• Leavehimaloneyoucommies

    Honestly, fuck all of you. He is a war veteran and at the very least deserves respect. None of you had the courage to do what he did. You guys don’t understand the meaning of sacrifice. Our lives are pretty amazing compared to some other’s in the world. So go fuck yourselves. And Canada? Canada sucks

    • Rick

      Cause I'm sure you've been there scum bag.

  • thomas

    Well said, thanks for you service and the perspective.


    • Chiver In Bio

      If douchbag army boy was in fact part of the .001%. Then the army would consist of only 3,000 Americans. Guess thats why he's in the army. No math skills.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        It's 'douchebag' and 'that's' and you have no grammar skills. Guess that's why you're unemployed. And fuck you for being an ingrate.

        • Malkintosh22

          I believe the internet has a word for what just happened. "Pwned"

      • Ten-hut!

        Wouldn't it be great if the Chive would stop pandering to military personnel? But then again, Chive also spends half of its energy putting up pictures of girls in their underwear, so I suppose the mentality matches. Though I do love the DAR and some of the other gems of the internets you find. But if this guy thinks going to countries that already know hardship, and ratcheting up their level of hardship by shooting up their communities is SACRIFICE, well, he is a perfect tool for the propaganda machine that is our US military. Our military hasn't been a noble force for decades. Now it's full of douchebags like this who think putting on a uniform means they automatically deserve respect. You, Mr. .001%, have not earned my respect. However, you do have big balls. And a small penis you are compensating for.

        • Patriot

          Ten-hut! because you don't have the discipline, hard working attitude, and patriotism that this G.I. has well then I guess you better get out of the damn country. Go to a place where the military actually persecutes its people and maybe you will have a change of perspective. I really hate your type that lives in America and hates the military. Go live somewhere else then you pig.

        • Malkintosh22

          Whether or not you agree with the mission of the military, you cannot truly say that he is not sacrificing. I'm sure this man has friends, family, and a home that he would love to be in like you are right now. While he is busy SACRIFICING his time to fight for the defense of the free world, you are busy hiding behind a computer screen insulting him on the size of his penis. That is cowardly.

      • truth

        To the Soldier, thank you. Thank you for so much more than I can find words to express. To Chiver In Bio, you are entitled to your opinion. Your opinions are protected by the above soldier. He doesn't do his job for the money, not for you, nor anyone else here on the forum. He does his job for his family, he friends, and because unlike many of the 99%'ers, he knows someone has to do the job and he accepts that sacrifice.

      • tree

        i guess he is not the only one with no math skills. it would be 300,000.

        • Chiver In Bio

          Nope 1% would be 300,000

          • John Forbeck

            LOL – Obviously our schools are failing in the math department. Current US population = 312,540,000. 1% of that is 3,125,400. NOT 300,000. 0.001% is 3,125. You guys could try brushing up on your math skills.

      • Avery

        .001 percent is the amount of Active Duty Army in relation to total population. Chive On 😀

        • John Forbeck

          See math above. If the Active Duty Army was 0.001%, then our Army would have 3,125 people active today? I believe we have more than that.

      • joe

        How many actually fight, idiot. Perhaps that's the .001%. Either way, fuck the math…that's not the point, Mr. Wizard. How about just letting the man say his piece and respect it and be on your way. That ever cross your mind? No, you've got to mouth off from the comfort of your lazy boy while drinking your cold beer as you surf your porn. Yes, you have the right to free speech, but you also have the right to occasionally shut the fuck up and give a guy his due, you dumb fuck.

        • Cantaloupe

          Yea, accuracy isn't important, as long as you think you're right.

    • scooter

      No, hes just a douchebag. Totally not chive. He's swore to protect the constitution and now he's ridiculing those who want to do the same.

      Militarist tool.

      • Bruce Campbell

        no one cares, he probably joined the army because he was on the verge of failing high school, like is the situatuation with many service men. Just because you serve our country doesn't give you the right to believe you're better than those who occupy the country. ATTENTION WHORE.

        • AyJay

          though, at least if he was failing out of HS, he found a way to pay the bills. instead of being a whiny hippie and writing a sign as to why someone else should pay his bills.

          • Paul

            or failing out of school and getting on welfare

        • slag

          You're welcome. Douchebag.

      • Hippy Dan

        The men and women in the Military get my respect. There are plenty of military people in the protests as well, lest we forget. However I'm not exactly sure what his message is? Is he anti-protest or not? or is he just makng a statement to say "Remember us"?

        He is STILL part of the 99% – he serves those who have wealth and the politicians who decide what countries are our enemy under the guise of "serving our country". What our military guy may find out once he leaves the military is that the administration won't be as supportive.

        If I'd have it my way, then the men and women of the Military would recieve a CEO salary while in services and after not the 50 Gs he has to "work harder for".

    • Steveystevesteve

      Anyone who wants to bash this SSG, whine about a lack of job, and/or large students loans should go check out the military's loan repayment option for enlistment. All you have to do is what he already did, simple right? Scumbag hippies hide behind rights granted by soldiers… whine about soldiers.

      • Beeker

        Starting out with the fact that I have a lot of respect for the military. I have multiple friends and family members who serve.

        However, rights are not granted by soldiers. They are either granted by the U.S. Constitution, Your State Constitution, or by natural law and enshrined in either/both.

        • Michael

          Rights may not be granted by soldiers, but they're sure as hell protected by them.

          My nephew's name was added to the Enduring Freedom Memorial in Phoenix last Saturday. He gave his life in Iraq last April.

          • Lowrent75

            Sorry for your loss.

        • Hannah

          But if we didn't have soldiers who the hell do you think would allow us to have a free country??? Who would protect us from becoming another Iraq? Without them we would be nothing. Good job idiot.

          • BelowHeavens

            Last i checked we have police and not an army running around our streets. Even though sometimes the police act like an Army. Oh and we created the current situation in Iraq. Our fault

          • Intellectual Cletus

            Hannah, please read a book.

    • 123

      What does this soldier think he's fighting for,exactly?

      • Hannah

        You to have your idiotic questions on TheChive.

        • Hawaiian Cletus

          Being in the military does not make someone "right"

        • 123

          OK, Hannah, if your dumbass gets it then I'm sure someone who has reached the rank of Sergeant in our military can figure it out.

    • Sven Sić

      Yeah, going to other peoples countries and killing them is a real sacrifice…. Asshole.

      • Michael

        You'd be dead or, at best, oppressed by evil, if previous generations of soldiers didn't, moron. Sheesh…

        • freddie mac

          Exactly! PREVIOUS GENERATIONS! Who threatens my liberty now? Goat-herders in Afghanistan? Hardly! Our liberty is threatened by those that would make slaves of us all, the plutocrats on Wall Street and their cronies in Washington.

          • Hawaiian Cletus

            Michael, past wars were much more justified. Hell, I would have volunteered for WWII… It was a just war. Current wars, not so much.

            Way to make broad generalizations, dude.

          • ChaseTheWalker

            Cause it wasn't one of those goat herders who flew planes into fucking buildings and killed thousands of people.

        • Sven Sić

          The U.S. never fought a defensive war. And I hardly think the American way of life is threatened by some guy with an AK-47 in the middle of the desert…

          • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

            Until his rich buddy gets a hold of a nuke. I'm not saying that it will happen, but I am saying hindsight has 20-20 vision.

          • Nickincollege

            If you disagree with the wars we're fighting, then fine. But the last thing any country wants to do is fight a defensive war.

    • IMO

      Thanks man… You're doing enough occupying for all of us!!

    • TwoToursInKabul

      What the fuck John??? Why is the Chive posting shit like this? Stick to what you're good at. You're using this soldier's anger to prop up Chive's web hits? Shameful.

      A veteran, and an increasingly disgruntled Chiver.

      • Hawaiian Cletus

        I'm with this guy. Let them show this stuff on the Brigade if they want to.

    • panama99

      Most of you don't or won't remember that when there is an emergency or disaster in another it is normally the military that will first go in…..remember the tsunami. When people are getting slaughtered by their own governments and the public is crying out for help, for some-one to step in, it is normally our military that is sent.
      Our military can't and shouldn't go every where. So then the question is……who should decide?? The UN, God no. Our President, maybe if he or she thinks long and hard about it. We've been thrown into too many conflicts for what…..
      Part 1 of 2
      Enjoy the freedoms you have. They have been paid for by others.

      • panama99

        I hear some of the Chivers always ranting about how low or dumb our military men and women are and honestly you couldn't be more wrong but nothing I could say to you will convince you of that. Simply understand this, the men and women who join our military do so for numerous reasons. Some are extremely smart and have a great love for this country and all who live here (even you), others may not be as smart.
        Recently in the news there was a Soldier who was killed on his 14th rotation in Afghanistan. I'm not saying he supported the war, hell he probably hated this crap more than most of you, but he had a job to do and that was protect his Soldiers and he did for 14 tours.
        I know some of you will probably come back with some smartass remarks and I really don't care most of your comments don't make sense anyway.
        Enjoy the freedoms you have. They have been paid for by others.
        Part 2 of 2.

        • LondonB

          WELL SAID!!!!!!

        • ChaseTheWalker

          Well said, sir. I did a tour. I was not over there doing fucking cartwheels because I was so excited to be there. It sucked balls. However, it was my job and I did it without bitching.

    • Sovereign117

      I too must thank this individual for his service, but I must respectfully disagree. The Occupy Wallstreet protest and the "I am the 99%"slogan seems to be woefully misunderstood. These protesters are not looking for a hand out, or a free ride. We as the American people simply want the game of which we are all part of to be fair, instead of being rigged in favor of those at the upper echelons of society. We want an Economy that is based around actually Producing things, Instead of just mindless consumerism, and shady back room deals that doom us all to a life of Poverty and Walmart. I support the Capitalist system, but sometimes you just have to chain the beast before it gets loose and tears you apart.

      • Nickincollege

        I must respectfully disagree with you. An economy based on production is a concept of socialism and is unsustainable. Why produce goods and services if people aren't asking for them? However, I do believe that not everyone in the OWS movement is misinformed. But I feel a large portion seem to think the guys on Wall Street are evil. Don't get me wrong, there are shady back-room deals and illegal things going on, and I do believe the hammer needs to be brought down on them. I just disagree how this misinformed portion of the OWS movement associate being successful with being evil and greedy.

      • TheJesus

        Exactly. This movement is being painted as socialism and a bunch of unemployed people asking for handouts — and that's simply not the case. I'm all for capitalism. I'm all for people getting rich. I'm NOT for people who've gotten rich using that wealth to game the system and tilt everything else. We should all be able to work hard and make a good living, but more and more that isn't possible. "Get a job" insults are pathetic when we have 10% unemployment. I'm lucky I have managed to build a good career, I pay income taxes, my house isn't in danger of foreclosure. I'm proud to be the 99%.

