An analog trip down RAM lane (31 photos)

  • Ohmeng

    In addition to IBM making guns, Singer (sewing machine co), Rockola (jukebox), General Motors, International Harvester (tractors) and a company called Union Switch and Signal (railroad equipment. These companies all came together to support the war effort. And those were just some of the gun makers. Almost any company that was able to help make anything to assist with the war effort stepped up.

  • banderdash

    Is #13 John Carmack?

  • chicago

    #25 looks accurate for PEI MAARs 911 systems being used at MANY local 911/PSAP emergency call centers. No lie either. 😦 (Oh, PEI can suck my knob 'til it's pruney)

  • No, your mom

    Ohmeng thanks for that so appreciated at 4 am you’re like Wikipedia

  • George N. Penesis

    #14 RIP Steve Jobs, you will always be THE BOSS!

  • Cory

    #21, yea, no. Apple Inc. wasn't founded until 1976. Good try. There's this thing called "research" and Wikipedia…

  • Cory

    Wrong image up there…sufficiently PWN'd.

  • Mike

    Is this Ashton Kutcher's dad???

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  • Giina

    Hi there, your tips and photos are ggoueors. I’m trying to master the ‘blurred background’ can I ask what kind of settings you used to achieve this? Kind regardsMandy.

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