Side Vs Under. The battle wages on. (33 photos)

  • Papa Kronik

    That would be a definite YES!!

  • Man Wall

    the drawing though.. LOL

  • Nato

    Underboob chicks are prevailingly hotter. As for the amazing boobs themselves, well, it doesn't matter where you see them from, they still boggle the male psyche.

  • ctmera

    Why can't we have both? 😦

  • Rich M

    U must have atleast a b cup in order to pull off the underboob. A cute girl can have smaller boobies and still pull off the side boob… I feel it is a preference thing. Sideboob looks good on any body (see what i did there… Body) while big boobs are underboob friendly.

  • ja

    Im on The just be naked side

  • Anonymous

    Bewbs are bewbs….both are winners!

  • Shinrahunter

    Underboob, always!
    You did scar me with that rihanna picture although you sorta redeemed yourselves by having India Renynolds pics too.

    Did anyone else read #20 's tattoo as 'Spunk' on first glance? lol

  • Always Last


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