        Also, congrats to this soldier for doing a great duty, and I'm grateful for his service. But I have no idea what it has to do with OWS. His sign doesn't address anything the movement is pushing in any way, shape or form.

    • B405

      Gosh, he's so much better than me. He's been to Iraq and Afghanistan, which I never would do. Of course, I have no fucking reason to go there, because nothing that is happening there right now affects my life more than the joblessness and economic woes here in America.

      And people here don't know what persecution is. That Marine in Oakland who was shot in the head with a tear gas grenade for conducting a peaceful protest, and put into a coma, doesn't know what government repression is!

      The next time my mom tells me she has to either cut back on her medication or her food, I'll reminder her that she doesn't know what sacrifice is because she isn't in the Army.

      Go ahead and side with the wealthy 1%, soldier. I'm sooooo sure they care about you. Just because they are talking about cutting your pay and cutting back your health care so they can give themselves a tax cut doesn't mean you shouldn't take their side against other working people.

    • @myawfulroommate

      As somebody who's brother and best friend both fought in Iraq I feel 100% comfortable saying I've met plenty of douchebags, idiots and lazy assholes who were in the army. Joining the army doesn't automatically make you deserving of respect, fuck this shit

    • jase

      thanx for your service however without the 99 percent's sacrafice you have a job and a paycheck

    • walterwally

      Did you ever stop to wonder if all or any of those deployments were constitutionally authorized?

      Did you ever stop to think about the sacrifices his victims made for the freedom of their country from being vassal states of the USA?

      We've seen the Red Coats and they are us. Everything we fought for in the War of Independence against Britain, the world is fighting for against us.

    • Red Rabbit

      Could you post something from the other side, maybe the Marine that served two tours in Iraq and was then shot in the face at the Occupy Oakland protest? Some anonymous Army officer doesn't speak for our troops, and disagreeing with him doesnt make me a nazi. Also, the one percent, as I have seen it defined, makes at least $516,633 a year, your 50K does not put you in their group.

    • O'l A/9 Guy

      win the mind, win the day….

      • Avery

        Yep 😀

  • no name here

    my kid told me the other day he was at Occupy Wall Street

    I told him the same thing my father told me at that age (when I was a hippie), "Get a job."

    • scooter

      LOL. Who's hiring? No one.

      • Stan

        Actually, lots of people are if you are willing to put in the labor

        • willypguts

          Yes, if you're willing to take your college degree and debt, bend over and work a service job at minimum wage with no benefits for over 40 hours a week just to feed yourself, have a roof, and watch your credit score collapse and yourself sink into a feedback system of poverty…in other words, just obey and take it in the ass (don't protest, protesting is treason)…then, you will have done your service to the country.

          • MylesofStyles

            You're absolutely correct. It is much better to do nothing, contribute nothing, pay no taxes, and complain. That's going to solve all the world's problems.

            • willypguts

              Did I say "do nothing, contribute nothing, pay no taxes, and complain?" No. Most people take these service jobs, work at Wal-Mart, wait tables, and other shit shows. But they make so little money, have so little opportunity, that they fall into poverty. They can't unionize–that's communist shit–so they can't bargain for better wages or benefits…no, they just have to take it in the ass.

              Maybe if people were able to live decently off their shitty minimum wage jobs, then we wouldn't be having this discussion. Instead, we see the vast majority of Americans getting poorer (and yes, they fucking work), services being cut to them, their political and economic power being denied (e.g. union busting, slaves to healthcare costs and minimum wage jobs, mortgages, and credit scores), while the top 1% grows increasingly more wealthy. Give me a fucking break dude. This isn't the world of Leave It To Beaver or Middle Class White Teenager Learns The Value of a Dollar–it's the world of no matter what you do, most of you will get fucked silly.

              • MylesofStyles

                Are you employed? No. Are you contributing or providing solutions to improve the situation? No. Are you paying taxes? No. Are you complaining? Yes. You have two choices. Fix your situation, or STFU.

                • willypguts

                  haha fuck you dick bag. I have two degrees. I am employed, working on major infrastructure redevelopment in one of the U.S.'s great cities. I am paying taxes. And no, I'm not "complaining" as much as I'm not such a fucking subordinate slave who refuses to recognize the blatant inequalities that hurt our country.

                  Look, I'm not going to change your opinion. You're the type of dude who would carry kids into ovens if your conservative heroes told you that is what is needed to be done. I have no doubt of it. Asshole. Go spit on some kids in poverty–it'll make you feel better.

                  • Brutal Deluxe

                    Comparing people to Nazis always works well. I'm impressed with your overreaction.

                    • MylesofStyles

                      You can't blame him. After all, I did disagree with him.

                    • Chip Chipperson

                      Yes but you also assumed he didn't have a job, pay any taxes, or is providing a solution to the problem. But I'm sure as a child molester and someone who loves bestiality that you don't mind people just making up things about another person

                    • DrDizzard

                      You win

                    • willypguts

                      Didn't say anything about Nazis.

                    • cuz

                      No sir, you did not.

                  • robinsos

                    Maybe if the other 47% of the population in this country paid income taxes we wouldn't be in this situation. Instaed, we say that the 53% of the population that actually pays taxes should carry everyone else. By the way, I'm a liberal, and you are an overreactive douche who can't accept that other people have a different opinion than you.

                    • Chip Chipperson

                      The 47% pays taxes in sales tax, payroll tax, state taxes. You are being untruthful. The first part of your statement you specifically say "income tax" The 2nd you say "actually pays taxes". The top 1% used to have 9% of the wealth in 1970 I believe, now they control 20%, at what point will you say they are greedy and taking advantage of everyone else?

                    • Patches

                      According to the Congressional Budget Office, the top 1% of taxpayers pay 29% of all income taxes. The top 5% of taxpayers pay a full 50% of income taxes.

                      According to the CBO, the top 1% actually earn about 15% of all wages in the US, but pay 29% of all income tax.

                      Furthermore, the Top 1% are shouldering a roughly 50% higher proportion of the overall income tax burden than they did in 1977.

                      So what do you think their fair share should be? The top 1% who only earn 15% of wages should pay 50% of all income tax? 75%?

                      Should the 99% of the population just skate along completely funded by the hard work of the top 1%? How is that fair?

                    • HydrogenBond

                      They pay more in income tax than they make in wages because rich people make money off of the money they already have. Also, the long term capital gains tax rate on investment income is only 15%. I don't really call that working hard.

                    • radishes

                      what are you doing here? Fox News is missing one of its viewers.

              • hitsyouhardbro

                Going to college and piling up debt in student loans is your choice. It was also your choice to go into a saturated field with no opportunities. No one forced you into debt. There are plenty of engineering, nursing, etc jobs around. go complain about something that wasn't your own damn fault. What you call getting "fucked silly" some could call opportunity. open a business, work your way up, come up with some idea to make money like putting bill murray's face on a shirt and selling it…its your life, quit bitching and do something about it.

                Everyone is complaining about being under employed. Why not take that minimum wage job to get by while still applying to better jobs? No people would rather sit on their ass and complain…its easier.

                • Lisa

                  To hitsyouhardbro: Your my hero, finally someone who is intelligent. When shit gets tough you have to get tougher or get run over. It's that simple. I have no college education yet I am doing remarkable well and it's because I busted my ass to get where I am. No help from Mommy and Daddy or the Government, all on my own and on my terms. Haters are just too lazy to make a change.

                  • Chip Chipperson

                    I'm also doing "remarkably" well too. I have 6 years of college education, a job that pays 6 figures, very little in student loan debt, and yet I still think there is a wealth distribution problem even though I'm near the top in income. For every poor person taking advantage of the system, there is more money being taken from the top people who buys the government off.

                    • j_rizzo

                      You're also doing well too? Nicely done.

                      It's amazing how anonymous internet avatars are always extremely well educated and highly paid.

                    • Anonotron

                      Didnt you know? We all make 6 figures and have 10 inch dicks.

                    • @The_Scofield_

                      You only have 10? Shame, I'm rockin a 17 over here. And I'm awesome at video games.

                    • Chip Chipperson

                      $140k a year, in the health care field. $40k in student debt that I could pay off tomorrow. Doctorate degree at a state university. Anything else you assume about me and be proven wrong?

                    • j_rizzo

                      All you are proving is that you have poor grammar… I'm suspicious your credentials, doctor Chipperson.

                    • rockandchive'nroll

                      Next time you attack someone's grammar try not to fragment your own sentences and please use correct capitalization…idiot!

                    • j_rizzo

                      What sentence fragment? Is this Dr. Dickhead's English teacher?

                      Doctor is not a proper noun if the title is self-applied & not earned.

                    • MylesofStyles

                      Well done proving him wrong. Making a statement in a comment box on the internet makes it absolutely irrefutable.

                    • Patches

                      And how much of that $140k are you giving away? I only made about $65k last year… send me about $35k or so, that way it will be fair right? Or is it only OTHER people whose wealth must be redistributed?

                      This is what I find most laughable about socialists screaming for wealth distribution… it only ever applies to those who make more than them, no matter how much they make themselves. A guy who makes $20k a year thinks the guy making $140k should share, but the guy making $140k only thinks the guys making $1m should share, and the millionaires only think the billionaires should have to share.

                  • hitsyouhardbro

                    Thanks, it usually takes hard work to get ahead, and alot of people don't want to put in the hard work.

                    I'm not saying there aren't people who are more fortunate than others. I had a great family that pushed me and supported me, but I also busted my ass in school, and it was my decision to take out loans to finish my education. Sometimes life is hard and unfair. You can either deal with it and be responsible for yourself, or you can complain about it and wait for someone else to fix it for you.

                • IMO

                  Wait… where are the engineering jobs?

                  • DrDizzard

                    Depends on the type of engineer you are and where you went to school.

                  • hitsyouhardbro

                    Seattle…Microsoft and Amazon are both hiring.

                  • rockandchive'nroll

                    On trains obviously…and if you find one hiring let me know. I'm out of work, not complaining about it, trying hard to find anything without bitching, and will work hard shoveling coal for you if you need the help.

                • AyJay


                • think

                  there are 5 people applying for every job that is available. We have reached the point were fast food franchises are turning away hundreds of thousands of job applicants. There are not enough jobs available for the 16% of Americans who are unemployed or underemployed.

              • CNG

                Become a tradesman, work for yourself and stop being such a fucking pussy.

                • APBTFan

                  Absolutely. Everyone seems to think you either get a college degree or you're nothing. The trades are a great way to make a living. I can drive around Metro Phoenix and point out lots of building that I helped wire. Nobody ever got a blister building a website and before any knobs make a comment, remember who built the building you work in, the stores you shop in and the house you live in – tradesmen.

