• Anonymous

    B U T FUL!!!


    you have to love our gorgeous Canadian women!
    Keep it up babe!

  • holland dude

    #33 no make up WOW you just ruined it for other girls,I just seen what they mean PERFECTION.

  • mk45gunnr

    wow, she is incredibly cute!

  • CJaeger
  • CJaeger

    mmm.. I might have did it wrong.. the pic thing..

  • chris pittman 403 598 5112

    I think u r the most beautyful woman I have ever seen ever I am a thirty one yrs old newfie bussiness owner with no troble with girls what ever call or text u would look good on my chopper I am slncerly a perfect guy lol fuck

  • caleb

    Hi Alexis 😉 😉

  • Craig Anthony Bandy II

    May I say I'm glad she posted that No Make-Up Picture. I love a girl who's naturally beautiful without the cake face

  • texas teddy bear

    Wow,absolutey stunning.

  • http://chive luis

    I’m married, but I think I’m in love… Wow…

  • Anonymous

    I like 21

  • asdd

    vanity is a good sin

  • http://Techive Dick

    I would fuck u so hard

  • mcanonymous

    #33 is her best shot! …aside from the #34-#36 down-the-top-so-far-I-might-get-lost-there-for-a-week shots

  • IrishWolfhound

    #8. Prefer the friend.

  • Mykexl

    #20 is best shot! less is more in my world!

  • GTi_Rcdn

    downtown yyc, i think soo

  • Sire

    Love #21, #25, #30 she is gorgeous and have anbody to last

  • Elated


  • Anonymous

    Good god

  • Breast lover

    I would fuck her so hard!!!!!!! Think she has the biggest and best breasts ever!!!!

  • @economistnick

    #35 and thanks Chivette from Alberta

  • Always Last


  • ben parker

    I know im late but you are perfect

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