Australian Chivers screwed out of ‘Keep Calm’ by Father Time. Aussie-friendly release time set (5 Photos)

Traditionally, we launch 'Keep Calm' at 9 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). This is a great time for our American Chivers, the day is just getting warmed up here in the West and it's lunchtime on the East Coast.

There' s one big problem though. The Chive is a global community and no county gets screwed harder than Australia. At 9 am PDT in Los Angeles, it's 3 am in Sydney, the witching hour.

Each KC&CO launch, we receive hundreds of emails from the Land Down Under; Aussie Chivers who tried to stay awake for the launch but passed out at their consoles long before they could claim their prize.

So Chiver Sam Clarke and his mates decided to do something about it. They threw a party with all their Chive friends to persuade us to have a more foreign-friendly launch of the ever-elusive 'Keep Calm'. (Sam's Twitter right here btw)

Your voices have been heard. We are going to make 'Keep Calm' available on theCHIVERY this Thursday at 3 pm in Sydney, Australia. That's Midnight in New York for us Yankees.

To spare everybody the mental gymnastics, we've put together a time zone breakdown of when 'Keep Calm' will go live in your country. You'll still be able to grab the shirt in the States but it will be very late and the demand lessened. At the very least, it won't be 3 am in Australia. As always, good luck and godspeed.

Chive On,


EDIT: Chive Logo Tees will also be available.

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