              • j22

                Actually, the majority of americans have been getting richer. The top 1% has been getting richer faster, but that doesn't mean everyone is getting poorer.

                All of us though, are on the hook for the billions that bush and obama gave to the banks.

          • j_rizzo

            Bullshit. Take your college degree to North Dakota, work in the oil fields and pay your loans off while the economy improves. Just because you have a liberal arts degree doesn't mean you have to wait tables. Or, you can continue to sneer at people who do work and waste time shouting on a street corner. Are you even out of college?

            • dirtysteve99

              Why do you assume he could just up and move to Dakota? Some people have families and commitments they need to take care of.

              • PDubbs

                so you're saying if he lives in the middle of the freaking desert, 100 miles from the nearest town, he shouldn't have to move to find work? that work move to find him?

                come on man, that's just a lame excuse. So not only should there be enough work, but it should be convenient as well.

                • dirtysteve99

                  I wouldn't go to that extreme, but moving states is a big thing, not everyone will be able for it.
                  Also, it's not so hard to imagine people being angry if their home state has a dearth of jobs, due to gross negligence of other people now is it?

                • Chip Chipperson

                  Does he live in the desert? Does he live 100 miles from the nearest town? You are mister excessive overgeneralization man.

                  • PDubbs

                    so you're saying if he lives in the middle of the freaking desert, 100 miles from the nearest town, he shouldn't have to move to find work? that work move to find him?

                    exaggeration? yes, but point still valid. I really doesn't matter where you live, if there aren't jobs where you live then you go to where the jobs are. It doesn't matter if you live in the heart of a major metropolis or in the desert.
                    But whatever.

              • j_rizzo

                The assertion was that there are no good paying jobs available: that is false. If I was unable to provide for my wife,child, dog and mortgage where I live now, I would be more likely to uproot and go someplace where I could find work.

                • Jay

                  So the 9% that are unemployed will magically have jobs in this land called "North Dakota"? Where dollar bills grow on trees and everyone has a home?

                  Really? Let's all move there. Right, because there's more than enough jobs there. We're just too lazy to move. Right? is that it? There are NO JOBS because we aren't spending enough on goods and services to require businesses to have any more employees.

                  Remember when we were told to save, save, save,…. guess what. We did. And we stopped spending. Spending that powers some of the main businesses of the country (new home construction/remodeling and car manufacturers).

                  The economy won't improve until American start spending again. But, we're too afraid because we all fear losing our jobs and being one of those unemployed bastards we've criticized so much. Well, it's the chicken or the egg. And right now, sitting where we are, will cause either jobs, or spending, to increase.

                  • Jay

                    cause neither*

                  • j_rizzo

                    You're viewing the problem on a macro level, I'm not. Your sarcasm and questionable understanding of how a complex economy works aside; unemployment in North Dakota is 3.5%. Effectively full employment. Nebraska is 4.2%.

                    I'm not terribly concerned with anything aside from my family's well-being, which is great, because that's what I have the most influence over.

                    • Jay

                      So, relocating to get a job is important when you're talking to someone online. And when told not everyone can do that (although everyone could try, as I pointed out, and fail in the process), your thought is that you only care about yourself….

                      Hmm, selfish ~ greed. What's the difference?

                    • j_rizzo

                      After further review – I did not say that the solution for everybody was to relocate if they're jobless and certainly didn't need to be told that it's not an option for everybody.

                      My primary concern is the well being of my wife and child; if that's greedy, then I'm a greedy motherfucker.

                      Here's the difference – you (you now represent OWS) want to raise awareness of a corrupt system and you want it to change… but you don't have a plan of action. If my circumstances change, I have a plan to keep my family out of the homeless shelter – I can't be concerned with everybody else's problems.

                      I'll leave saving the world to people who don't have mouths to feed.

          • will

            Maybe you should have studied something of value in college… you know, to get a career that can service the debt that you decided to take on. Something like engineering, chemistry, or a trade even. There are plenty of open positions in some of the finest small and large companies in America that will pay well, if you have the skill. Don't bitch about it. Get a skill set, then get a job.

            • Stu Piddassell

              But Chemistry and Engineering are difficult and there aren't many women in those classes. That is why I majored in French Poetry! Now give me a job that pays $100,000 a year so I can pay off my private university education!

              • AyJay

                exactly. problem is, every american who gets a BA believes they 'deserve' a job. no, you need to compete for a job. These are the same kids that skipped class in college and got solid c+'s. now they are pissed they can't break into the job market.

              • Cantaloupe

                In reality, chemistry doesn't pay particularly well. "engineering" depends on what kind of engineering, and requires more brains than the average person. The average person manages to get through college with a liberal arts degree, and doesn't realize it isn't going to get them anywhere. They were told to go to college; they got there, looked around, and picked something they knew they could graduate with.
                The fact that a liberal arts degree isn't going to make any money doesn't grant people the ability to finish an engineering degree.

            • Patches

              How many of the "I am the 99%" posters do you see saying "I am a carpenter" or "I am a plumber" or "I am a welder" or "I am a nurse"? None! Because these jobs are in demand… these skills are always needed. A degree in Women's Studies or Post Colonialism Basketweaving are not. But by god if I want a degree in Women's Studies I DEMAND that you pay for it and guarantee me a high paying job when I'm done!

          • The Pict

            I had exactly that problem, worked my way back out of it, and now I'm right back where I started smack dab in the middle of the road.
            The difference between you and I is that I've never felt anyone owed me anything, including my own parents. I put myself through school, have worked my way up the ladder starting out at the bottom (salaried at less than minimum wage when you divided out the hours I put in), and am now enjoying the fruits of my labor. I didn't expect to be paid nine figures the day I received my diploma, and I make nowhere near that today. I am, however, grateful for what I have because I earned every bit of it.

          • John

            Actually not true at all. I just got head hunted by a company that was willing to give me a 60% raise and a 20% annual bonus. I work in the Consumer Packaged Goods category (i.e. laundry detergent, dish soap, etc) and worked for the #1 company in the US. Moved to a much smaller (but #2) company and I'm extremely happy I made the move. Oh, and in the move, my fiance had to quit her job too. She had 5 job offers within a month of looking. She also got a significant raise and bonus.

        • Owen Smithers

          Many are hiring. But what's really sad is that our own government sabotages the creation of new businesses and new hiring by piling on regulations, limitations, compliance, taxes, and on and on and on. They are demanding jobs while at the same time throwing up every roadblock possible to limit the creation of those jobs. Oh, and then they offer to 'help' people with 'benefits' paid for by taxes on the 53% who still pay taxes. People, we've got to remember the value of our LIBERTY!

          • Brad

            that's total BS, China's economy is doing well w/o regulations. Do you want American cities to be covered in smog and soot like China? All the get rid of the EPA job creation talk depends on an oil report that uses a multiplier to determine the jobs it will create in the economy. Conveniently, republicans don't believe in the Fiscal Stimulus multiplier. 47% of the population do pay payroll taxes, and they don't pay FEDERAL taxes because they qualify for tax income credits and/or below the poverty line.

            • Owen Smithers

              It's not all or nothing. Some regulations are reasonable. But they've become destructive to the very survival of business. We must accept some risk and deal with some faults if we are to continue to grow.
              Right, they don't pay federal taxes. And in many cases get money back!

              • Brad

                Name these regulations that are choking back american jobs? The 2008-9 crisis wasn't caused by regulations, it was a financial crisis that killed consumption spending, which in turn doesn't give businesses the incentive to invest because they aren't selling. It's not about regulations.

                Why do you want to switch the tax burden to the people with lower incomes? Tax them more? They already make minimum wage and are barely getting by, in debt, and probably w/o health insurance…

                • Brad

                  Republicans are using the crisis to promote their anti-tax, anti-regulation ideology, which is financed by the richest 1%. All the people who believe regulations are the problem are getting fooled by the Koch bros and those who benefit (oil industry) from less regulations…

                  • Owen Smithers

                    It's not about party, man. It's about liberty. Please, rail against corruption wherever you find it, by whoever is doing it. If you don't like the oil industry, don't use their products. If you don't like Walmart, don't go there. Vote with your dollar. Tell your friends. That's your freedom at work. Don't you see how demanding gov't regulations limits you, limits all of us, on so many levels? No longer will you be allowed to decide the best product for you that causes the least pollution or uses the least natural resources, or whatever your interest is. There will be no choice. You'll get what you're given. Or you won't. Because you've helped install a tyranny. I value your rights and liberties just as much as my own.

                    • dirtysteve99

                      Good luck not using petrochem products, it's borderline impossible.
                      And people have every right to ask their government to protect them from the excesses of corporations.
                      Asking for sensible regulation will not lead to 'tyranny', that's just right-wing paranoia.

                    • Owen Smithers

                      I'm not denying your right to lobby your government for what you want, but please don't deny others' their right to as well. The tyranny comes when those regulations expand beyond what the people actually asked for, or beyond what is Constitutionally allowed. If we follow the law, or properly amend it, we'll be fine. But it's gone quite beyond that lately. Paranoia, if you want to call it that, over losing your liberty is a valid concern.

                  • Patches

                    Republican ideology financed by the 1% you say? Here's a challenge for you… research and find out which party and which candidate in the 2008 Presidential election received the most campaign contributions from Wall Street. (Hint: it wasn't John McCain and the Republicans)

                • Owen Smithers

                  Yeah, it kinda was because of regulation. Gov't mandated that banks lend money, against their better business sense, to people who could not afford the loan and then in an effort to ease the risk they were forced to assume, they created bundled securities and all that. Forced to do bad business, they found an alternate way to continue to make a profit.
                  No need to switch the tax burden, but rather ensure that everyone participates. After all, they can vote. It's important that they aren't just voting themselves other peoples' money. Let's spark the natural wealth creation tendency of human nature by getting gov't out of their way.

                  • Brad

                    the gov't didn't mandate that banks loan money!! gov't doesn't control who banks chose to lend to or the people who are taking out variable mortgage loans who shouldn't have taken out the loans. The banks did this all by themselves, if anything it was the LACK of regulation that allowed the financial crisis to happen, ie the rebundling of bad mortgages…

                    • htiman219

                      You have apparently never heard of the CRA… The government and ACORN did force banks to give bad loans of face being sued.

                    • Owen Smithers

                      Sure they do. Check out the Community Reinvestment Act for one example. Oh, and the PEOPLE took out those ARMs. Banks didn't force them to. It was bad business to allow them, but the people also bear some responsibility too.
                      So, again, don't do business with banks or anyone else you don't want to. For now, you still have that freedom. The health care law is shifting that freedom, but I don't think it will bear strong Constitutional challenges.

