• Pheeshy

    It's not new but they are awesome. My fav is Mind Shift

    • Lux

      Heck yeah, me too! And I loved the comical ending to the video hahaha

      • Osko

        I like Machine Civilization

  • Marcus

    Genki Sudo is a former Mixed Martial Artist. He's the leader of the group. The group is called World Order, and they've been around for a few years.

    • Hawaiian Cletus

      I love the dancing. Really cool video.

      I actually was introduced to these music videos by a friend of mine who is really into MMA. Genki Sudo is a legit fighter- notable wins include Nate Marquart, Mike Brown, Damacio Page, Tiki Ghosen and Butterbean. I still find it hard to believe thats the same guy as in the music vids. What an interesting character.

  • Picard_

    I'm sure the fucking hipsters are already all over this.

    • SimonDPieman

      they were, but that was way back before anyone had heard of them….

    • Roclawzi

      Yes, but at 2:05, walking past them, when have found the king of "not a fuck was given"

  • joe

    S/O to the dude who was first but didn't write first.

  • Htisss

    Hypnotic and very cool.

  • Beano

    I'm going to start walking down the street in slow motion like that

    • Killinem

      lol…….thats funny I dont care who you are

      • bananah

        neither do i care who you are! oh wait…

  • jrey81

    you should check out Genki Sudo's Pride fights. Kinda like UFC but in a ring. Dude was actually pretty badass and had the sickest intros to the ring!

  • Guest

    well that was awesome

  • Josh Gorter

    I have stopped being surprised by anything that comes out of Japan

  • Art

    This reminds me of the first time I watched Lost In Translation and wasn't sure whether I had watched the coolest or dumbest movie ever….

  • MartiniSteve

    4:35 of my life I can't get back.

    • Pepe

      Brother Ali?

    • Vote Hump Day in HD!

      No kidding… what a waste of time….. I thought it was a prank.

    • Lisa

      i only made it to 1:08

    • Dan

      Glad im not the only one who was impressed by this. I actually thought it was a prank too ;P

      • Dan

        EDIT: NOT impressed…

    • McBeastie

      4:35 that you were just going to use to jerk off or write obnoxious shit on website comments sections….or both. It's not like you were going to use that 4 minutes to cure cancer or something.

      • MartiniSteve

        You are correct.

    • guestyguest

      that, children, is the result of two consecutive doses of high radiation. essentially a marching band that doesnt have the coordination to use more than 7 people or play instruments while they do their thing.

  • Christopher McRae

    That was not even a good waste of my time…this is fackin retarded. No thanks…please post more college girls…thank you!

    • Da Sandman


    • Regular Old Cletus

      You sir, are probably a racist.

    • Andrew Habner

      Just an idiot

      • Killinem

        I think he is a racist idiot douche if you ask me

        • Killinem

          Or an idiot racist douche maybe?

          • Killinem

            Or he could possibly be a douche racist idiot…………….my head hurts

  • Coldzilla

    Interesting but I still contend that if its a group of dudes its NOT "dancing" 😉

  • G_Funkatron

    what the fuck Japan

  • sherriB

    I like the cute one…you know…the one with the slanty eyes!

  • bowser

    if you were wondering, those are the Teotihuacan pyramids and downtown Mexico City. cool !

    • Natalie (:

      Hahaha yeah obviously mexicans got a kick out of the filming of the video 😛

    • Dr. Prof. Patrick

      For those who where wondering, Teotihuacan is miles away from Mexico city.
      Tenochtitlan y el templo mayor están en "downtown Mexico city" but yes, the video was filmed at both locations.

      • zaldiboy

        and maybe in xochicalco.. becuase of the quetzalcoatl heads in some of the shots… 😀

    • lucsev

      Y el centro de Coyoacán.

  • EasternCanuck

    At first I was like WTF… then I was like Cool.

  • TimOToole

    Ok, the long arms around 3:15 is pretty cool

    • Jason O

      Yea, the best stuff doesn't happen until after the 3min mark…

  • Joe

    looks like someone needs one more 8.9 magnitude earthquake with all that time on their hands

    • Akiko

      is that really necessary? How old ARE you?

      • Hawaiian Cletus

        I dont think is a matter of Joe's age, Akiko. Some people just dont have a good sense of humor and they mistake saying something thats supposed to be shocking with actual wit.

      • Conan Smith

        age is only a number. just ask your mom and her tight ass… well it's not tight after i got it!!!!

    • Travis

      You're a dick

    • prune

      to soon man to soon

      • Landlubber77

        I think you mean two soon man two soon.

    • Barista

      Looks like someone should be beaten about the neck and face, but thus is life. Just because you can't be as cool as Japan doesn't mean you should wish ill on an entire country.

      • Jack

        I'm with ya!!! Anyone from Japan should be beaten about the neck and face!!

  • Chao

    at first i was al (o_o) but then i (^_^)

  • Matthew Mac

    ….but not as gay as Twilight.

  • Meh

    That was a helluva lot better than most things coming out of Japan.

  • hipsterbgone

    I'm sure ill get negative points for stating my opinion but I didn't find this all that inventive or amazing…

    • SweepGuitarist

      Found it rather hard to watch myself.

      • TomTheCameraGuy

        Me too. Guess I'll join the thumbs down club.

  • vindi

    I think I might be gay now.

  • Che

    I dint' know Japan had pyramids.

    • child.molester

      it is mexico

    • J. nelson

      Las Piramides de Teotihuacan, en la ciudad de Mèxico.

    • Pinche Manny

      Ignorant sack of meat…. didn't you see all the flags???

    • el roddy

      didn't you see the mexican flags all the writing in spanish and no japanese around?

      • Landlubber77

        Dude, have some respect. You can't just go around saying Mexic…..wait. Nevermind.

    • SARmedic

      I find it more than a little ironic that your username is "Che"

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