• Matija

    I mean, come on people! Is this not the 21st century? Can't you all just feel that we are at the verge of becoming a civilization without war? People like this guy and others who support military causes and join the army (in any country in the world) are just making you believe that armies are there to protect you. Actually, they are there so that handful of greedy old men can get richer. You'll sacrifice your life not because of the safety of your children but because some even bigger idiot decided that your unit is expendable enough that you can be used as a diversion with .001% survivability chance. All that just so his boss wouldn't have to explain to his boss why the price of oil is rising.

  • Been there

    All you guys hitching about costs, we as soldiers pay taxes also. You talking about how hard it is in your little protests. Piss off. Real sacrifice is getting rocketed 5 time a day and in sustained combat for 15 months straight. Whether we volunteered or not, be thankful.

  • http://Kapelski Zete

    What a fool. He just doesn’t get it.

  • LeRoy

    So what? We're supposed to applaud you for your sacrifices? Remember this: YOU volunteered to join the armed forces – there was no draft. YOU chose to sacrifice your life in America to serve. The rest of us are not obligated nor should we be made to feel like we're ignoring you or the rest of those who serve just because we chose NOT to serve. Get over yourself.

    • Armageddon_420

      With all do respect… Fuck u n ur bitch as civilian life

  • Sean

    Sounds like he regrets his decision, bummer dude… Lifes too short

  • Innovation

    Has anyone tried Canada? They seem to be doing alright up there.

  • etcrr

    bottom line people need to find jobs, stop wanting hand outs, Stop beating down success and the military. It's like trying to blame someone for your own lack of actions. Be responsible for yourself and your own actions. Yes the gov't is fucked ,so vote out the bastards who are screwing it u. In the mean time stop camping out making more of a mess of things and find a job even if it isnt what you really want for now and find something you want later.

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