                    • htiman219

                      Owen, come on now you and I both know that banks grabbed folks off the streets and said "You will buy this 800k house, even though you make 25k annually". They also held guns to their heads and threatened to kill their dogs if they didn't buy a house. (do I need the /sarc tag)

                    • Markus

                      Yeah, but the bankers did take all those crappy mortgages, bundle them together, get together with the ratings agencies to give them good ratings, then sell them to unsuspecting institutions, pensions, people, etc, who relied on those bankers' expertise, and then went and made bets that those securities would fail. And those people (the bank experts) walked away with hundreds of millions of average Americans' dollars. And now you idiots are defending them.

                    • Owen Smithers

                      Yes, they sure did. My argument is that government stepped in and meddled with the market and sound business practices which caused the banks to find another way to make a profit. I don't excuse the banks for doing what they did, but I fault government for inserting themselves into a system that, despite its faults, works very well and equitably.

                    • Chip Chipperson

                      That's what fox news told him. How dare you make Owen think for himself. The guberment made the banks take out bad loans, repackage them as good investments, then made the economy collapse. Take back Merica

                    • Owen Smithers

                      Not quite like that, there's plenty of blame to go around. But I feel more comfortable with the broad market making many small decisions everyday rather than a very few politicians making huge decisions with questionable authority to do so that effect everyone.

            • John Forbeck

              You seriously believe that China has no regulations?? What are you smoking? China's biggest regulation is holding back their own currency from fluctuating against the US dollar. This means that Chinese goods stay relatively cheap to buy and manufacture when compared to any other country's goods in the world. Wouldn't it be interesting if China actually allowed their currency to fluctuate?

        • Ecoman

          There are jobs out there that pay a decent wage with benefits if you know where to look. Chances are most college graduates will have to lower there standards slightly but they shouldn't need to take minimum wage

        • Barclay

          Been to Michigan lately?

        • radishes

          no. this is demonstrably, provably not true. there are literally thousands of applicants for every available job. this has been demonstrated over and over again in recent months, and it's been this way for over 2 years now. why are all these Republicans on this website, anyway? no, you're wrong. hiring is pretty much at a standstill the country over, with very few exceptions.

      • Bryan

        McDonald's is always hiring.

        Or would you rather ask your buddy Michael Moore for a job?

        Everybody has to work a shite job at some point in their life, just man up and do it.

        "Keep Calm and Carry On"

        Words from the British Gov't when things weren't going very well during the second world war, and V2 rockets were landing in English daily.

        • dirtysteve99

          'Words from the British Gov't when things weren't going very well during the second world war, and V2 rockets were landing in English daily.'

          Which has nothing to do with what's being discussed here

        • Robert J. McNamara

          FYI, Keep Calm and Carry On was first used during WWI.

      • um_yeah

        I am, I have a sys admin position I have been trying to fill for 3 months and barely had any qualified candidates apply. The only people that applied where the ones trying to stretch out their 99 weeks of lazy ass unemployment checks.

        • willypguts

          The only people applying are "ones trying to stretch out their 99 weeks of lazy ass unemployment checks?"

          Sounds like they aren't being too lazy or trying to stretch unemployment out since, you know, they're applying for jobs.

      • Specks

        Try harder!!!! Every McDonalds I see is hiring. Just b/c it isn't the job that you want doesn't mean that no one is hiring. Get a job work hard and you'll move up the ladder.

        • Jay

          Hmm, $8/hr for 40hr/wk for 52 weeks. Just over 16,000. For most people not just graduating high school, you'd not be able to live on it. And, TA DA you'd probably not owe any income taxes on it either and be cast into the 47% you dipshits are mad about, but don't know why.

          • Patches

            Hmmm working for $16k a year, with the possibility of getting a promotion and making more than that, or staying unemployed and making NOTHING…. yup real tough choice.

          • radishes


    • probably spam

      for every job opening there are 5 people looking.
      it's not that easy

      • Ramrod

        If you are the best for the job it is!

        • LesPaultard

          Half of all Americans are below average.

          • Brutal Deluxe

            Half of All Americans are below the median.

            • LesPaultard

              Point being, there are LOTS and LOTS of good people looking for the jobs. "Trying to be the best" is like trying to be Albert Pujols.

              A major local employer is hiring masters degrees for entry-level bachelor jobs, and bachelor degrees for entry-level tech jobs. (these guys have 20,000 employees)

              It's a buyer's market, and if you don't have the degree…it's time for a big loan, I guess.

              • Brutal Deluxe

                There are cheaper (and faster) alternatives, like professional certifications. But I have seen some crazy stuff in the past few years as far as imbalances between skill demands and compensation.

      • radishes

        its much, much higher than 5

    • JackFrost

      But you can't deny the numbers. For every three unemployed American, there is one open job. The fact of the matter is there IS NOT enough jobs for all US citizens. It's not as easy as "get a job". There are not enough jobs to "get".

      • Craig

        Thank you. It's funny, watching Fox 2 months ago, and it was all "Where are the jobs? President Obama is failing the economy!"… fast forward to today, and it's "well, why don't all these protesters go out and get jobs like normal people? They have no one to blame but themselves." Can't have it both ways.

        • Obama

          So is fox your only media outlet? there are a lot of conservatives that watch that crap but there are some who actually give a damn, and don't.

          • Craig

            Thank god for the some who actually give a damn, and don't. But, even though they like to portray themselves as the minority fighting against the "Lamestream" media, they draw the highest viewership… and with how hard they rail against the rest of the media, I highly doubt that most of their viewers use anything other than Fox.

      • Pissamist

        I've said before and I'll say it again. The problem stems from overpopulation. When you have so many people you are going to get idiots, douchebags, criminals and any other category, honest, polite, respectful that there can be.

    • dude

      Never knew the chive had some many bleeding heart liberals!!

      • Jay

        You thought all the pictures of half naked co-eds showing their TnA, beer pong photos, etc would just be reeling in the conservatives?

        • silky

          conservatives love TnA too!

    • Realist

      There are NO jobs… You think we are not working cause we are lazy? We are not working cause there are not that many jobs to satisfy the peoples demand for them.. and in regards to this Army guy… geez.. You are a pawn fighting for what sir? You don't even know.. Did someone put a gun to your head to join the army? I'm sorry Chive, just speaking my mind here…

    • B405

      I'll tell you what people who actually know what they're talking about are saying: there ARE NO JOBS.


    • rick262

      where can you find one these days.. are you high… i know top of the class law school grads that have to work at barrito places becuase firms are laying off not hireing people. And it cost hem 220,000 to go to law school and another 120,000 for under grad. welcome to my generation….show some respect.

    • Nasty Ninja

      So basically after reading the first 5 entries and then a few after that sparsely I came to this summarized version of what I'm assuming is the rest of the 100+ replies…ahem…

      Person 1: Getting a fucking job you lazy sons-of-bitches!
      Person 2: Dude, fuck you. You don't understand you Nazi prick.
      Person 1: No, you're a Nazi who watches Fox News you idiot.
      Person 2: No, you're THE IDIOT! I'm a liberal! And you're wrong!
      Person 1: No, you're a douchebag because you're the one that's wrong.
      Person 3: I AGREE WITH ONE OF YOU!

      And so on so forth. Doesn't anyone here realize it's more complicated than just "Hey they're lazy" or "Hey they're greedy"? If all you have is an easy answer to a highly complicated problem–you're the idiot. "Getting a job", "Start a business" or "We need to change Wall Street" is a fuck-ton easier said then done no matter who you are; Batman couldn't even solve the problem (although I would like to see him try). If you connect the dots, you'll realize everyone's full of shit and Star Wars Episodes 1-3 were horrible mistakes and that Indiana Jones was raped by Spielberg and Lucas and that the Matrix isn't that confusing if you imagine Jesus using Kung Fu to save robot KFC Colonel and human-race closely resembling weird and not-so-sexy ravers.

  • Negron

    The Real everyday heroes. thank you for everything you guys do.

    • Vox_Populi

      Thanks, military … but I also appreciate the OWS protesters. MLK was not a soldier, but he's a hero in this country cause he spoke truth to power. I've seen a few of the self-righteous portraits of conservative wannabe-but-likely-will-never-be-future millionaires, and they all bug. "I have multiple deployments to countries you 99% would never occupy" …. no shit, OWS is calling for withdrawal from our current military occupations. Your merit badges don't put you in a different boat than the 99% but the real .001% thanks you anyway for rushing to their defense.

      • amanda

        Our soldiers do sacrifice so much. They're so courageous to put themselves in harm's way for their country. They are heroes and that's exactly why we need to be more protective of them. I think that most of the OWS people are at the very least misinformed, but they're right that we need to end these wars and bring our people home.

        • amanda

          There's probably a lot of common ground and shared goals among the left and the right. But it's harder to have a conversation than it is to categorize someone. That's an issue on both sides – we just don't listen to each other. Here's an illustration of that phenomenon in this instance.
          The tea party and the occupiers are both batty in my opinion. But the extremes they represent should open up the debate of where the common ground lies. Instead they give us an excuse to dismiss anyone whose views lean one way or the other. "Oh, you think X? That means you're one of them and therefore thoughtless and wrong."
          Most Americans want freedom and equality and prosperity. We just disagree on how to get there.

    • Serb:D

      Your army sacrifice for selfish interest of your goverment, your country was not attacked since pearl harbor they use propaganda to serve you things so they can justify their acts,and those acts only benefit some big companies. love me or hate me that is the truth

      • Dane Heid

        Not since pearl harbor? Are you retarded? Judging by the lack of the punctuation and inability to recall historic events, yes.

    • walterwally

      The real heroes are the people who quietly make sacrifices without any attempt at glory, without any attempt at gaining praise.

      Civilian life is just as full of real heroes as any military.

    • kater

      military is a huge waste of money and every solider NOT protecting his/her land is just a contract killer

  • jrey81

    A very valid point of view that needed voicing. Appreciate what you and your brothers/sisters in arms do for us.

    • SuperDanMan4290



    • @wfs_

      What point is he even trying to make? that Volunteering for the army makes you a hero? That protesting is for wussies? That he deserves 50k a year? Im confused.

      • domshooter89

        yes. depends on what your protesting. and yes

      • Cantaloupe

        "Volunteer" means no pay. Military personnel sign up for a paycheck and benefits. A free pass to feel self righteous is apparently one of those benefits.

    • walterwally

      How valid is the view that the USA should cease having free speech?

      How valid is the view that the USA should invade countries just to provide work for soldiers?

      Remember too, the soldier in that photo may have had nothing to do with authoring the propaganda that is being presented with it.

