• Anonymous

    My favorite color is red. My favorite band the Strokes. My favorite parent my mom. My favorite pic here, i cant pick just one!!!

  • SugarMomma

    Very hot!

  • alexispysh

    Thank you everyone for the swell comments ❤ xoxox.

    • http://chive mario mendoza

      You are very beautiful. I wish the Washington girls had some Canadian in them. You are a guys fantasy and more.

    • Cake

      Thank you alexis for making our day that much brighter by your beauty and creativity.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely delicious!

  • gflo917

    can't beat natural beauty with great tits and nice ass…

  • Lawndart13

    Dangit I was late to this party! How'd I miss this one??

  • Anonymous

    Wow… Bootiful!

  • Brian

    no fav I love them all i'm from canada and like to see our canadian girl get on here way to go Alexis

  • Kujo

    #16 is smokin'… love it!

  • -freakin41

    Come for a visit in Grande Prairie, I’d be glad to play host. Gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Very Sexy!! -Johnny Rodriguez

  • Dano Sanchez

    Hey u are a natural… Get at me if you like the L.A. nite life. I work in entertainment.



  • Anonymous

    Alberta reprezent! We grow em right here.

  • moses3

    Another reason why I'm happy to live in Alberta

  • Anonymous

    I’m not joking: when I look at these pictures, my heartbeat races and my breaths are short. And no, I’m not masturbating. Thanks.

    You are just beautiful. Wow!

  • David

    I think Im in love

  • albertaboy

    Thanks to you Alexis, you are Gorgeous. Hope you are from E- town…lol

  • Anonymous

    Sexy then a mother fucker!

  • David


    i'd give my left nut – no lies!

  • b money

    too sexy

  • alexandercros

    the pics with the longboard and the guns n' roses t-shirt… you totaly got me 🙂

  • omg,can i grab ur boobs


  • omg,can i grab ur boobs lol


  • JTHannigan

    #13 and #30. Words can't describe…

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