This is all true… mostly. (35 photos)

  • Shinanigins

    Must be after your birthday has already occured

  • Coldzilla

    #28 Wow thats EXACTLY what my tattoo says 😮

  • teh dude

    #16 and #28 are accurate. Problem ends up being the polarization of the 99% from one another.. not the 99% vs the 1%.

    • McBeastie

      I think only 1% of your braincells was working when you typed that.

  • abomandashes


    Your age + last two digits of your birth year = 111….why because if you add your age tou your birth year you will always get this year, as that's your age!

    Will be the same every single year!!

    • Jimbozo

      Do it for next year. It will be 112 not the same. Idiot.

      • abomandashes

        Aye but the only reason that it equals 111, is that its the year 2011…..not much special about that. I was trying to refer the fact that the 111 represents this year,

        Plus the answer is the same for everyone, every year. so next year everyone the answer is 112….the only time it will be that answer for everyone. Its not as if the answer is usually different for everyone but in this year.

        Katie seems to have understood, its very badly worded, nice of you to be so polite about it jimbozo

    • katie

      False… ex. 89+22=111 next year 89+23=112

      (and this year is not 111) I understand what your trying to say but you worded it wrong

  • katie

    #9 I do that too
    #19 I use the "internet minute" to make the "work minute" go by faster (like right now)

  • Julia

    #2 does NOT need to be typed like that…

  • den

    #10 – I love hats. I love wearing hats. But, yeah….pretty much this.

  • Russ Ape

    #30 I spent my entire childhood wishing that I was [Batman], Now I'm [Batman] and this shit [is awesome]

  • Bob

    #23…Why did they put up 8 pictures of the same person?? I don't get it.
    #24…If the land of the lost is on a map, then it's not lost.

  • Stan_Dalone

    #35 let's see trolls? check, dumbasses? check village idiots? check, idealogs? check yup just stress lmao

    • FuckoffStan

      "let's see trolls? check"

      Once a fucking hypocrite, always a fucking hypocrite

  • Bing

    #14 – borked.
    Son born in 2005. (05 last two digits) he is 5. 5+5 does not equal 111.

  • Burgerak

    #8 Also Jobs…

  • socalchivette

    Love that when Chive posts pics of asian girls, all the racists come out and say they’re all men, we all look the same, and some suck-sucky 5 dolla bs. Seriously? Grow the hell up. Oddly enough, they never say that about the caucasian girls (that this site favors), that they all “look the same” as well. So there you have it, according to the commentors here, all Asian women are men, we all look the same, yet all the caucasian women with fake tits posted here are somehow individuals. *bell dinging*

    • sing it sister

      good for you!

      although i think you have Oliver Stone to thank for the $5 sucky-sucky thing…i don't know if he chives

    • Personette

      Word. I bet they're closeted gay homophobes, too. That type of douchebaggery is common amongst people who think that way.

  • ChiverBU

    #16 It isn't Panasonic, Sony etc. that people are after. It is the super-corporations which pressurize the government to favor them above all. The companies mentioned in this pictured are nothing compared to the corporations which are run by the 1%.

  • its_forge

    #24 Left off Azeroth

  • Matty

    i think the creator of #16 needs to read up on the whole occupy wallstreet thing a bit more before making fun of them. They are not protesting "evil corporations," they are protesting massive banks with poor scruples.

  • PdxChivr

    #8 I was laid off in July ’08 as a result of the administration prior to Obama. Just sayin’.

  • DangerousTree

    #32 Still safer than a normal pin

  • Glaspotron

    Better yet plug your iPod in and put shuffle on for all songs with a group of friends. It is like social Russian Roulette. "No that isn't my lady gaga song…someone must have put it on there err or on my computer….eehhh LOOK A SQUIRREL!!"

  • dave a.

    I find it funny that no one has even thought to look up whether or not Warren Buffett actually said what he's claimed to have said. In case you care, only the first sentence of that statement came from Mr. Buffett. The rest was added by a moron.

  • torc

    #23 suprisingly, korea wins

    • ultramens

      then i have a bad news for you…

    • Jacob


  • Ltrain

    How on earth did this gallery, more so than others, seem to have turned everyone individually into the most clever mf’ers on the planet and math whizzes? Astonishing. . .

  • jweezy

    #19 Albert Einsteins theory of relativity and a work minute is way longer then a microwave minute

  • charlestonpaul9

    #9 me too!!

  • charlestonpaul9

    #27 , I'd vote for Warren

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