    • end

      Yea really, what is his point? Is he saying that protesting isn't like being in the army? Is he complaining that protesters don't know what sacrifice is? That the Army gives bad pay? That other countries have worse problems therefore we should never protest anything ever (the third world defense as I call it, which is just as good as "at least I'm not Hitler" defense). None of his statements seem to have any relevance to the actual protests. And lots of the protesters are soldiers/marines coming back and finding out that there are no jobs.
      Like Scott Olson who got back from multiple tours, went to protest banks greed and then got his skull cave in by the cops and is now in the hospital.

      At least the "I wrote on a piece of paper and took a picture" actually made the point that paper+picture is easy to do. This just seems like yet another example of a new form of whining that is becoming more and more rampant: people not liking that others have convictions and beliefs.

  • mjs

    Perfect in every way.

    • IMO

      It would be perfect, if was showing us the evidence of weapons of mass destruction that was found while he was fight this war for the interests of the 1%.

      • JAS

        you should have paid more attention to wikileaks.

  • Blindsided5

    Soliders > bitchy wall street snobs.

    • mike

      i work on wall street. i'm neither bitchy or a snob. i work very hard to put food on the table for my wife and gorgeous daughter. i paid for college, paid my loans, and i won't feel bad for liking what i do every day. maybe you should think before you stereotype.

      • dirtysteve99

        gorgeous daughter? pics

        • mike

          sure. i have a bunch. she's 11 months and was a monkey for halloween? where should i email them, big guy?

          • Chip Chipperson

            Says the internet tough guy.

          • dirtysteve99

            balls, what's your wife like then, daycent? Chive her up if she's presentable, wee man.

            • Pinche Manny

              Mike Please Accept challenge….

              • mike

                sure. tomorrow's wednesday…….. i'll write "wall street hump" on a piece of paper. just have to talk her into posing with it. haha

                • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

                  It will be awesome. Thank you.

      • Blindsided5

        I don't doubt that you did but there are people there picketing who deserve to fit in that category.

  • Sean

    Thank you Sarge for your service and yours and your families sacrifices through the years to make it possible.

    • Tyler Durden

      He's a Staff Sergeant you civilian scum! Not Sarge.

      • walterwally

        When soldiers start talking to civilians like that we'll know the sacrifices made in WWII were made in vain.

        Let's have none of that national socialist and Tojo-like looking down on civilians crap.

      • Silky

        When you address a Staff Sergeant you just say "Sergeant" the only Sergeant ranks in the US army that get a different term of address are Sergeant Major and First Sergeant

    • Stan_Dalone

      I am thrilled that you serve, Thank you for your service, your courage, your bravery, your sacrifice, Thank you for your post, Though it is well said I doubt the "give me everything I want" 99% won't want to read it. I salute you Sir. God Bless you .

    • walterwally

      I don't know, did your family really need the children of other families killed?

  • Jay

    The "countries" he was deployed to know what hardship is because he helped level them to the ground and destroy their infrastructure.

    • mike

      They had hardship before we got there. You have probaly never been there, and don't know what you are talking about!

      • Slappy

        That's a rather enthocentric view. Iraq was a very progressive nation with some excellent schools, hosptials, etc until the CIA put Hussein in power in 1963. Iran was a democracy until the UK and US initiated a coup resulting in a religious monarchy. We have a history of destabilizing these areas and then act ing like saviors when we run in to clean up our own mess. But I know how you people think, " America's the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD (except I've never actually seen any other country) THE BEST, I TELL YOU!" You won't listen to any of it.

    • fuck yourself

      go fuck yourself

    • James

      wow you F**king moron you do realize that that is entirely true right? You do realize the most of the infrastructure that we level was occupied by the insurgents then after that im pretty sure that we came in and rebuilt ALL and then some of their infrastructure and just FYI most of them want us over their to get rid of the insurgents.

      • scooter

        No. Take Iraq, for instance. The Iraqi health care systems had better outcomes than 50% of our own (US) population.

        Infrastructure was completely leveled. They can't even keep power on in Bagdad.

        • armybrat

          would love to see a source for that! anyone can pull numbers from thin air

          • Brutal Deluxe

            I concur. The statement about healthcare outcomes makes no sense.

          • Chaos

            Kinda like Bush pulled the notion of WMDs out of thin air?

        • lame gonna lame

          You can't even have an opinion when it comes to shit like this in some second hand comment forum. First off you signed up buddy, secondly the "terrorist" are in our own government. You take a pic of yourself holding a sign and then gloat about being man? Good luck with your occupation.

          • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

            Yet you aren't complaining about the occupiers. It is easy to have internet balls. Trust me I swing mine around like they are made of freaking steel, but…. no that's pretty much it. In the end we all are somebody's asshole.

          • fuck you

            i feel like you are a pussy… im just gettin the vibe

      • dirtysteve99

        James, there weren't any insurgents until you got there, by definition, the needed an occupying force to become insurgents.

        • Stan_Dalone

          you are wrong DS there were Insurgents, Al kyda, Syrians Iranians Saudi's. the fact is we went in and cleaned out most of them and then found pakistani's Iranians and Syrians still coming in The Iraq's wanted us there. We did our job and now we are leaving.

          • BelowHeavens

            It's Al Qaeda, and no they were not in Iraq before we got there. No Syrian's or Iranian's were there either. We created the cluster fuck that was Iraq. We brought them closer to Iran. FYI we are "allies" with the Saudi's. Pakistani's were never there. They are in Afghanistan, sort of.

            Oh and many of Iraq's people want us gone and have wanted us gone.

            • Stan_Dalone

              Belowheavens you need to do your homework AlQaeda was there they had many training camps there and were Harbored and funded by Saddam Hussein not all Saudi's are our friends they have extremeists just like every arab nation pull yor head out of the sand and do some reading on the subject

              • Chaos

                Dude. Saddam executed Al Qaeda members. He didn't fund them; he hated them just as much as we do.

              • BelowHeavens

                One no Iraq did not harbor Al Qaeda camps, again that was the Taliban in Afghanistan. And two that's why I put "allies" in quotes for Saudia Arabia. But the Saudi government does not harbor terrorist. I've read more then you can imagine on this subject. Dual masters in Political Science and International Relations here. There were camps of sorts in Iraq after we invaded. But the Iraqi people turned on Al Qaeda in Iraq because they killed to many civilans. Looks like you need to do some homework. I don't know what you've been reading, but it seems like it's neocon shit.

                I suggest you don't read anything by neocons. Half of it is false propaganda. Saddam did not wan't Al Qaeda there. So I mean I don't know what else to say because you are very wrong. I mean very wrong.

          • dirtysteve99

            Stan, my point was a semantic one, in order to be an insurgent, you need an occupying force to 'insurge' against, ergo before US invaded, there was no one to rebel against.

            • Stan_Dalone

              not true the people had been enslaved by Saddam Hussain and Alquda. We went in on the side of the populace for the people and they wanted us there. we did, we got rid of Saddam andall the indigenous Al Qaeda population the insurgency came from Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Having rid Iraq of most of their problem and trained the armed forces we are leaving as promised.

              • dirtysteve99

                You are not getting my point, I feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall.
                I'll try again, an insurgent is a rebel, and in order to be a rebel, you need something to rebel against. therefore, before the Coalition arrived and took over,there was no-one to rebel against.
                Afghanistan is better example, the Taliban were the ruling government(ignore the bad for now), and they did not become the rebels, until they were deposed, and a new government set in it's place.

                • Stan_Dalone

                  I do understand what you are saying the people wanted to rebel against Saddam

                • Silky

                  If you're going to claim there were no insurgents in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, you should look up "Kurdish Nationalism"

                • Silky

                  oh, and the Taliban were rebels/insurgents… you should look up how they came to power in parts of Afghanistan… I say parts because they were never in control of the whole country.

          • FuckoffStan

            Al kyda??????


            Sad fucking thing is that even after BelowHeavens showed you the correct spelling you still couldnt get it right:



            Oh man you just cant WRITE shit this good!!! LMFAO

            • Name

              Yet most of western english speakers couldn't write Qaddafi's name properly.

          • Jon-Michael

            what is our job exactly? are we the police of the world? we cant even pay to inspect our own infrastructure and we are wasting money sending troops to places that "endanger our American way of life". how many billions of dollars have we spent in blowing up, then rebuilding other countries around the world in the last 50 years? i definitely could have used that money.

    • Jay

      ahem. my name is jay and i've got no fuckin' idea how the world is. I content myself with assertions about any and all areas outside of my tiny realm of expertise, primarily located in the home of my employed parents. some day, i hope they will die and leave me their earning such that i might continued my ignorance. thank you for your time.

      • guest

        you sir, win this discussion

      • Stan_Dalone

        Jay I am sorry you feel this way because it will surely kill this countryto walk around in ignorance is to become someone else's slave.

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          We already are, chief. America's dead and we just haven't realized it yet.

    • j_rizzo

      Afghanistan had no infrastructure, thanks to the Taliban. Look at Kabul circa 1950, and take another peek circa 1999. Earn a degree, travel, then form an opinion.

      • Andy

        the US government also armed the Taliban during the Cold War and trained them. They have no-one to blame but themselves.

        • j_rizzo

          Incorrect. The Taliban were incubated in Pakistan and did not move into Afghanistan until after the Cold War. You are probably thinking of the CIA/DOD funding and training the Mujahedin in their fight against the Soviet Union – Taliban leaders are orphans and refugees who fled Afghanistan as children, were radicalized in Pakistan, and returned to take power in the early 1990s, with the backing of the government of Pakistan.

          • ThatGuy

            Sure but they got their training and weapons from us in the cold war. If we hadn't employed people like Bin Laden in soviet/afghan war they would never have become much of a threat to us.

            • j_rizzo

              Don't be that guy. The US Government did not train the Taliban during the Cold War (the Taliban did not exist yet), and Bin Laden had no role in the government of Afghanistan. There are many well researched books available on the subject – I've read several, you should do the same. James Fergusson is a good start.

              • Name

                I bet you forgot to read about Operation Cyclone. Osama bin Laden was close friend with CIA link in Afghanistan Gulbuddin Hekmatyar that brought Stingers to Afghan war theatre. People that later made Taliban were trained by Pakistani army and ISI agency with the money taken straight from White House.

    • panama99

      What he deployed to where the Tsunami happened and assisted there in the recovery. Not all deployments require killing.

      Also, Soldiers assist (deploy) in major fires and help with the fire breaks of course this is simply in the US.

      • Silky

        militaries all over the world too, for instance, I am a Canadian Soldier, I've been to Afghanistan and Haiti, as well as the Red River floods domestically, and of course for another example (I was not a part of) would be the Quebec Ice Storm or Canadian Soldiers went to New Orleans after Katrina as well. Also, the Americans "deploy" to places all over the world, ie the major bases in Germany. I met a lot of American soldiers on my combat tour in the Stan and they were all really great men and women.

