This house…this is the house (7 Photos)

These photos and many more amazing works by Kamal Malik Architecture.

  • blub_glub

    Wicked architecture. Still; living in The Shire > this house

    • paula_pissflap

      hey dirpine wanna come over…suurre look at my hole

      • Stan's lover

        Just a trollin'

  • Pete_Rock


  • iam_dave

    Very nice

  • Illicit-Weaponry

    Awesome house…….too bad its in India.

    • truthman

      too bad u r a jackass.

  • Nick

    there are plenty great houses in 'merica 😉

    • groan

      There are also plenty OF great houses not in the USA. Try widening your horizons a little.

    • LLD

      You are absolutely fart-knocking correct, Nick. I see your point exactly. Mumbai is a place more corrupt than Capone's Chicago, where the division between super-rich and desperately poor is paper thin. Any mogul who would build such an obnoxious display of un-earned and probably stolen wealth in such a place, and then have the audacity to bring in photographers to show it off to the Western world, apparently looking for accolades, needs to be covered in honey and tied to an ant nest. It is a disgusting display and I find it reprehensible. Open the doors to the poor for lodging, or burn it down and rub the builder's face in the ashes.

  • Stan_Dalone

    Love the pool. Seems very avant-guard

  • loso


  • TheBAMFinater

    Cool, but Bob you need to fix your captions, they spill over onto the photos.

  • JHarris

    Yo Dawg. We heard you liked acute and obtuse angles so….

  • The El-conquistador

    I think the concept was to "confuse" the zombie hoards into leaving confused and hungry?

    • OddJobb

      Are the Zombie hordes you speak of, the people who live in the slums of Bombay??

  • Boooger

    Looks like beautiful artwork, but doesn't look very comfortable. Just something to host parties and show off.

  • misanthropetb

    Damn. I wish I lived in a house that beautiful.
    That makes my place look like a rectangular turd.

  • @bigbadbrod

    Wonder how the 99% feel about this???

  • MylesofStyles

    I would move there in a second…If it weren't for the Dengue Fever…Or the Filariasis….Or the visceral leishmaniasis….Or the Leptospirosis…Never mind.

  • Hwap

    too fucking busy, simplify ……!

  • chicago

    #6 designed like chaos. Meanwhile in the roof-pool, the front door bell rings: where the f*ck is the front door, how to get there?…

  • Fx487Bc0

    This reminds me of one of the houses in Battlefield 3. Anyone know what i'm talking about?

  • nananamatman

    expecting the David Bowie to be walking upside down in some of these

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t a house. It’s a Halo map.

  • kazyctn

    #4 – FYI, not an "infinity" pool unless it overlooks a body of water

    • KoU

      FYI, you'll never afford either

    • LLD

      I disagree, Krazy Cartoon. Perhaps they are best if overlooking water, but a proper horizon, even if dry, will suffice in my book. And of course, my book is the only damn book that matters to me, my dear poot dealer. But if you just generally want to bash the place, I'm in!

      • kazyctn

        I like it too, but you're missing the point. These types of pools are called "negative edge" or "edgeless" pools. The ones that overlook a body of water create a seamless, or "infinite" appearance.

  • Coldzilla

    Not sure I want a house that I would constantly be afraid of cutting myself on o.0

  • Leonel Libreyloko

    I didn't even read the text this house is so awesome. :O

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Interesting to look at, but not a place I'd want to live.


    Wouldn't it be better without a city view?

  • etcrr

    too weird for me

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