theCHIVE iPhone App is back!

available now theCHIVE iPhone App is back!
That’s right, theCHIVE iphone App is finally available for download! Thank you for your patience. They slapped every single adult-content warning in the book on us, but it finally made the cut.

We are offering a ‘Lite‘ advertisement-supported app with no video for free and a $.99 ‘Pro‘ version with zero adverts and video!

If you have the OLD Chive app, please delete this from your iphone and iTunes library as it has been disabled and will no longer work and download the new app. This is not an update, it’s a new app.

Click HERE to download the free Lite version. Click HERE to download the $.99 Pro version.

-the categories may seem a little unpopulated for now because we started feeding posts to the iphone just last Friday. As we post more on the live site, the iPhone’s posts will continue to grow.
-HQ galleries finally work! –
-Sorry, gifs are still static (not our fault, blame Apple)
-Both Lite and Pro apps double as iPad apps as well. They automatically adjust to larger, full size images and are not simply tiny iPhone apps running through an iPad.

theCHIVE Android app is being developed right now and will be available soon. -Chive on!

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  • zakster82

    Glad the old app still works for now. Also glad I didn’t buy the pro version straight off this time, as this is a real disappointing “upgrade”. Please Chive, TEST these things before you put them out to your loyal followers. We deserve better than this.

  • Anonymous

    Gaeta Italy (from Greenfield, CA)

  • Jeff Leavitt

    It is not apple’s fault gifs don’t work…the reddit app is fully capable of dynamic gifs. Makes more sense to go on the mobile chive website than to use the under developed app

  • Andrew

    The greatest website I have seen yet!

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  • The_Viper

    Any update on when de android app is coming?

  • chrialex

    The 'unofficial' Chive app for android (Chivedroid) was changed to remove Chive content (Spade Mag). All the comments in the marketplace for it should show Chive that they need to release the OFFICIAL app ASAP!!!

  • Todd Simmons

    Iphone app! What’s up? Why can’t I see ANY hot girls, chivets, or any posts even closely related to scantily clad ladies? Really is this censorship? Or an app issue?

    • Chris

      I'll agree with Todd? What happened?

      • edjonesy

        It's like it has been censored to hell, both the lite and pro versions are the same, no hourly updates, no FLBP, no DAR, no Hump Day, it's no Chive app without these

        • alex

          tath suck big time !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kwstas

      As a fellow sfeeurfr of broken vertebra I welcome him to the club of years of painful physical therapy, nerve damage, spinal injections, close relationships to MRI machines and random limb failure However he broke his in a far more epic fashion than I did..Well done good man

  • Anonymous

    What is this world comeing to I’m so pissed I’ll make my own app ffs

  • Pluckmadcow

    Newbie here, love the site and got an iPad finally….
    Pro download….win

    No hq randoms or explicit content…..what's up with that?

    Apple issue, or app issue?

  • http://TheChiveapp DirtDiver

    I agree with all above comments!! Seriously Chive, WTF? I want my buck back!!!

  • Pat

    Boooooooo no chivettes

  • TLo

    I was getting so frustrated with this app that I actually started hating chive. But the chive content is awesome, so I just deleted the app. And as a result, life is finally getting back to normal. I suggest others do the same. The mobile website has hot girls and gifs. Chive, if you don’t want other people to start hating your otherwise awesome website, you need to fix that shitty shitty app now.

  • Javier Villalba

    Is there going to be any updates for the categories? I can't access FLBP or Mind the Gap. WTF?!

  • Anonymous

    why isnt my iphone app updating

  • Nathan B

    Highly reccommended by friends….sadly disappointed, no ladies. What happened to the old app that you can get the great pics in?

  • edjonesy

    where is 'thechive pro' app now, galleries seem to be messed up and has it been pulled from the app store?

  • @ffr2822

    WTF.. pro version not available on iTunes store. And the ads in the current version suck. I'd buy it if i could.

    • Erot

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  • Josh 'Aj' Forrest

    Hey chive, the 'pro' version of the iPhone app isn't coming up for me, AppStore can't find it and the link for it here ends with the store saying request could not be found. Does anyone know what's going on? The lite version ads keep blocking photo captions 😦

  • texaggie08

    What happened to the pro version of the chive app? I just got a new phone and it won't find it in the app store?? DUDE?!?!

  • Hally

    Can't get pro at all? Unable even following the link????

  • Shadow

    Why can I not get the pro version?

  • Shandon Nichols

    Pro don't work for me either on my iPhone

  • nomercy

    what the hell happened to the PRO version????????????????

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