    • Paul B

      On the other hand, rape, murder, and torture are down… Have you looked into the Iraqi torture rooms that have been mentioned once or twice? How anyone could be pulled in off the street at any time for any perceived offense, and could have God only knows what done to them? Yes, it's much worse now…

    • Josh

      Wow, you really are a fascist faggot. Can't believe that you would accuse the military of destroying other countries. Maybe you should do your fucking research and discover that the military's main focus and budget allocation goes to rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed by insurgents and corrupt governments. You might as well go fuck yourself in the ass and hang yourself for not supporting the troops.

    • john

      Well said Jay. fuck these stupid "soldiers." go get a real job. get an education or end up taking a picture of yourself holding a sign that says, "i know what hardship is." ive heard all about the fucked up shit soldiers do while they're in other countries. they rape and murder. like a bunch of corrupt cops. fuck all those types of soldiers. if there are any soldiers who arent a bunch of fucked up murderers/rapists/baby killers, then kudos to them.

      • Robert

        Most of them aren't… Thats called stereotyping, sir. Very few soldiers commit those kinds of atrocities, and those that do, don't get away from it. I encourage you to research PFC Lynndie England, for instance. She didn't even do anything that you call 'fucked up shit', she would push prisoners, pull them, step on them, have her picture taken over top of them with her thumbs up, and such, and it became a major trial. Please don't stereotype the Army. We're not all bad guys.

    • Kodos


    • Smith

      Hey Jay aka little bitch… go fuck yourself, i dare you to go say that to his face, and all of the other serveice men and women who gave up their lives for you to go on here and voice your useless opinion…

    • Frank Alvarado

      You son of a Bitch. How dare you! You will never amount to more then the dust you will turn to when you die.

    • JMU09

      Jay, kiss my ass and suck my dick you faggot anti-American!!! You would love that wouldn't you?

  • radishes

    Ok, what's the point? Nobody should protest mass-robbery and law-breaking? OWS isnt' taking shots at soldiers, what is this guy's problem with them?

    • Greg

      i agree. people like this are confusing the messengers with the message. yes, maybe the OWS peeps are mostly jobless hippies, but the points they make are just as valid as he is.

      • Team Merica

        Except for the fact that he is fighting for something valid, fighting for them to be on wall street doing nothing. And OWS is just being annoying.

        • willypguts

          I didn't realize that Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and the Taliban were literally trying to stop us from protesting.

          Looking at the police brutality and the way the media is treating the protestors, it looks like the military and our "protectors" (cops) are actually the ones fighting to stomp American's freedom in order to protect the interests of the government and moneyed.

          • Brutal Deluxe

            Links to actual police brutality rather than people whining about being arrested and released for disregarding police orders?

            • willypguts


              • willypguts

                well i tried to post three different videos. But simply google "police brutality occupy"

                • Brutal Deluxe

                  Ha ha, flash not working for some reason. We'll continue this later…

                • Brutal Deluxe

                  We'll go with guessing what you've posted until then…

                  Here's one about the incident in Oakland.

                  'The peaceful protesters were met with teargas, rubber bullets and flashbang grenades five minutes after it was deemed unsafe. They gave the protestors five minutes to disperse.' (

                  A quoted blogger goes on to say that he thought the protest was peaceful but concedes that in a large crowd like that he can't tell whether police were pelted with paint and chemical irritants as claimed.

                  It's always regrettable when people are injured, but why the protesters didn't disperse when commanded to do so by the Oakland Police Department is beyond me.

                  • Markus

                    They didn't disperse because of this little thing called the 1st Amendment.

                    • Dan

                      The 1st amendment doesn't allow you to attack police officers buddy.

                    • Chip Chipperson

                      Maybe we shouldn't have protested the British and just took everything the told us too.

                    • radishes

                      if you would get off your lazy ass and do some research, you might know that no police were attacked. but no, lazy, willfully ignorant. that's what you want to be.

                    • Brutal Deluxe

                      The police didn't say they couldn't voice opinions, they said they couldn't all voice them together in a large group in that location at that time.

                    • domshooter89

                      the 1st amendment doesnt allow you to break the law. no one is to be in that plaza after 10pm, camping there is ILLEGAL. same with the protest here in SF, which should get kicked out soon i hope.

                      then, oakland pd was being pelted with paint, rocks, bags of shit, bottles (some of which were filled with urine) and numerous other things. so, FUCK that "movement". they lose their right to protest when they break the law and endanger peoples lives and/or well being. end of story

          • ssstoopid

            Actually the officers in many cities have their hands tied. OWS in many cities is given a free pass to occupy city property without any permit or even any insurance. The only thing the cops can do is ticket people for noise violations (I imagine drum circles get pretty irritating to nearby residences).

    • JDB

      Another attempt to confuse the issue. You will most likely see a lot of these in the coming days. People of both parties trying to equate the protesters to Anti-Soldiers, Anti-capitalism, Anti-etc… The simple fact of the matter is the way they are conducting business with the only loss coming from our sweat and blood. That is what is ridiculous.

    • ROK247

      the occupiers come across as dirty, spoiled brat hippies looking for handouts, don't want to work hard for anything, are jealous of anyone who ever has done so, and has never really sacrificed anything in their entire lives.

      whether or not that is the case, this is the perception of many. i understand the message they are trying to say. but i think they are doing a really piss-poor job of it bringing it home. they need a good marketing guy.

      • ssstoopid

        "marketing guy" would be a nice start. They seem to lack any real structure, which leads to mixed messages and misunderstanding.

    • Come on

      Agreed. The people occupying who actually know what they are occupying for, are fighting white collar crimes, the marriage between politics and wall street executives, and the parasitic nature of globalized corporations i.e. outsourcing labor and taking advantage of other countries resources. Some think that the military's deployment into countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq is just a way of America solidifying their stake in an oil rich area. Otherwise known as Imperialism. I consider it the first form of Globalization. Some would also say that this soldier is just a tool in the military's efforts in imperialism. This soldier shouldn't be bashing the occupying people that may be trying to stop those in power that are forcing him to put his life in danger for resources. I'm not personally bashing the soldier but sometimes the truth hurts.

      • 8==>


        • amanda

          countries'* actually

      • Dan

        Anyone who thinks there's oil in Afghanistan probably shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion on anything tell they get a basic command of geography.

    • ShadewearOnline Scott

      This guy, soldier or not, is part of the 99% whether he likes it or not, but he's been brainwashed into thinking he's somehow privileged to be sent to fight and possibly die in theaters of war so that the 1% can profit from his hardship. It's a very successful propaganda campaign that's been waged against the American people in that they think that an economic system destined to fail because it's essentially one big Ponzi scheme, is the only way we can survive. Only in America do the people who are getting shat on actually defend the principles of the people shitting on them. It's completely nuts.

      You don't choose to become one of the 99%, it's not like deciding on what sweater you're going to wear today. You are either ARE or you're not, and that's based on income and financial status. If you're in the military, in any rank, you're one of the 99% and thinking you're clever by throwing on a uniform and defending criminality from the financial banksters doesn't validate your opinion. I'm sorry, but if people were more informed in this country, instead of misinformed(typically by the mainstream media, which is wholly owned by big businesses who make a killing by misinforming/distracting people on a daily basis) then we'd be far better off.

      However, the powers that be don't want an informed nation of independent thinkers, because those people can't be controlled. We've seen what happens when people 'think outside of the box": they get shot with rubber bullets and tear-gassed. When political protests are astroturf and funded by the status quo, you know, because the police step aside and allow them to happen. The REAL protests are when the enforcers of the status quo get jittery and start shooting.

      Once this soldier leaves the military and comes back to the states to find that there are no jobs to just "get"(which is really fucking obnoxious to think people can just magically employ themselves) then he'll realize he'd been led astray by the system he literally laid his life on the line to defend.

      We're going to have to wake up eventually. What we have now isn't freedom. End the Fed. End the wars. Get money out of politics. That's a start.

      • teh_shard

        I wish I could have said it as eloquently as you did. Thank you.

      • name

        you had me at ponzi scheme…

  • just a guy

    a nice perspective. I live below the poverty line, i complain about it, and I'm also lazier than i should be. i see how that works

    • walterwally

      If you were lazy but had wealthy parents people would look up to you as a worthwhile human being.

  • yo yo ma

    You're right, soldier. I would never occupy Iraq. Glad we're finally getting out of there. And sure the occupiers have a jumbled message but be wary of the other side too. Y'know, the side that is trying to convince the middle class to give up their stuff and hand it over to the wealthy and corporations. The greatest trick the republican party has done is get the middle class to vote against their own best interests.

    • Vox_Populi

      Keep calm and carry on, citizens.

    • Reasonous

      Voting for either party isn't in the best interest of the middle class. Democrats pander to the poor and increase the tax burden on the middle class. Republicans widen the gulf between the rich and everyone else. Neither party is going to work to bring back manufacturing infrastructure on a grand scale, which is what creates and sustains a middle class (in America, at least).

      • amanda

        In my opinion, as first world technology evolves, our main exports are going to be high end sophisticated devices and software. We'll have the capability to lose the simpler manufacturing jobs to developing countries and stick to the cutting edge.

    • Tyler Durden

      This is almost one of those comments where you just drop the mic and walk off the stage.

    • walterwally

      The War on the Middle Class is a war the Republican Party has been waging for well over a decade.

      (Not that the Democrats have done much to defend us.)

  • Mike

    occupy wall street is about helping you guys too. Military is a HUGE moneymaker for industry and corporations, and 50k a year is not enough for what you do.

    • Hypno

      Exactly. Stay in the armed services pal, there's no jobs to be had at home!

    • IH8Nazis

      "50k a year is not enough for what you do"
      what? go invade and occupy other sovereign nations that we haven't declared war on?

      • Chip Chipperson

        No, like get shot at and bombed is not worth $50,000. I'm sure he'll have no problem taking that Obamacare goverment big business health insurance though.

        • BulletproofMonk

          If he was busy following the constitution then he wouldn't be getting shot at and bombed… because he wouldn't be invading a country without declaration of war from congress.

    • walterwally

      Exactly right. We should not be sending men off to die, we should not be sending men off to kill civilians, just so defence contractors can make money.

      It is wrong to sacrifice men's lives just so Boeing can make more money.

  • biztravelexpert

    Best Pic of the day!…..Your Sacrifice allows my Daughter to go to School, My wife not having to wear a burka and my country not having to live in fear of the allah snackbar.

    • jesse

      nice bit of casual racism. Will you be watching Glenn beck by any chance tonight? TheChive is too good for you.

