Dopamine dump (34 photos)

  • Paula's mom

    #34 Well played sir.

    • Chivacy Please

      Chivettes already!!

    • Tom Wilhelm


    • Deflater Mouse

      Truer words were never spoken

    • DumpfaceKilla


  • Stafferty

    #17 They will return.

  • late

    almost first

  • Rose3191

    Haha I love #25. Now they just need a picture of Ice Cube on the ice dispenser…

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #15 Someone must be spotting…

  • @DanaShades

    Isn't it annoying when "Can you be consid" is followed by all caps rage?

    • The_Dood

      My handwriting is all caps because it makes it a lot easier to read. This is obviously not the case here though…

      • Matty Rochelle

        same same

    • SimonDPieman

      I read this through and it got me thinking.

      Is that a grammatical error, or is the plural of "vagina" "vagina"?

      Answers on a postcard

  • drew

    #8 may be getting flipped off by the car on the right, but is also getting a thumbs up from the car on the left. For every action…

    • Filippe

      it´s in São Paulo, Brazil BTW

  • AssClown

    #2 Let him taste the rainbow…

    • jeff

      so that explains your red on your clown get up.

    • c3below

      You're one sick bastard.

    • throw up in 5

      Rich in iron.

  • Darkside

    Not what I thought it would be….lotta reposts.

  • Kod1ak

    #31 Gets the attention she wants and her head swells

  • OQuijas

    Hola El Chivo

    • OQuijas

      Que tal El Burro

  • AndresPaloma


    • The_Dood

      Better than first… but not by much

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #23 "Shit…"

    • SARmedic

      It's a bitch when reality up and smacks you in the face like that.

    • patov40

      Hee hee, funny! 😀

  • aaa


  • AssClown

    Pringles – Once you pop, you can't stop.

    • The_Dood

      Thanks, we've seen that post… Twice.

  • Siri

    #23 it's okay girl, I still love natural boobs 🙂

    • Guse

      Boobs can be both large and natural, ya know.

    • dirtysteve99

      Cheryl Cole, and I believe they are natural.

  • OQuijas

    You know this website now is worlwide seen, so I guess you should make a t-sh with your logo in different languages… I mean not the real translation ('cuz it doesn't have one) but something similar..

    maybe no one cares, but i Would buy it..

    From a Leal Chivero, Señor Omar Quijas

    • Funaki

      cool story bro

    • Michael Alen Pugh

      I might get one if it said …. El Chive-o … only because it obviously patronizes the idea of altering anything Chive.

    • mikey

      You are right…no one cares…

    • iHateBrown

      Fvck right the hell off you dirty latin ahole

  • AssClown

    I guess he likes ass…Ba dum tss.

    • john connor

      Too bad it's a foal (baby horse) you fucking retard, not a donkey.

  • Dan

    #30 Good, I live in one of the only two states that zombies will attack, my preparations and training have not been in vein.

    • 0_0

      I've been reading the wrong survival guide… Cthulu

      • kingblc

        what the hell is ct hulu anyway?

        • AnthonySyl
        • jeff

          he's the god that is going to fuck you over for questioning it.

          • SHHHH

            i got cannibals.

            Texas, Fuck The World

            • Nefaarious

              I got cannibals too… now the question for us is, are we going to be the hunters? or the hunted?

    • Firefighter23

      Sweet, I got zombies. Take that Florida and your pussy ass virus.

    • spoon chest

      All you have to worry about are zombies! I've got daylight savings time right around the corner

    • zerokiwi

      Michigan is so lame, even the thing that's going to get us is boring as hell….

      • dfgdf

        right, "clock in the wall" ? is that what were afraid of? what does that even mean?

    • The_Dood

      I lucked out. I just have to worry about dreams?

      • sasharusha

        YAY!! Me too!!! 😀

        *does the "happy dance" vigorously*

    • Funaki

      as zombies aren't real I think you're safe

    • Frank

      Bugs?! Freak-in-a Oklahoma! BUGS?! At least the bugs might keep those damned texas cannibals at bay.

    • meh

      I love how the aliens are in Kansas and Montana while New Mexico is stuck with radiation… ??? double posts everywhere, this one didn't do much for me. The racism in Mississippi is awesome though

    • Alex Miller

      Bear Lake Monster? Pfft! More fake than Nessie, and I don't think Nessie is real. I think "Democrats" are what Utahns seem to fear the most.

  • Ken

    #2 could be rectal breach week too!


    I couldn't stop laughing at #1 and #10

    • Holy Hell

      I laughed so hard.
      Then sent it to a friend a few cubes down.
      Next I heard him LOL.
      Good one.

    • SARmedic

      Both winners, lol.

    • Underhill

      I guess I just wasn't thinking because I turned the toasted 90 degrees and put a plate on
      the counter to catch my sammich.

      • Underhill


  • 16inchzipper

    # 29

    My 2 worlds collide! MIND BLOWN!!!



  • SkyVader

    #14 is Ron Jeremy's stunt double.

    • GernBlansten

      T-Shirt Hell, keep;ing it non-PC as it should be.

      • RockabillyRev

        I know that guy! His name is Tom, Had a class at GCC last year.


    #4 Sorry to hear that

  • 16inchzipper


    My 2 worlds collide! MIND BLOWN!!!

    • Big_Curt

      fucken hilarious

    • SARmedic


    • isawoj

      Isn't she 14?

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