• Stan_Dalone

    sweet always good to be home to a dog that loves and does appreciate it's owner

    • Steverino

      I know it….made my eye's leak water a little. Back when the kids were baby's we had an Australian shepherd that was sweet like this dog. I sure do miss that dog !

  • etcrr

    How can you not love this video. touches the heart in the best way. the dog is sooooo sweet crying in it's joy

  • Sabiha

    You Sir, are such a dork. You can critique them all you like that’s up to you. Just rmemeber that, that privilege is open to you due to the sacrifices brought by men and women just like the crew of HMS Ocean. These boys and girls have been away from home for 7 months, although the your was to have been only 7 seeks.Do you really think they care a tinker’s cuss for your critique? This video is made in jest to cheer those at home waiting patiently for their safe return.Personally, I found it amusing. Thank you, crew of HMS Ocean, for the laughs. Save passage home.

  • idbydaoo

    pCHYOb batzabtshoso

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