      • biztravelexpert

        I don't own a tv…

        • JerkFace

          dirty hippie

      • fuck you

        for thinking you have any cause to decide who is and/or is not worthy of this website…it's a website, not a private club…and it's certainly not YOURS to dictate about, jesse

        arrogance as a personality trait is no more desirable than racism, and is much, much more common

      • biztravelexpert

        <div id="idc-comment-msg-div-215423718" class="idc-message"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(215423718)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(215423718)">Close Message Is religion a Race?. Just wondering….and if thanking a Soldier for putting his life on the line so we can avoid another 9/11 is racist..then go ahead, label me a racist…

        • LuvsHorror

          Then I'm a racist too…

    • teh_shard

      You must not have much faith in the constitution or the people's will to defend it if you really think this man is responsible for your daughter not having to wear a burka at the snack bar… or whatever other such nonsense you were muttering on about.

      But hey, when it comes to the thought of America being in eminent danger of Sharia law overtaking general common sense, especially if it makes it easier for you to hate brown people… I always say remember what Steve Perry said: "Don't Stop Believing".

    • Ummlyssa

      how about you make an effort to understand the culture wherein the women wear burkas. The entire world does not hold our american ideals and your ignorant ass should at least attempt to know more about the rest of the planet before throwing your stupid opinion out there.

    • Cantaloupe

      lol, hilarious comment

  • nonehere

    Whether or not people respect those who join the military is not the question, and it doesn't make those in the Military any more important than anyone else. The people who are with Occupy Wall street are fighting for a good cause, regardless if those of you agree or disagree with them.

    • ...

      and what is that cause exactly?

      • radishes

        massive income inequality and unfair laws allowing powerful companies to rip people off with impunity, generally.

        • ssstoopid

          You mean laws that the companies didn't pass? Sounds like somebody is occupying the wrong street. Perhaps a focus on the people who actually allow these "evil" corporations to influence them would be more appropriate.

          You can't get mad at somebody for doing what is "allowed".

          • tom paine

            ^^^^ well said…tried in vain to get this across yesterday

          • Markus

            So morals never come into play? As long as it's allowed, you don't have to consider anyone else or the greater good, huh?

            You better set some very strict rules for your children.

            • tom paine

              okay i'll bite markus, tell me who acted immorally here…

              and when you can show you act with 100% morals, you can get back to me about my children…

              • Tom Paine

                here markus, i'll help…this document spells out how the government forced lending institutions to loan to people they knew could/would NEVER pay the loan back

                again, who is immoral here?

                • pjsupremex

                  the people should never have bought the houses, biting off more than you can chew is where "the people" went wrong!

          • radishes

            are you serious? do you have any idea of how the revolving door between Goldman Sachs and the US government works? you can't be THIS clueless. or maybe you actually are. sucks to be you!

            • ssstoopid

              Perhaps you should explain it. I'm pretty sure we're saying the same thing, except I'm not holding the corporation as accountable as the government that perpetuates the problem with MANY companies.

              Or if you just want to be an asshole, maybe you should just go wash your mouth out with a revolver.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      People in the military are more important than Occupy Wall Streeters because the military provides physical protection whereas occupiers provide traffic obstacles and a strong smell of urine.

      • dirtysteve99

        They're supposed to be on the same side, Military providing the freedom that the protesters exercise.

        • Brutal Deluxe

          That is, of course, true. My wish is that the protesters would exercise their freedom a bit more intelligently. The impression many have of the protest as having little to say other than 'Wall Street bad' and 'give us free money' might be ameliorated at least in part if there were any organized demands or a coherent direction to the movement.

          I would rather see existing statues be enforced than any kind of neo-socialism, no matter how kind-hearted, take root. The behavior of some of these individuals, like Madoff and others, tears away what little faith we all still may have in humanity in general. But we must take care not to throw away the good with the bad. The protest may be populated with nice guys, but the lack of direction leads us to believe that it's populated with people who don't know how to fix this economy or design a new system.

          The only solution, as I see things, is that every time we catch a Madoff, Lay, or Rajaratnam, we bring back the stocks and let the unwashed masses hurl their portable urinals at them.

          • dirtysteve99

            Tearing down the system is unrealistic. But on the other end of the scale, we have bankers and the like , who crashed the economy, and don't believe it should even cost them their bonuses.
            Who would seriously stand up for those guys?

            What I would like to see is accountability, even criminal accountability for that negligence.

            • Brutal Deluxe

              There are criminal statutes in place for financial douchebaggery, and here's to hoping somebody like Rajaratnam or Madoff ends up on the receiving end of some steamy prison shower loving. I'm with you on that. Well, I don't know your position on prison environments, but at least I'm with you on criminal accountability for egregious behavior.

              I have issue (and you didn't state this explicity and may not have even implied it) with asking legitimately good performers to refuse or return bonus payments. For individuals set to receive bonuses large enough to be worth street notice, those additional payments are generally in their contracts. Dishonoring (dishonouring for you Canadians or Brits) those agreements will lead to a talent drain and injure the relevant institutions going forward. I'll spare you the condescending bit about knock-on effects and such when financial institutions fail.

              • dirtysteve99

                True enough that good performers should get their bonuses. However, contracted bonuses regardless of performance are a disaster.
                I don't believe there would be a noticeable talent drain if the industry was tightened up though.

      • Catalyst

        Now that's just funny

    • Chaz

      People in the military aren't "any more important than anyone else"? Really? Do you talk to your mom with that mouth? If it weren't for military members, occupiers wouldn't even have the right to protest. They would get shot like protestors do in the middle east. I'm a 3 time combat vet and I have lost multiple friends. They're not important. It's because of them you get to come to this website and speak your mind. You don't think people join the military for a good cause? I guess I joined to watch my friends burn and get shot, I also joined because I like to see people beaten and mistreated by their own government. I would love to take you to Iraq or Afghanistan, which I've been to both, and take you to some of the areas I've been in. I give you one day and tell me I don't deserve respect.

      • ThatGuy

        Sorry I was too smart not get suckered into fighting someone else's war for a pittance. I can defend myself and protect my own. I don't need someone on tax payers pay roll shooting up people half a world away to free.

      • Thank you but...

        I appreciate that our military forces is trying to extend the freedoms we have in this country to countries that aren't so fortunate but at the same time you did not fight for my freedom you fought for theirs. The ones that fought for my freedom fought in the American Revolution, the Civil War on the Union side, and WWII all the other wars that this country has fought has nothing to do with the freedom of its citizens and the only thing protecting this country from another is nuclear warheads. And just to make it clear I still support our military and appreciate what you guys do and I'm proud of our military for trying to extend the basic principle that all men are created equal.

      • dirtysteve99

        'People in the military aren't "any more important than anyone else"? Really? Do you talk to your mom with that mouth?'

        So, join the military, and get to be more important than citizens? There's a dark path.

    • Rusty

      i respect OWS right to do what they do and i fight to defend it… and i also fight for the right to be able to protest a protester…

  • Pimmelman


  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Valid point… But the whole occupy thong started over banks takin the piss with money… I have respect for service men and women, and friends in the army….. This says alot!!! Good work!!!

    • Confused

      Anyone else not get that?

  • The Market

    Soldiers are scum, they have been stealing our liberty for thousands of years.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      If you don't stand behind them, go stand in front of them.

      • armybrat


      • dirtysteve99

        Such a dumb platitude.

        • Brutal Deluxe

          Think of a better one and post it.

          • dirtysteve99

            My point is, why not post something other than a knee-jerk platitude, which suggest that dissenters should be shot?

            • Brutal Deluxe

              In the middle of a page containing several dozen heated discussions about how most Americans are bereft of allies, he's biting one of the admittedly few hands that feeds him. Undercutting somebody who's getting shot at on his behalf is wretched.

              As far as suggesting that he should be shot, I disagree. It suggests he needs a change in his perspective. He appears to not like the fact that somebody else is in harm's way fighting for him, so he may as well get out there and fight for himself.

            • Silky

              stand in front of us (soldiers) doesnt mean they should be shot, it means one should go to where we do our job, and experience it for yourself, then see if your perspective would be a little different. Or it means they should stand in front of us and argue their point to the people who know what it's actually like, rather than sit at your computer and just say what you want without any concern for reaction/

              • dirtysteve99

                That's your interpretation and it's a good one, I think, however, a lot of people tend to use it in the more sinister meaning.
                To be honest, you should have the strength of your convictions, regardless of who you're standing in front of.

    • Dan

      Fuck you.

    • A Soldier

      fuck yourself

      • Lameasspaula

        OH Ra Brother

    • 123

      Bait much, Trollie McTrollster?

    • Tex

      Liberty?, what do you know about liberty? you probably sit on your ass all day and enjoy your white collar desk job. So before you say WE are scum, how about you have a nut check.

      • Jack

        You can handle the liberty!

    • serving

      if you think we're scum go to another country that doesn't require people to willingly give up their freedom to protect everyone elses freedoms…. people beleave that fredom is a right and they deserve to have it, however never think that people are giving their lives to protect your freedom…. sometimes some liberty has to be given up in order for you to have the freedom you do to say what you want without being tried for treason.

      • Just asking!

        Army too?

      • ThatGuy

        I will not go to one of those countries because unlike you, I have marketable skills beyond shooting people and following orders, and I have a GPA above 1.3.

        • panama99

          Asking people "If they want fries with that?" Really isn't that marketable.


        • bri

          whether you like it or not or appreciate it or not or care about it or not these men and women have more guts, more intelligence, more selfless motivation than you could ever possibly have. it takes more than shooting people and following orders to keep you and your family able to live a normal everyday life and for you to think that these 'marketable skills' are what you contribute to everyday american society. you dont support the war thats fine but just because these men and women are there fighting doesnt mean they support it either. show some respect. when you lay PEACEFULLY on your pillow at night you just remember whats going on 7,000 miles across the ocean. may your family sleep tight tonight. my husbands got your back.

        • Silky

          army officers are required to have a degree. or do you think Westpoint, RMC or Sandhurst are just fancy restaurants? Or do you think building bridges, water purification or medical expertise are easy things a burger flipper can do?

        • Keith

          As a student planning on joining the army after college with a major in Political Science, minor in Linguistics and a minor in Russian with three years of Arabic while being on the dean's list and enrolled in the honor's program, all I have to say to you is sorry. Sorry for your limited, sad scope on the men and women that serve on your behalf. My intelligence, unlike you, allows me to know when not to be an ass.

        • guest

          That's funny cause any officer in the Army has to have a college degree and eventually a masters, if not PhD. And I'm sure your marketing skills mean being a salesman at a store. I'm pretty sure you listen to who ever your boss is above you that directs you what to do, so it looks you're still following orders. I can already tell you're one of those people that complains about a hard day of work and cries about customers and can not take an ass chewing. Marketing is not even a hard major so don't even begin to talk about GPAs when all you have to do is show up to class and you will achieve a 2.0.

