Soooo…. you got wasted (24 Photos)

  • paula_pissflap


    • Ihateyou


    • ThatGuy..

      since you're a douche i'm going to post my shit on yours.. #13 "So you got herpes"

      • That Guy..

        #17 "This isn't fucking Narnia"

        • That Guy..

          #20 Damnit mom…

          • That Guy..

            #1 Drinking Keystone, You had it coming..

            • That Guy..

              #9 How you know you're gay. see left.. How you know your friends are gay. see right.

              • That Guy..

                #11 Last but not least… I wish i was there 😦

                • That Fucking guy..

                  Fuck me.. ended on a bad note. meant #21

                  • MylesofStyles

                    Glorious hijacking of the "first" post gentlemen. Well done.

    • GoGoGo

      congratulations, you win a prostate exam from wolverine.

  • paula_pissflap


    • Ihateyou


  • paula_pissflap


    • Ihateyou


  • paula_pissflap


    • lazy penguin

      It's spelled fourth.

    • Ihateyou


  • paula_pissflap


    • Ihateyou


  • Mizzle

    sure did..

  • paula_pissflap

    you set of shit lickers are slow

    • Jimmy Bags

      How's that virginity treating you?

      • paula_pissflap

        fine, thank you. how's yours?

    • Huge

      And how are the hogs?

  • B Long

    21 moar.

    • obummer


  • ShiftxGT

    #11 is truly a work of god himself

  • MattKL

    #3 Dear Diary: Jackpot.

    #8 and #20, my kinda girls!

    • asdf

      #14 Dear Diary, Jackpot

      • I_am_elf

        beached whale!

    • Myself


    • biggles

      ever notice some women have a sex appeal. It's a "im not sure what it is" but you just know this girl is sexy


      • nathan

        i was thinking the same thing. not hot… but sexy.

        • MattKL

          Mmm no, she's definitely sexy. Just something about a girl who's willing to say fuckit and drink straight from the bottle in company.

          • Rose3191

            Haha that was exactly my thought at the time 'fuck it'

            And thank you.

            • Steverino

              Call Me 😉

  • TheAndychrist

    "Paula pissflap"… sound like a band name.

    • SARmedic

      well there was a band called anal beard

  • SARmedic

    #21 :p

    • APBTFan

      Begging for a heroic rimjob.

  • Hoovus


    That'll do

  • Jane

    #13 how i met your mother.

    • Paula_

      #3 When you were conceived.

      – the one you love to hate

    • Biggus Diccus

      Ever bang a girl while she's throwing up? Me neither, that's pretty fucked up.

      • MylesofStyles

        Um, no. Never. I swear. *Backs away slowly, eyes darting side to side*

  • questo

    #14 oh hell no.

    • APBTFan

      The thick ones tend to keep you-know-what clean and crisp. Nice break from the ones that trade good looks for top notch hygiene.

      • fac


  • kidn

    behold, the leaders of tomorrow. #18

    • Trent

      ….nights Taco Bell shift.

      • fac

        today the chili burrito, tomorrow the pentagon.

  • Anonymous

    #20 good south African potjie! I’d eat her!

  • Win_All_Day

    where are all the costumes?? its halloween weekend

    • Lotus

      The Chive doesn't post anything worth viewing on the weekends. You get cats, skinny girls at the beach, and drunk people every Saturday and Sunday. These are tired, overused themes and it probably takes 20 mins to find pics to fill them out. I guess they're too lazy to save some decent posts from the week to put up on the weekends.

      • McBeastie

        what the fuck is wrong with skinny girls at the beach?

    • FingFangFoom

      It's not the weekend, it's monday now….

  • sshuggi

    It's like a "Soooo… you got wasted" post outside, and will be all Halloween weekend. Gotta love college.

  • Wet_tosti

    #12 and #20 good examples of irish yoga!

    • patov40

      Is 12 Russia or something? Should that even really count?

      • Wow...

        No, you can tell because the numbers are in english.

  • Rafiki

    #14 Suddenly, a wild Snorlax appears!

    • Stan_Dalone

      Paula made so you got wasted

      • Sleep_Salone

        You really are a nonsensical twat.

    • Pani Booyah

      HAHAHAHA That comment made my day!!!

  • paula_pissflap

    #5 definitely shopped nobody drinks bud lite

    • Jag

      Bud Lite, now the official supplier of Coors Light

    • APBTFan

      Coors Lite. Has to be in Colorado.

    • Bear on Stilts

      exactly, that's why the man is carrying coors light.

    • Wow...

      Shut up Stan..

  • Its420somewhere

    I'm really stoned. Also, I'd do #7. I mean after she wakes up and all.

    • APBTFan

      Waking up means all sorts of charges.

  • Coldzilla

    OK I see Leo on top of those blocks directing traffic #24 but WTF is that over to the left – Looks like Death decided to join in too

  • Muadieb

    #21 I believe she's the one for me.

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