• Petey

    haha. awesome

  • Greg

    For all the cops around, thank you!!! I’ve been outside the US and believe this, We are way more secure than our compadres down our borders.

  • joe

    I love how she's pissed about it. Glad she was pissed and did her job VERY well.

  • jbear

    To everyone saying he should just be cited and not arrested, going 120mph ANYWHERE is reckless endangerment. If he was pursuing someone or answering a distress call with LIGHTS AND SIRENS ON, this speed would have been acceptable. He was recklessly endangering countless people with that behavior. This is a great example of the shame our law enforcement has become. It's rarely backed by motives of serving and/or protecting. I'm glad the trooper is upholding her responsibility. I wish there were more like her.

    • down_with_corruption

      i agree. I wished he would have gotten arrested and fired

  • uh...

    Just one of the perks of the job. not abuse of power

    • down_with_corruption

      i hope one of the cops enjoying their perks rams into your car or your family's at 120 miles an hour because he was late for an off duty event and see if you can say the same thing. just shut the f**k up.

      • ....

        Wow you over critical douche I’m sure now you will lie about how your cousin got hit by a drunk and stoned illegal immigrant cop that kills babies because your a faceless Internet troller pushing your point of view. Your an
        Idiot if you think that hwy patrol officer doesn’t speed herself

  • Tom

    WOW, I read about this but to see the video! LMFAO, first of all the Miami officer was in the wrong PERIOD! Endangering peoples lives in the manner that he did. But he did pull over and he WAS cooperative. Secondly, the FHP officer was in the right BUT seemed to very quickly cross the line with her unprofessional vocabulary towards the other officer. I think she overreacted a bit on that one. But then again Miami Beach police have the reputation for breaking any and every rule or law that they can. They definently think they are above the law, instead of protecting/enforcing it. I really think that this is a case of headbutting departments, and a SUPERCOP vs. IDIOT COP.

  • weez

    he shouldn't go that fast but seriously what a bitch

  • http://www.revscene.net/forums/656638-well-fucking-done-maam-well-done.html#post7670945 Well fucking done ma'am, well done. - Vancouver's Top Classifieds and Automotive Forum - REVscene.net

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  • Dan

    I dont think he did anything wrong. Female trooper over re-acted and obviously has personal problems with the police department. The only thing i saw wrong was the "fit" condition the trooper was in. Thank God that it was not a criminal who wanted to do her harm.

  • 2cool4skool

    I swear 4 out of 5 cops I see on the road are speeding, not to this extent, but it really does make you wish for this to happen 🙂

  • Justin

    Wow I just got my faith in the system slightly returned.

  • Joe

    Sir, you have the right to remai……Yea, i know

  • torc

    i cant belive that even the police are dumb enough to use the term "high rate of speed" shits me to tears that phrase does.

    only in 'Merica

  • cmon man

    poor communication between both departments. they make the system look stupid while dealing with this situation in public. do it behind the scenes, how do u expect the public to react to this? dumb by the both sides

  • Derfderp

    Everybody gay!!

  • Insane2U

    Tazer him!

  • Geaux Tigers

    My favorite thing to do is get in behind a cop going faster than the speed limit. If he is on the way to a call, he wont bother pulling you over, and if he pulls you over, tell him your speedometer is malfunctioning and thought the law enforcement officer's car would be a good judge of speed to follow. I did this once, and the cop literally didnt know what to say…..

  • PianoFingers

    This is NOT CHIVE WORTHY. Blatant waste of time. Intensely stupid. Does the Chive team really think this is important to Chivers from all over the world?

  • LivesinFlorida

    FHP doesn't screw around haha

  • Cory

    Higher Law applies to everyone…I've seen cops AND troopers fly down the road with no lights. One cruised past me today doing at least 75 with no lights on. If they speed, they should get ticketed. No one is above the law…

  • 3 fan

    I agree with the cop. Arrest his ass. 120mph to get to a second job?
    Every single one of us has been passed by a cop who was doing 90mph+ without the lights on that you know is just going home after work

  • Da Sandman

    what was so shocking about that last part..?

  • Uncle Scotty

    I can't believe all the morons supporting the speeding cop.

  • Anonymous

    Ben Raines would be proud

  • Matt

    State Trooper Win!

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