Fit girls: I’m torn between terror and love (36 Photos)

  • chivebasti

    she again ❤ #13

    • ;-)

      Who is she?

  • Johhny


    • meh

      First reply!

      • I love Bewbs

        everyone hates both of you…

  • Fred


  • smackumyackum

    #15 and #33 very nice

    • Doctor_What

      And I'll add #30 to that list.

    • Smoke-n-Water

      100% LOVE!! Except for #25

    • observant

      is that a dildo on the shelf behind #33?

  • EazyE

    #25 ew…

    • Adam

      Better check for an adam's apple

      • tmc102464

        "She's a MAN, man…"

        • Frank


          • whosmike

            i'd hit it, pry because i am a solid 280lbs, but she is photoshopped. Her bicep is bigger than mine and I have 20.5" arms

            • Dick_Hammer

              WOW! Thats pretty cool, thanks for sharing!

            • whodoube

              yeah. i got 20.6" arms. So…..

            • bob

              cool starry bra

            • wreckingcru 10

              cool story bro, tell it again

    • MacNCheesePro


    • patov40

      Along with 18? Okay, maybe a little scary.

    • bubblerider86

      i'm all for fit/sexy girls…but there's a thin line between fit girls and men in girls clothing. :S

    • Kevin

      roid rage

  • Stu

    Her Thigh is bigger then my head.

    • a_schoenoprasum

      her thigh could crush your head

    • Ron Burgundy?

      You misspelled "his".

    • EasternCanuck


      • Iceman2509

        Thats what I am thinking as well.

        • disturbed

          Yup. Def shopped.

    • stuscottslefteye

      I'm pretty sure her balls are bigger than your head too.

    • SpacemanSpiff_

      yes it is, but not in a good way

    • Muppet

      you say that like its a bad thing

    • Michelle

      Looks like her thigh weighs as much as I do….

  • thi


  • RollingDeathStar

    Most of these broads are pretty terrifying, except for #19, #30, #31, #33, #36

    • jared

      Correction… #31 = Terrifying.

      • Fun with Numbers.

        If you guys put in as much mork as these girls do at being gentlemen, the world would be a better place. May not be your taste, but respect the effort.

        Nice going ladies.

        • ezhammer

          you're right…hard mork is all it takes

          try again..

        • Wow...

          These girls put mork into being gentlemen?

    • James E Lawrence

      #31 doesnt terrify you? You are doing it wrong…..

      • RollingDeathStar

        The fact that she isn't terrifying means I'm doing it right. Time to man up, sally.

        • ezhammer

          with 'her' you definitely will be manning up…in one way or the other

  • Vantastic

    #15 and #17
    umm, im not torn about them at all!!

  • rekomone


    • a_schoenoprasum

      so wrong

    • Frank

      not really fit, esp #15 looks like an ordinary model just placed in a gym

    • ScottyD63

      At what?

  • bling306

    #1 #33 Simply stunning!!

    • guest

      those two are the ones I like the most as well and #30 shauna johnson

      • tim

        Who is #1? She looks pretty much perfect.

        • wikusvandemerwe

          Ve mus find zem!!

  • Anonymous

    Uh…mostly terror

  • Paul Baumeister

    Please be photoshopped… please be photoshopped…. please be photoshopped…..

    • BMerce33

      Finkel is Einhorn…. Einhorn is Finkel!

    • cookie1234

      i need to know her name. someone PLEASE tell.. [] thx

    • Masschine

      Please be not photoshopped. Nyah, it is.

    • Bill

      love them all except for this photo shopped 1…i hope it is anyhow!!!!

  • Tc 2797

    #31 You can't erase that one from your mind.

    • protein

      why would you want to? that's about 17 different degrees of total awesome, including the crazy-hot look in her eyes

      • Yup

        Needs a rear view though.

    • ThatGuy

      You must be a pencil necked wimp. I find this woman very attractive.

  • Jonathen

    For #1 I choose love.

    • sushi

      some of these girls are just less gross than the others… but #1 is a babe. love fa sho.

  • 80's Baby

    #7 Natural Sexy is the best

    • MariJane03

      She does look very natural, but still works her ass off for a nice body like that… kudos!

  • nananamatman

    #15 #28
    That'll do

    • 340Swinger

      I'm always drawn to the legs. With that being said, who works the heavy bag in high heels?

      • ScottyD63

        I think she peed

  • Henry Gibson

    I vote yes.

  • nyclipper72

    Some of these girls went too far but #1 and #33 got it just right.

  • Joe

    If you cover up their chest and head and just look at their stomach and can't tell if its a dude or a chick, thats nasty!!

    • fart

      Most don't have much for tits either, at least real. In the debate of muscles vs boobs, I pick boobs

    • JustSayin

      I bet if we covered up your face and chest, everyone would think you were a fat, lazy queer.

    • Lotus

      Yeah ima go with a "no" to fit girls for the 1000th time. We have this post way to often lets debate something else

  • JHarris

    I'll have a #1 and a #15 to go please

    • carl

      my thoughts exactly

    • Bill

      oh… you mean we can order these ????? Yummmm!!!!

  • C3R38RUM

    Uuhm.. yeah, I'll get #27

    • Tuff Guy

      She's the opposite of a butterface…. Great face/ nasty ass manly body

      • ThatGuy

        You must be really insecure that body is beautiful.

        • WOie

          no. it's fucking nasty.

          • I love Bewbs

            no its amazing.. and every dude would be jumping for joy to hit that shit… you guys are puds…

    • dez

      its nice but she went to far

  • E Tex

    #1 nice!!

  • Meh

    #6 and #32 You just know they are going to fart any second now (if they haven't already)

    • ThatGuy

      Girls don't fart, retard.

      • MariJane03

        …girls fluff;)

  • theeemightybuck

    #31 gives me the weirdest boner

    • 80's Baby

      If you had a view from the other side there would be nothing weird about the boner…

    • zephi42

      ….is it in the shape of a question mark?

    • Desmund Lighten

      i want a back shot

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