

theCHIVE Android app is being developed right now and will be available soon. -Chive on!

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  • Yann
  • Victim

    So stoked about The app ! Now i just need to get my hands on some freakin keep calm tees so the wife can send in a good clevage shot! Keep calm! While I Chive on!

  • the fight

    So, is the Windows Phone 7 app official? Its actually featured in the marketplace today and its pretty functional (runs mango and everything).

  • Kevin O'Connell

    Reddit App .gifs work just fine. So I'll blame you.

  • loneyjr

    will this work on my ipad?

  • hakai20

    Pro downloaded. Win.

    Make a search option though.

  • Mike S.

    Any chance of adding a shuffle feature? I see the video spot took it out. No big deal though, looks good.

  • playset

    Huge Fan, Down loaded Pro… NEED SHUFFLE. I need my chive as random as my life!

  • jordan

    Lol, I’ve had my windows phone app for awhile. Mobile awesomeness to be had

  • Anonymous

    Aaaand it keeps crashing. Good job.

  • sheepdog sam

    And still no android app… not all chivers wanna use an iPhone ya know.

    • Brian J Heydanus

      Yes there is the android app for the chive

  • superman

    So… you want me to pay for something i can view for free by simply visiting the site? what a joke.

  • Mayank Vasandani

    Guys please take out an Android app….I have a Galaxy S2 and i am really hacked off cause I have to open from my browser…

  • Sean

    Works like crap…takes almost a minute to load a page IF it loads at all, gifs don’t work, no search. Hope an update comes fast, until then I’ll stay calm and Chive on Safari.

  • Ben McWhinnie

    Fuck this app,I'll stick with the old one cause no updates on what was happening with this one.

  • Maddog68

    Who Cares! Give us the Android App!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kikimiyuki

    awesome!! chive on on the go woo!! 😀

  • Gazali

    can you made one for symbian s^3 ?

  • Midgetcorrupter

    On the Pro HD version no categories show when I look at it on the iPad, but on the iPhone they do. Anyone else got this happening?

  • Midgetcorrupter

    Ignore my above comment. Reinstalled and there they are! Keep up the good work Chive.

  • mbritb

    On AppStore it won’t let me buy the pro version or download the free one!! It gives no option at all!! There’s no Free button or .99 button…. Wth!?

  • dannygti

    iPad app anytime soon?

  • miker

    Wow…amazing! (Sarcasm) I don’t need an app, android plays gifs and video and is so swwweeeet! I love chive but don’t waste yer time with apple!

  • Chris

    Better Droid app plz, the one on there now sucks!

  • The Instructor

    Chive you need to fix your "new app" its worse than the old russian made one. Look at the App store comments. Its pretty fail right now =/

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