It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (37 Photos)

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #1 Nice smile Sarah…

    • McG

      I see what you did there…

    • realist

      kinda getting old, someone needs to come up with a better one.

      • Chase Patt

        tell your mom to post a pic

  • echogeo

    That damn Sarah Jessica Parker sure does get around.

    • horsewhisperer

      So does Dylan. .

  • pjsupremex

    #15 FTW

    • rabble

      Fake, setup, preconceived and therefore LAME

    • Master_Rahl

      aw c'mon, you have to admit it's funny. I mean, the guy is dropping a bomb whilst photobombing. He's raising the proverbial bar. I tip my hat to that guy… (and discreetly pass some TP)

      • SimonPhoenix

        Totally .. even if it is a "non-functioning" toliet .. and he STILL pulls his pants down and
        1.) ACTUALLY starts taking a shit
        2.) Just pulls his pants and fakes it

        ALL THE WHILE, people are taking photos.

        Consider the bar raised!

    • Vanilla Gorilla

      Now that's a SHIT BOMB!

  • echogeo

    Coffee on the keyboard…

    • smellypoopants

      seems to me she dont smell that good…

      • THE_Yanni

        "When I move my leg up like this I ALWAYS queef!"

    • Michael Alen Pugh

      I LMAO… its like… it COULD have been a chance for her to be sexy… until the chick making the face completely BOMBS it with the greatest possible expression… SO DAMN FUNNY. xP

  • Brother Maynard

    #4 You have a skank on your shoulder.

    • Anon

      …wonders why Lazy Eye never got as big as Duck Face

    • Vanilla Gorilla

      I thought the skank had douche on her back.

  • baaron

    Anybody ever feel like they're playing Where's Waldo with the photo bomber?

  • tbaker67

    sparty sucks..go bucks!…FIRST!!!

    • Lawndart

      You people really need to refresh the page before writing first. Because most likely you arent. Just saying.

    • Wolowizard

      I'm sorry but I have to break it to you tbaker67, you weren't first, your dreams of being first must be destroyed now, but you must keep calm and chive on and get a new hobby of trying to be first.

    • alessandro

      you suck..go Intensemasterdebater!…LOOOOSEEEER!!!

    • Anonymous

      Not the "FIRST!!!" comment. Also, Buckeyes lost to State this year…Sorry 'bout that.

    • MC Hammer

      You're an embarrassment to Buckeye Nation. Please refrain from making such inane comments. Thanks, appreciate it!

  • mmmhmmm

    #6 white shirt= young tyler seguin?

    • Pegger

      No, Seguin's only 19. And this isn't him.

  • jdfish2279

    #10 Pffft…… Kids….

    #37 Erin likes the Sparty…..

    • ChelseaRules

      #10 He has a terrible tooth to gum ratio.

  • beasty

    Damn she's hot #8

    • Mr Cheese

      She should be located

    • Master_Rahl

      is no one else concerned about the gun-wielding Hello Kitty wandering about in the background? Ah well, that chick is pretty fine. Maybe worth the life-threatening distraction.

    • Bucky Jones

      I didn't know you were into furries.

  • Bianchi

    #10 Ugliest gums in the whole world… Made me want to puke.

    • The donger

      His tooth : gum ratio is way off…..

    • herman

      he has 3 middle teeth too!!

    • Bruklyn

      Way to call him out and be an asshole about it. I can only imagine what you look like sitting behind your desk calling people out. Have fun beating yourself off this weekend b/c you're such a tool.

      • michaeledmondsjr

        i didn't make the comment, and i don't know about you, but every now and then i kinda enjoy laying on the couch and jerkin it the ol' fashioned way

    • HaH

      not nearly as bad as yours though

    • AAA

      not a good tooth to gum ratio

    • spydermonkey

      When you see it…

    • Franklin1138

      I dunno…the fact that he wears his sunglasses backwards bothers me more than his disproportionate gum:tooth ratio.

    • first timer

      Dude my mom was a dental hygienist and when we were kids she'd show us pictures of bad teeth and gums to make sure we brushed… this guy has fantastic gums..little Chiclet teeth maybe and a lot of gums.

  • p1babyarm

    #21 The smell was so overwhelming Nora couldn't help but throw up in her mouth

    • yowzaa

      Shemust be a regular chivette.

  • Holy Hell

    Made me laugh.
    She's acting like it really smells bad.

    • ChelseaRules

      Oh, is that what's happening? I totally couldn't tell from the picture. Thanks for clearing that up.

      • Just Sayin'

        You're kinda cute!

  • mmmhmmm

    #21 know how i know you're not a lesbian?

  • Jayavc

    #16 #25 #34 bomb or not …still hot

    • j22

      really? #25 ?

  • jdfish2279

    #21 Looks like someone has that not so fresh feeling.

  • p1babyarm

    #33 This guy is a genius…I imagine he gets his money's worth out of that shirt. Speaking of shirts…MAKE MORE SWANSONS!!!!

    • DoomsDayDub

      Actually, looks like the arrow should be pointing up.

      • Hwap

        or down

  • Dick Folgers

    #15 Obvious question aside, why is he riding side saddle?

  • JHarris

    #7 The offensive lineman really needs to get back on the field

    • Chase Patt

      It's seattle, there offense is only one the field for 3 plays.

    • Bilbo T-Baggins

      Lay off, man, I'm STARVING!
      Diet starts Monday!

  • JHarris

    #8 "Say Hello Kitty to my little friend!"

  • Nailed it.

    #35 I think the bomb is the Summer Catch movie poster.

    • Matt

      He also has a Ryan Leaf poster, I can't tell if he's either weird or really funny.

      • Chris

        He's a douche bag.

  • iknowthetruth

    #1 Silly Dylan ,looking for attention everywhere.

    • TRON


  • nick

    Any one know whats happening #18?
    Looks like the boy and girl in the back are doing a bit more then dancing, but it can also just be me.

    • Mike

      I am not so sure that the picture was of the blonde or they were usinf the blonde as an excuse to take a pic of the guy giving that chick a wrap around on the dance floor.

    • spydermonkey

      Pretty sure that's her hand…perhaps she has to pee. Still hot though.

      • oughtnot

        No, it's his hand, he's wearing a yelow jacket, yellow sleeve on the arm doing the groping … dancing has devolved a lot since I was that age ….

    • Pookie

      Yea and the look on the girls face says I'm uncomfortable

      • Yea Yea

        Yea, it doesn't look like she is enjoying getting finger banged on the dance floor. LOL!

  • obviousman

    #35 Sausage fest ,must be chivers.

  • DaBoSS


    Find the two babes on the right,especially the one in the middle.Please Chive,I beg you !

    • unknown

      SC #66

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