Hot Right Now: Here come the hunnies & funnies (20 Photos)

Animals being rescued. Faith in humanity restored (27 Photos)

Via buzzfeed

  • Katie Herren

    Just goes to show…animals will go out of tjier way for thier humans…and we need to pay them back with compassion…such an awesome thread!

  • @huska_chik_21


  • Mike Bender Jr

    I have been a firefighter for awhile now, my best animal save was a Cow at a barn fire…such a great feeling I tell you, so great

  • GingerSnap

    I’ve been a Chiver for about a year now, but never commented on a post. This is the best album I’ve ever seen posted. Humanity and grace at it’s best! 🙂

  • Rosie

    Hot firemen saving cute baby animals? More please!!

  • Suzian

    I love these – more please 🙂

  • VanIsleScott

    God Bless them all!

  • delic

    when my house caught on fire, two firemen helped to find and catch my cats while in their full gear… it was a sight to see these guys corral frantic scared animals. that was the only thing that brighten that day, knowing that my kitties where safe. the police and paramedics could have cared less about my animals, but the firefighters did everything they could to make the situation i was in a little better. They were amazingly nice and genuinely cared about me and every member of my family, even the furry one.
    Firefighters don't get enough credit in my opinion…they are truly heroes!

  • Anonymous

    First time to post but dank great collection of photos. Almost better than volleyball shorts…ok ok its better but damn close.

  • Anonymous

    First time to post but damn great collection of photos. Almost better than volleyball shorts…ok ok its better but damn close.

  • Resdiefsmam

    like you post: to my @eftpuiqy twitter

  • Danny

    great post and great comments too

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  • grunt87

    Even though I'm about 13 weeks late on this, I wanted to thank you for this awesome post. Hopefully we get more in the future to continue our restoration of faith in humanity.

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