      • dirtysteve99

        hard to make out your post, all I got was "FREEDOM,FREEDOM,FREEDOM – OI!"

        • bri

          good comeback

    • joeman53

      you are the troll that can only get attention by pissing everyone off – no friends, no girlfriend even dogs and cats can't stand you, you mom and dad is ashamed.

    • Brian

      Interesting; You excercise the freedom of speech that these soldiers protect, yet you deride them for doing just that. You seriously suffer from a bad case of cranial rectomitis.
      On behalf of all those that do appreciate the sacrifice this man, and that of all the others before him, has made; please take your fail and GTFO of our free country.

    • Someone

      God I hope you kill yourself.

    • syvyn11

      It's those soldiers who sacrifice lets you say stupid stuff. In short, because of them, you have liberty.

    • Kodos

      fah q

  • Pimmelmann


    • j_rizzo

      That's pretty clever.

    • ROR

      I take it you're making your announcement?

  • whitemanwalking

    for a balanced perspective – look up the oathkeepers –

    • dirtysteve99

      sounds a bit iffy

    • Masschine

      Number 10 in "10 Things We will Not Do" speaks directly to Occupy Wall Street and support of it without naming it.
      For a good video of this sort of thing check this out.

  • Kjell

    Gotta love being apart of the .001% =D.

    • 123

      math is hard

      • Avery

        .001 is the percentage of Active Duty Army from the total population. Math is hard…

    • IH8Nazis

      Gotta love being the nazi invaders of other sovereign countries under false pretenses.

      Illegally bomb and invade iraq, then afghanistan.
      bomb libya,
      kill hundreds of thousands of civilians.
      but it's not an official war.
      It's just a bunch of never ending "operations"
      we never declared war on iraq, we never declared war on afghanistan.

      now, imagine if china just suddenly invaded us and did the things we've done to iraq.
      imagine that china just called it "operations" and that china called any resistance "insurgents"

      how's it feel being the nazi army?

      • AssMuncher

        Wouldn't happen .. EVER!
        FIRST OF ALL .. We have bigger dicks than them .. they know better.
        Second of All … They know better ..
        Third: EVERYONE in America has a mother fucking gun .. they would be RAPED!! ..RAPED .. in an instance upon landing on this soil .. We would BUTTFUCK THEIR SOULS so hard ..

        Don't even fuckin' get me started Troll

      • Silky

        then Afghanistan? somebody needs to look up a timeline.

        How could one declare war on Afghanistan? Afghanistan did not have a ruling government, the Taliban never controlled Afghanistan, you might also want to look that up, Afghanistan was in a state of almost constant civil war since the Soviet Invasion. Who should we have sent the declaration of war too? I'm pretty sure we declared war on the Taliban pretty clearly, before the invasion, we sent an ultimatum to the Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden or face the consequences and they failed to comply, we fought WWI on flimsier pretences. I must also point out that the Afghanistan mission is a UN mandated NATO mission.

  • Dancing Frog

    I cannot begin to deconstruct the ignorance here. You either know the following, or you will ignore the following:

    The math is horribly wrong (I only wish she were less than the .001%–she obviously sacrificed her education) and the sentiment is horribly wrong (Wall Street is not really connected to Iraq and other occupied counties, except in the financial sense that mass media does not mention).

    • Vox_Populi

      At least he/she is forthcoming about being an occupier in another nation. Still, this is a misdirected jab at a legitimate cause.

      "I've always resented the smug statements of politicians, media commentators, corporate executives who talked about how, in America, if you worked hard, you would become rich. The meaning of that was: if you were poor, it was because you hadn't worked hard enough. I knew this was a lie." – Howard Zinn

    • Had the time

      The math is not off by much depending on exactly what number this person is talking about.

      According to ( the US population is approxiamtely 311 million.

      According to ( there are 1,580,255 active members of the US military or 3,049,790 of total members of the military.

      That would make this person actually .005% of the US population as an active duty member of the US military OR .009% of the US population if reserve and paramilitary is included.

      I think the .001% was accurate enough to get the persons point across since the OWS cliche is based on the .99% vs. the .01%.

      • Had the time

        Sorry, That's 99% vs 1%, not .99% vs. .01%. Got a little decimal happy by the end there.

      • Jak

        Actually, it would be .5% and .9% by my math based on those numbers.

    • LFGI

      you = fucking idiot. clearly not a "she"
      the rest of what you said regardless of what it is, is invalid as anything coming from an idiot's mouth is idiocy by default.

  • microjeffjgm

    There are two types of hard work:
    The first being one in which a person works very hard toward a better life for ones family, community, and self. The armed services being one of them.
    The second being the hard work of finding a way to make money off of innocent people in the name of greed and power. All of this of course in the name of a skewed view of capitalism. Capitalism was meant to be a way to make money by supply and demand, but the new vision of capitalism has become one of the new and easiest way to screw people out of their money so that they can make more. And by the way the true hard working people including the ones that are protesting are the ones that would go to war for the country long before the aristocracy that is Wall Street.

    • TomTheCameraGuy

      Nice job, brother

      • The Darkness

        I would agree with that However, People forget one thing about not only Capitalism but the world for that mater.. BUYER BEWARE!. As consumers and people living in the world we must be responsible for the choices we make and with whom we decide to do business with. Capitalism is designed on supply and demand however, the consumer holds all the power. If a product or service is flawed LET IT FAIL as consumers we must be on the lookout for pitfalls with a service or product. If its too good to be true.. IT IS!!! Let the bad businesses fail. the smart ones will rebuild with a better product or service and the consumer wins. THAT'S how it works. So instead of just pointing fingers at this corp. or that corp. We need to take responsibility on our choices and our need to get over on companies.. THAT'S the bait the HUNTERS (i.e. greedy people) use on us, the prey (i.e. consumers). Not only do we need to protect OURSELVES and not trust somebody else or some type of watch dog group or crazy regulations. We need to become the hunters as consumers and in not only demanding a better product, but being on the watch for own own greed as consumers. Sometimes when we build fences to keep the monsters out.. We end up building a cage to keep our asses in.

        • poor

          the problem in your statement is that capitalism, by today's standards, means reducing labor and handing the work to someone else… with no raise, buying or outsourcing labor and parts overseas, turning human jobs into computer jobs (and no, one created job doesn't make up for the 20 it replaced) all this to save a few bucks for the stockholders. yes it is creating jobs in every other country and creates wealth for the wealthiest 1%.

          I AGREE with capitalism in every form other then the one it's taken on since say the late 70's early 80's. i grew up in the 80's. my father wasn't a college educated man but made more than i do today- 30 years later. he paid half of what i paid for his similar house, 1/3 what i pay at the gas pump, for electricity, food, transportation etc… and that's not to mention the entertainment dollar. these corporations got very top heavy and the only way to keep them that way is to take from "the others". pretty soon that top heavy corp. is going to topple with no base but they won't care, they made theirs.

        • microjeffjgm

          It is easy to say that we as the consumers need to be the ones that need to decide on the good products…..but the problems with Wall Street is that they don't really sell a product. They don't really have a service. They manipulate the system. Manipulation can only serve greed and prosperity for the people that have access to it. Which is the point behind the 99%. The effect by those that manipulate is on all of us though it is only used to help the 1%. The effect of if something goes wrong by using the manipulations whether we like it or not is also felt by the 99%. Moral of the story, if the 1% do something right we don't feel the effect they get paid, they do something wrong we feel the effect, they get paid. Interesting, that could be the reason they live so well as we live paycheck to paycheck.

    • Active Hunter

      It isn't even a skewed view of capitalism. It's theft, pure and simple. Fraud on a grander scale as there are those in power who are gladly looking the other way to be able to belly up to the food dish.

      • agonystes

        Calvinism essentially

    • My motto

      Work smarter not harder!

  • mark

    i'm not sure this is a total reaction against Occupy Wall Street. I think this is a guy giving his take on life as he sees it, from his perspective, nothing wrong with that

    • 123

      It is squarely and clearly aimed at the Occupy Wall Street protesters. If you can trick yourself into believing something else then you're probably part of this same ".001%" Sergeant Self Righteous mistakenly thinks he's a part of.

      • Silky

        He`s saying that this pales in comparison to other problems around the world that we find convenient to ignore because it doesn`t involve us

  • Mario Figueroa

    This is garbage. As a former Marine with combat under his belt I would like to say this Soldiers experience is irrelevant to the OWS movement. Just because other countries have it worse does not mean the Americans do not have the right to protest injustices they see in Corporate America and Washington. I would like to remind this soldier that, that is what he is fighting for, what I fought for- to protect the Constitution, which protects the right of Americans to protest what they want changed. That is what differentiates ourselves from other countries, its what makes this country great.

    • read

      Whenever people who are being taken advantage of speak up, some moral relativist is bound to come with their "so what, things are worse elsewhere" argument. Consider this an attempt at distraction.

    • Elcastino

      Amen Brother!! Well said.

    • Cecil

      I am a prior soldier and I agree 100%. I also know that a huge part of what got those countries into the place they are in is allowing the powerful to grow their gains at the expense of the larger body of people.

    • dirtysteve99

      Agree with Mario, why would anyone think soldiers and protesters are fundamentally opposed?
      The two things aren't related.

    • patov40

      Well said Mario.

    • sgtrock

      Amen. I enlisted for 6 years service in the US Navy in 1977, right after soldiers and Marines were being spit on as they came home from Vietnam. I was proud of my service then and still am now. But I never forgot that my oath was to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic," NOT a gaggle of politicians eager to sell our freedoms to the highest bidder.

      The people involved in OWS are true defenders of our freedom right now, simply by exercising their right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Our current active duty personnel should be PROUD to defend them, not slamming them!

    • DrLeppiwinks

      Very well said. Completely for soldiers' rights and the respect (and pay) you all deserve. Being a soldier is also a choice (a very admirable one), and you are correct in saying that the two are not at all related. Being unemployed because of corporate cuts and overseas employment to benefit the CEOs and other big wigs is not a choice. It's simply people acknowledging the fact that no matter how many tax breaks the "super rich" get, they will never benefit the middle class Americans. Again, all respect to soldiers and the sacrifices they make, but two different situations.

    • McPoopypants

      Than you, Mario!

    • Sync

      Completely agree. Its not about how good it was or is compared to others, its about how good it could be.

    • JMU09

      <div class="idc-message" id="idc-comment-msg-div-215629127"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(215629127)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(215629127)">Close Message No one is impressed by what you have to say. Or if they are, they are the gay hippies that frequent this site. You are a domestic terrorist, and I hope you eat sh*t you traitor f*ck.

      • JMU09's Mom

        ^^Very angry Fox News watching closet case homosexual^^

    • Patrick Garvey

      God Bless you for saying that. It is garbage. This guy is out of bounds with that.

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